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Strange people in the world.

You know Tertia, I have followed your blog on and off through the years and when I opened up the DailyMail site today, I was shocked. And then I fell out of m chair, because even though they blurred the faces of Adam and Kate, I at once recognized them and knew that you and your lovely children had been sucked into this too. It is just sick, preying on people for attention. She's a troll. I am so glad this has been exposed.

thanks a lot admins

I was glad the Gawker article mentioned the movie Catfish. When you outed this story to me, I was trying terribly to remember the title, having watched it less than a year ago, mostly because of the comments I saw here. Don't get me wrong - they were all understandably upset. I just saw it is a learning opportunity to those who used the words, "sicko", "freak" and the like. There was something...sadder...going on here that I wanted to point people to. Not to suggest everything is ok and she deserves sympathy, but just to say there is a serious mental problem at play that most of us cannot comprehend, and the hate speech only isolates individuals further into the fake identities they create so they can live in any other "reality" than their own. I recommend this documentary to you, having been a victim of the same circumstances, and to anyone else affected by her actions (I'm not kidding myself - I just suggested a documentary to people. It's ok to roll your eyes!). It will never answer all your questions or sooth your anger, but it may offer insight and understanding of the mentality a person obtains in order to carry on in such a manner.

Thanks for the update. Reading everything, I find it interesting that she started this hoax when she was 11 years old. It sounds like she had a disturbed life. So sorry this all happened.

The movie Catfish is really similar to this situation. You should rent it!

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