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aw shame tertia :-( looks ouchie. I remember when a child jumped on ethan and bit a hole out of his lip! blood everywhere..i really had to restrain myself from attacking the "could care less" mother ! You are definitely more tolerant than me. Max is such a tough little cookie, shame man.

I hope they don't allow that other little boy in the jungle gym for a while. I also hope his parents are willing to get him help.

And yay for Max for handling things appropriately, that's tough to do when someone hurts you.

Tertia, I certainly understand where you are coming from. You don't wish Marx to be the aggressor, and you feel for the little boy whose speech delays might make him act out more. But this is something I see here in Canada, too. Kids are no longer allowed to defend themselves. I think it is wrong. What lesson do I teach my kid that he has to tolerate the abuse of others, and all he can do is go to the teacher and complain? What about if an adult tries to grope my child? He has learned that under no circumstances he is allowed to defend himself. I therefore tell my boys that under no circumstances they are allowed to start a fight/be aggressive. But if they get attacked they are allowed to push back and then tell the teacher what is going on.
I think what I am trying to say is we are all afraid of bullying. But sometimes there is the risk of this swaying too much to the other side.

It sure is tough being a parent. I hope those are the last 2 bites Max will ever receive. Really brings out the momma lion in you though when your kid gets bitten.

When my daughter was 4, she was bitten by another child at pre-school - through her clothing and it broke the skin. She has a tiny scar to this day. I was horrified and angry at the other child and her mother. But you know, that other kid had an abusive father, a mother who had left him and was doing the best she could to help her kid recover, but a child who was still trying to work out how to deal with difficult and frustrating situations. At 21, my daughter and that girl are best friends. Last month, when we had to put down our elderly and much loved cat, it was this girl who came round to the house with flowers for me, saying she knew how sad we must be. I'm just saying, I admire your forbearance. You know the story behind your own child's behaviour and you are trying to not to judge another child's entire character on some unfortunate incidents. Bravo. And that Max is such a cutie.

amen tee, well done max. to remember not to hit back in the heat of the moment is such a sign of development. i know it is early days yet, but i love how you are grateful for each of them.

Well done Max! It really is admirable that he didn't retaliate. That looks like it really hurt! Good for you for being so compassionate to everyone involved.

This is very close to my heart. 'Luckily' my twins are 'only' biting each other. And they both do it. I know this sounds crazy, but I would be mortified if my kids hurt another child. To be honest every time I think we are getting to a place where they are using a hand held out instead of full aggression and a place where they are using words we have a little slip back. They are two, extremely verbal so no frustration and don't see any violence, but yet they keep biting each other. Other friends with twins don't seem to have these issues where the twins hurt each other so badly, bbut I don't know how to resolve it at all.

My 20-MO boy has been bitten SIX times already this year by the same little boy at creche-and is black and blue from all the bite marks! I'm at my wits end as his parents don't want to discipline him and the school are a bit blase about it too! Sigh. What to do?!

Aww, poor Max! But wonderful that he took it so well. Good teaching moment too....if he remembers how he felt when he got hurt....that other kids would feel like that if he did it to them. Hope there are no more incidents!

Amanda, if you read this, your comment is so kind.

Tertia, I have no advice or similar experiences, but I'm sorry.

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