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Well done on donating. Great cause. Sadly our grade 1 Princess directly asked if he exists at all so we told her. I am sad to see the fantasy go

You're lucky to have kept it alive even this long. My daughter at age 4 figured it out. sigh. I tried to side-step the issue, but she looked at me and point blank said: "I keep asking you if Santa Claus is real and you don't answer me. Is he real or not."

LOL I love Kathy B's daughter's direct questions!

I love that you're donating your small sponsorship fee :)

Now the bigger question is this - will your twins tell Max? :)

Thank you again Tertia. You're a special lady - mentioned you in my blog about our event xx

Christmas is coming.To have been happy!

Two ideas for keeping the Father Christmas fantasy alive. First a website I've come across where you can "put Santa in your house" and second Santa's Magic Key (he uses it to come into the house but since it's magic it only works for him -!/photo.php?fbid=10151260158215325&set=oa.372006769546401&type=1&theater).

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