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03 November 2009


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Mmmmm ... toes!

LOL very cute... and must agree, the camera on a BB is the worst thing about the phone, can't stand it!

What a cutie pie.

My girl has been a toe-sucker since about 8 months. She is now almost 3 and still turns to the toe when she needs comfort. (Big toe, left foot only. No other toe will do.) Cracks me up - but I'm not too worried about it. I can't imagine she'll whip off a shoe in public in a few years ... peer pressure and all.

Yum Yum.

If you are looking for a better camera, email Grant, he just got us a PHENOMENAL mik-en-druk very affordable little one yesterday which also does beautiful little videos with sound.

Adorable! Jake used to do that..now he is five his favourite snack comes from the nasal region; revolting hehe!!

cute baby...quite flexible i presume!

His "favorite meal"... great picture! cute baby! thanks for sharing!

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