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Very cute. I had the same issue , if the ball doesnt work out , look at 'Getone' chairs, locally delivered . My physio recommended them , and it has saved my back and neck . They are a bit pricy but completely worth it !

It should really help. Enjoy! Just make sure it is the right size for you. Also it is recommended to ease into it and increase the time slowly rather than one chunk of 8 hours or so.

If Max does not give it back to you. Mine now belongs to my LO and she loves it. Get another now already as yours will go AWOL often I reckon. Other solutions are the Swopper (www.swopper.com) if available down there. Or even the designer Herman Miller chair http://www.hermanmiller.com/research/solution-essays/the-health-positive-office.html
Or even a seat wedge does help http://www.thebetterbackstore.net/Jobri_Large_Seat_Wedge.html and of course regular therapeutic massage!
AJ xox

I used to use one at the computer too.............it really does help. My cat put her claws into it though and now it is a lump of plastic in the garage and my neck is sore again!!! Ha ha ha :)

Hi Tersia, sorry, it is a bit off the topic. I just wanted to know how your sister Mel is?

My friend's son had the same attachment to the lawnmower, which had to go with them to granny's house and had to stand in his bedroom at night...

So have you had a turn? Did it help?

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