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I get a stitch if I have eaten too much or even drunk too much water before a run (of course, YMMV on what constitutes "too much"). The explanation I've read is that the circulatory system can't divert blood to the digestive system and the heart/lungs for running at the same time. So maybe try running on an empty or near-empty stomach? I run first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and maybe 8 oz. of water, plus a couple of small water breaks during the run. Usually stitch-free but I can always tell if I've overdone the water.

That last one is always the "go to" post to read when I get discouraged. Keep it up!!

Good job! When I started running it took me something like 2 weeks to get up to a mile. And the stitch thing goes away over time. I used to have that, too.


You go girl! Slowly slowly catch the monkey. Best assvice re breathing - run with someone who you can talk to, then you will talk and breathe naturally, without concentrating on your breathing. Sing to yourself if it will help too, so you are not focussing on your breathing.

A trick I was told was to say the ABCs as you run, to control your breathing.

Ah great news :)
I tried to run around our area and felt like I had emphysema! I also had lekker shin splints afterwards! I'm going to downgrade into sloth mode.

Thanks for referencing Dan Roam's book. I've read it several times and is very helpful. I'm still learning how to apply his excellent visual problem solving insights.

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