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Well. My name is Arnebya. DEAL WITH THAT, TER-SHAAAAAAAAAAA. And on the previous post, go with your gut. Don't let the fear of "maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm overreacting" lead you. I do go with most of the commenters on an indirect approach like email, possibly with the other boy's parents co-signing but overall, I think something has to be said (you could always also go with the one comment that said scare the crap out of the boy but then we don't want retliation, so...)

Dear Goarjis,

My name is Pamela. I always sign my emails 'Pamela' and 80% of the responses start with Pam, blah blah blah... Same with face to face encounters. I introduce myself as Pamela and people call me Pam. Annoying? Yes, yes it is.

I am SO with you on this! I can handle the misspelling of my name up to a point, but for goodness sake - its in my email address AND in my email signature!

I hear you! From a Teki Grahl.

I understand. Guess what I get called?

Dear Gorjus Tertia
Not only do I get called all sorts of abbreviations of my name (Alexa, Alexis, Ali etc - Alex is acceptable however) I also have to deal with the fact that many people I meet for the first time from an online meeting request often confuse my name for the male version - even though all my email correspondence has my full first name. This is the part that REALLY irritates me - more than getting my name wrong!

When we decided to name our daughter Shevaughn, we got many comments about how difficult it is to spell and how everyone will spell it wrong her entire life. We reckoned that people can't even spell 'easy' names (like Ters...Terth... Tur... your name, you know...), so why name her something we don't want to just so that it can be...well, spelt wrong in any case? (And why is spell check underlining 'spelt'? Should it be spelled?)

And my son's name is Abenezer (like Ebenezer but with an A)...we live in Italy where the Italian language sounds out all syllables (Ab-eh-neh-zehr)...thought it would be an easy name for Italians...NOT. He goes by Abe (pronounced A-beh) and people still don't get it right...they call him ABEL....sighhh....

I have to chuckle! We have the same with my son - his name is Malachi - he has been called all sorts of names! I have to laugh! Malletjie (as in mad child) being the funniest to date!

My name is Kathleen but I generally go with Kat. Interesting spellings of my name have included Cashmere which I still don't get to this day.

I have to say that spell-checkers in various programs/devices often change my name when I write it myself. My iphone knows me by now, but even at work I see my own name change right in front of me. Same with coworkers unusual names.

My first name should be easy. Rachel. It's completely phonetic, but I get Rachael, Rachelle, Raquel, and Rahel.

My maiden name is unique to my family, with only about 1000 people living who share it. EVERYONE wants to spell it wrong. Now that it's hyphenated with my wife's last name, forget it. On the upside, we always know when mail is junk, because no business ever spells our name correctly.

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