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uh oh- you're about to have the parenting nazi community calling for that poor Jack russell's head.

And then the dog owner nazis demanding the owners better train the dog.

Dude, you just opened a can of worms. I'm headed for shelter now....

Yes! Have Rose post. I would love to read about Rose's perspective on things . . .

yes! i vote for rose! i want her to post!

Wow, congrats on the Bloggie!!! That is such an amazing achievement! And yes, I agree with Rose, five minute something updates sound great! (I might just borrow that idea myself for my own neglected and obscure little blog. In fact, my blog is so obscure, it's part of the world wide cobweb... that part of the Internet where all forgotten websites go to languish away and die.)

Guess where we were yesterday... Yup. Ceres. Thank goodness for aircon.

122°F?!?! There's only one place here in the US that has temps like that, and it's DEATH VALLEY. Yikes.

I would *love* to read a Rose post.

Also, congrats on your award!


Those that complaint the most should be made to update the blog for you.

As for Kate shame poor thing, I can so sympathise. What a brave little girl she is.

122 degrees!!! That is insanely hot. I would love to hear Roses voice/stories.

Hello Fart-Bag, yes it is very very annoying that you dont update your blog, how the hell am I supposed to know whats going on at home. Poor Katie, she is such a trooper. You know we'll be just round the corner for the entire school holidays!!!! How much fun are the kids going to have?? Yay cant wait. Congrats on winning.x

Oh my.. you are SO damn funny! That is why you were chosen. You make me laugh and I love reading anything you write.

i'd also like to complain about your absence on twitter.

i mean, if you're not updating your blog often, the least you can do is show us some courtesy and tweet more often?


i second rose, one post a fortnight is death valley, without the heat. you are my early morning coffee blog - the one that sets my mood for the day. so i NEED you to keep on blogging. the more controversial the better!!!

Congratulations on your bloggie award. I came across your blog via the awards page. I'm from Cape Town but have been living in Switzerland for a year and now moving to the UK next week. I enjoy reading a blog from SA and to hear about the summer heat while it's snowing here!

Temps like that make me want to move there! I live for the hot Texas Summers!

I would love it hotter!

lol-the item I find most amusing in your blog today is that you were in and out of the ER in an hour! Wow! It would've taken at least 3 hours here in TX, maybe more like 5 hours. Kudos to the SA hospital system!

Thought maybe your readers with "little ones" might enjoy this clip.

It is a delightful new series set in 1890 San Francisco about a little cable car finding his way in a big cable car world.



Erik Nelson

Ouch! Well, I can sympathize, dog bites HURT. Even when they don't look that bad they still sting way beyond what is reasonable.

And my Border Collie can't handle people being in the pool either. He just gets himself too worked up, so he gets to stay inside with a Kong whenever we swim. :P

That Rose, you gotta love her! Congrats on the award and for getting the troops (A&K&M) in tip top shape!

I read your post with great interest. As you know, I am generally on the other side of you on the issue of Iraq but I respect and find your position very interesting.

Yes! A Rose guest post, please!!!!

I look forward to reading your updates when you have time to post, and in the meantime, I hope you are taking the edge off the biting heat with some nice chilled wine! It snowed here in Tokyo last night....(sigh)....

Congrats on Bloggie! :)

Congrats! Rose could always post for you with her insights on the day? Could be fun! But don't stress - every blogger needs some time out and time is speeding up so heck...how do you fit it all in sometimes!!!

Rose you can blog about Nancy tell everyone about your favourite freind

Congrats on the award!

My brother has a Jack Russell named Pearl, that he adores. The strange thing is my brother is six foot 5 inches and about 250 pounds (big guy) and he takes Pearl with him every where. He and his wife have three boys and they never had a house dog until Pearl. I told him he's having some sort of mid-life crisis to wait until the age of 50 to become so attached to a dog, but he just laughed. They are very active (hyper even) dogs!

Love your blog and will visit again soon! Come visit me at www.nanahood.com

I wanna saw her photo ..keep posting...

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