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Proud! Happy!

So glad for you!

Phew! What a relief!

I'm thrilled for Max and relieved for you. One day at a time. There will always be ups/downs, better days than some others, but you're both well on your way.

Go, Max!

Realt hoping i Will erinring the same next yesr"

Oh boy! That's a lot of typos. Should have checked to make sure keyboard was in English mode....

I meant that I hope to be writing the same thing next year.

Such good news!! Such cute kids!

congratulations to max and you all!

sorry, stupid question from switzerland, where we do not have any school uniforms: is the skirt that kate is wearing the official school uniform?

Yay! So glad for you and Max. Love the pic of all three of them, seems to show all their personalities. (Esp. Kate, lol!)

Hooray! That's marvelous news! Go Max!

(Adorable photos. Thanks for sharing.)

Lump in throat stuff!

OMG, last pic is so priceless. I cannot believe how big and grownup Adam looks. Kate giving him bunny ears is classic! And sweet Max. So, so, so glad that he had an awesome week at big school!

Great pics! I am not even surprised. Max is his own person. Sameness kids are boring kids. I'm glad he is who he is.

Oh, that last picture of all three of them is just too cute!

There are separate English and Afrikaans classes? I'd love to know more of how education works (or even just how your school is set up -- do all grades get out at 12:15 or just RR?).

awesome news :-) Keep it up Max :-) xx

Look at Gorgeous Kate, going on (um) 14, 16, 18, 40, whatever, older, and Adam, such a Dignified Man, and lively Max. Good on! Just the other day, it seems, the twins were newborn, Adam still in hospital, and Kate, home, covered with a cool washcloth, was gasping in the heat.
Max will be fabulously fine, as you say, because you and your team will have given him whatever interventions and structures are needed.

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