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nice boobs though… ;-)

This is why I walk/jog/slog on treadmill. I'm so clutzy that I trip over my own feet and we don't have sidewalks here. Plus, riding my bike I ended up in ditch twice. Quite embarrassing.

Ouch! Well, they say mud is good for your skin, so presumably you (and your boobs) look even more youthful and attractive now!

Very attractive Doris. Best you save the wine for after the runs in future!
p.s Love the neon green top - just wish I had some boobs too to fill mine!

gazelles don't have enormous boobs, therefore they have better balance and don't fall and make asses of themselves. its a trade off: look hot in a bathing suit, t shirt, sports top or BRA, or run like an elegant deer. meh, go for the boobs every time. at least when someone picks you up and dusts you off there is a chance of 'accidental' gropeage or clutchage. nipple gripple rules.

Oh no! I have done that (running on a trail in the woods -- tripped on a root. I blame the trees!)! I am sorry, hope the sand is gone by now.

thank goodness you had those air bags installed!!!!

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