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A number of my friends swear by their FitBits. I'm much too cheap to buy one, but they look excellent. http://www.fitbit.com/

Use BB app - endomondo - very very cool!

I love our Garmin - they have various types depending on how much you want to pay and what functions you want - not sure they work inside though, ours gets the data from satellites.

Any chance you already have an iPod or iPhone? Runmeter is a great app that does the things you want it to do.

I use my iPhone with the MapMyRun app, and love it. (I think it's available for other smartphones as well.) It tracks your route/distance/pace, saves to a website, gives you lots of activity options (including biking, hiking, and even dog walking!), has a manual input (for treadmill workouts), and it's free! You can also program it to give you updates along the way, in a quite pleasing voice. It means running with your phone, but I got one of those arm band thingys, and hardly notice it. I think you can set it up to receive data from a heart rate monitor too, but not totally sure on that. Oh, you can also track your calories, post to Facebook, and challenge yourself to beat previous times. Alas, I have not figured out a way to get it to make dinner, and it gives terrible blowjobs. Still, if you like data (like I do) I'd give it a shot! (And sorry, that was kinda long.)

I use MapMyRun App as well. Really like it.

https://www.zombiesrungame.com/ Just saying...

I've tried several apps, but I agree, MapMyRun is the best. Good Luck!

You can use your phone and use endomondo, but I don't like running with my phone.

I have just bought the new garmin and love it. Syncs to computer, tells me distance etc. There are various different one so look at which one suits best. The one I have is the Forerunner 910XT. It is waterproof and smaller than the previous versions.

I really love my Garmin Forerunner 110. It is around $150 and it tells you your time, mileage, and pace. It also comes with a heart rate monitor and you can load all your workouts from the watch through a USB cord to the Garmin website.Happy running!

Garmin Forerunner.

I use MapMyRun App as well. Really like it.

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