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So jealous! No one goes swimming in Seattle (northwest US) in January.

Love it when you take the piss. Nothing more than nasty small-minded trolls deserve.

PS Your pool cracks me up - with all those tubes, is there still room for the kids?

We also have those same rain boots and around here, the kids won't take them off either :)

So cute!!!

I can't believe Max is getting so big!

I wouldn't worry Tertia -- he'll probably outgrow it. ;)

He's so cute! I also can't believe he's getting so big. Forget all those stupid trolls who are just jealous of what you have. Wish I could get ipads for my kids so I'd have more time on my own! :)

Love it! ha ha!
Ps where did you buy the "water ring"/ floaty thing from in the last pic (the small one for Max)? I've been looking everywhere for something similar.

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