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28 October 2012


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Chapstick works in a pinch!

Thanks for the laugh this morning - I really needed it! I enjoy reading your blog and I admire you for "sticking" to your exercise plan. :-)

If you find a better running bra, you won't need to wear two - and that might help a little. Freya makes some amazing underwire exercise bras that keep thinks strapped down TIGHT. They changed my life and made running so much more comfortable. They look like very boring, sturdy full-cup bras but are made of crazy sturdy fabric.

Too funny! I read this in the morning and have been chuckling about it all day. My sympathies to your poor gluey-but-turned-on pits.

ROTFL! Thanks for the laugh and the sage piece of advice!

May I suggest the following;
This is coming from someone who has run marathons with an enormous bosom

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