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Wow, your family is far flung. I am also the only remaining sibling in the country, even though there are only two of us, and I don't stay in the same place at my parents, at least I am in SA. I like your sister's blog and I wish her all the best in her new adventure!

Careful...I'm thinking about adopting Mimi in revenge of said traitor, and I think she will really, really like me a LOT!

Read the whole post but all I saw was "campervan" - that is SO COOL!

I took my three kids out of school for 6 months a few years back and we drove Clarens, the Happy Bus from Ireland to Istanbul - via Sweden and Sardenia... Time of our lives. Must dig up and post some pics.

Best of luck to yr folks - and of course to Melanie.

I have met your sister and she is so clever and beautiful and kind and brilliant and fabulous and amazing and wonderful and small nosed. I also noticed your mother had the name MEL tattoo'd on her bicep. You will obviously miss her terribly!

Wow! why is she moving? I briefly jumped to her blog but she does not say. I am just curious. I moved from my country 22 years ago (never thought it would be more than 2), lived in 3 countries, but I guess such a move with the whole family must be a huge deal...

Wait, what's happening with Bosom Buddies? And her part in your surrogacy agency?! How CRAZY to move so far away from home!

I am heart sore she's going! How crazy is that?!

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