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Body Glide. You can use it anywhere it chafes. It is some pretty amazing stuff.

As for better running gear, I definitely recommend investing in a good sports bra, Moving Comfort and Lululemon both have some pretty nice and supportive ones. If you have supportive bras (hehe) everything else is pretty much relative.

Mmmm! Been threatening to start running myself - you've inspired me! I'll start tomorrow ... or the next day! :) Well done!

I second the comment about getting some running bras and tops. My running bras are all Nike ones and I love them. I also just bought a Lulu Lemon reversible top - it's more a winter/autumn top (it's getting cold here in Alberta) but there is a wide selection. I prefer running with some sort of sleeve but watch out for sneaky tan-lines!

I don't have a garmin but just use the runkeeper app on my iphone (gives you updates every mile or more if you want, tells you distance, time, etc, has a map, can hook with friends and it's free!) Also have mapmyrun but not sure I like that as much. You can pair both up with your playlist on iphone or ipod or just use pandora or Iheartradio like I do!

But if you get the garmin, you must get this shirt to run in (love their shirts, I have like 3 of them!)

Other fun running shirts are at http://www.etsy.com/shop/FiredaughterClothing?ref=seller_info (I got the "Suck it up" one, but try not to wear it with a jacket in case the "up" gets covered like it did for me...)

A good sports bra will change your life. You want to look for one (try an actual running store) that supports both up and down and side to side motion - jump around in it. Totally second Moving Comfort.

I just got a moving comfort fiona bra. I'm a 38D and there is no bounce. Amazing!

Body glide will help with chaffing. If your not going long distances Vaseline will work too. Put it anywhere that rubs. You don't need expensive fancy clothes. A good bra (or "double bag" and wear 2 cheaper bras) and decent shoes are all you need. Happy running.

I also recommend Body Glide. It looks like deodorant (in the same kind of container)and I use it on my legs each run and on my nips for runs over 10 miles. I also get a mark on my arm from my I-phone holder. I use an App that tracks my distance, pace and yells at me if I'm going a bit too slow.

Great job on running. I have to say I just got fitted for a pair of shoe orthotics and bought a pair of running compression socks and they make my life so HAPPY. I sure feel in my 40's though!

I really recommend compression socks or sleeves. They feel SO good!


I would also get a proper running top, as I found that in the summer I was getting way too hot in my "normal" running clothes. I think it will help with the chafe as well.

Hi! I don't comment usually, but thought I'd chime in on this one. I live in Austin, TX which is a huge running/biking town. You can use vaseline to help alleviate the chafing. Also, (please forgive any crassness in my language) I've seen people who have bigger boobs wear 2 sports bras rather than 1. I have recommended the same to friends of mine with similar concerns. It helps with support as well as chafing. Usually the built-in sports bra shirts are not that supportive enough if one has big boobs. So you may consider that. That'll also help your back from hurting too. It sounds like a lot - wearing 2 bras but I've seen many many people wear that - and that too in a hot climate as we have here. Hope this helps. Body glide is basically vaseline. And awesome - buying a gps watch!!!

Hi Tertia, my husband cycles and uses chamois cream - sold by cycling shops of course . . . . seems we chafe by our breasts, they chafe . . . well, you know where :-)

Diaper rash cream for chafing!!

You need a good sports bra, maybe two! I know that some ladies who are more well endowed wear two at a time. You should also invest in a few running shirts (yes, they do exist). They sometimes call them tech shirts and they are made of a very lightweight and breathable fabric. It makes a big difference! If you enter more races you might find that you start getting them from the races too but good to have a few of your own in the beginning. I also run in spandex shorts, capris or leggings (depending on the temp). For me that prevents any chafing in between the thighs. Be careful with the spandex shorts as they can ride up. Look for shorts with a little plastic around the bottom, that keeps them in place.

Also, I know you have the Garmin but you might also like the Nike+ Running app on your smart phone. It will post when you start a run on FB then when anyone likes or comments on the post you will get a cheer! It also maps your run, gives you your run statistics and allows you to interact with the Nike Running community. Plus you get cool badges for different personal bests, kind of like getting a star when you do something good. :+)

There are a few things I swear by when running.
1. Good bra
2. Proper running clothes - they make a big difference, but I still chafe from some vests.
3. Newish socks - if my socks are slightly worn I get blisters!
4. My Garmin
5. Body Glide!!!!! I put it on my inner arms, under my arms, on my boobs (on long runs I chafe from my bra's, and under my bra strap. Sportsmans's Warehouse also sells different makes and I also like the one in the tube, I think it is just called Sports Lube.

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