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I can relate to the meltdowns and worrying about nutrition.

Sounds like you need a bit of balance. Working hard is great - we all need the money but we need to spend time with our family too. Thats sometimes more important.

Use all the support you can. Support systems are a must.

i would cut my right arm off to have three kids you are very lucky, sadly some of us dont have a life after infertility. work less and spend more time with your gorgeous kids, doesnt matter that you dont want to cook!

Carrie, she knows she's lucky and she made a point of saying that from the start. She's allowed to feel low and just needs a bit of support and virtual hugs and not of the 'pull yourself together' variety!

Lots of love to you. I hope it's just a blip. x

Doesn't Rose cook? I'd send her on a cooking course that involves mega nutrition - your problem is solved!!!
The Bunny is currently mutilating all cream filled biscuits -the cream gets eaten and the biscuit gets tossed in the bin.
To top it off she had a hateful time at the holiday club and is now teary and miserable at aftercare, which previously she adored with her whole heart forever!
Hold up... just pouring that Chardonnay!

Tertia, you are a wonderful, loving mom - I just wish I had a mother like you are. Who cares about the potty training and the eating habits! At the end of the day your children know in their hearts that you love them so much it hurts you. And that is all it counts. BTW, I was quite lazy with potty training, too - in the end the daycare did it for us, and since we started so late it went superfast.
I am so sorry to hear that there are family problems going on - I do so hope they can be resolved, and that everybody in your family is healthy.
Big hugs!! - oh no, forgot you don't like it. Hmmm - take care!!

If its any comfort you and about ever Mom in the world feels the same, just most don't have the balls to admit it. Possibly we are crap mothers but I think a lot more entertaining then a Stedford wife. I remember looking at my 5 year old, my 2 1/2 year old and my new baby, all where sitting on the couch in nappies and drinking a bottle. I remember thinking somethings wrong with this picture. But you know what, one day they'll be adults and I reckon they will have got over all their issues I don't have the energy to try and work on!!!! You are not alone, it's called being a mom which sometimes is the hardest job in the work!!!!!

Kinda annoyed by some of the comments above, as it sounds to me you are just venting and don't need to be told to work less or stop bitching... anyway... nothing here but love. Some days (weeks) suck. I have been feeling much the same with my 7 yr old still having emotional meltdowns and my 3 yr old not interested in potty training... ugh. We will get through. Hugs!

When Cameron was 7 I told his father "we are done! I can not tolerate your son and I'm leaving you." Then he turned 8 and I'm not going anywhere. 7 sucks. I hate 7. 7 can kiss my arse!

Well, if it makes you feel better............we missed you at school this week. And, just to add insult to frizzy, spotty and flabby...........how are the arrangements for the carnival coming along? :)

I love posts like this cause you make me feel normal. I too have 3 kids, and feel like I'm barely holding it together most days. Mommy sickeness makes me want to completely fall apart at the seams and want to crawl under a rock, you'll feel better about everything when your snot leaves!
You're great Tertia, your kids are so cute and it's just the day to day grind that's kind of hard sometimes.

Tertia, you are a wonderful mom. I feel exactly the same way when I am sick. I feel for you, I would give you a big hug if I could. Your kids are actually doing wonderful, 7 year olds with emotional meltdowns are more than normal.
And oh, my god, do I hate having a cold during a heat wave.
Have to agree with the previous poster: your kids are supercute.

Ugh. Sorry things have been stressful. Hang in there.

Hahahah is it terrible that this post made me laugh? Hope you're feeling better :)

If it makes you feel better....my daughter is almost 4 and still isn't completely potty trained. This week? Pooped in her pants every.single.time.

Thanks heaps for this post Tertia. I hope you are feeling better now. I am totally sucking at parenting at the moment, and what is probably worse, I don't even feel that bad for the kids (they are not neglected or anything). I just feel sorry for myself for having to always be the grown up and for having no life.

Dude. Chardonnay. That is all.
Love you, you know where to find me if you need any help!

and yet you look D&G in the pic's from your latest photo shoot!

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