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Great to hear from you! Looking forward to the next posts!

I am so happy for you and your family.
Your boy is simply g&d. I look at him and I am completely and utterly awed.
You have done so well.
God is good.

Congrats on the handsome new addition! He is utterly divine. BTW, I like this new layout way better than the old one - seems to load faster and is more balanced. Just my opinion. xxx

You sound so happy - it is so wonderful to read. It actually brings a smile to my face.

The advancement could have something to do with him being a nice birthweight and so close to due date (and genetics - OBVIOUSLY!). I only say this becuase Bryce was 10 days over due, weighed 4.3 kgs and was also doing the things you mention. When I comented on how proud I was of him, the nasty NHS nurse said, "its the least we would expect of a baby this size and age!"

I still think he was advanced. :-)

He must seem very big, possibly huge and gigantic to you. Does it feel weird?

Congratulations!!!! He is adorable!!!!

Congratulations again! He is truely scrumptious. I cant wait to see him growing and everything through pictures like we've done with Adam and Kate. x

Too gorgeous for words!
Loads of love to all of you xxxxxxxxx

CONGRATULATIONS girlfriend! And what a handsome little lad he is too - G&D just like his parents!! Am WAAAAAAAY THRILLED for all of you! How YOU feeling after the c-section tho - u coping okay?

Trust a sister to mess up your blog! :) Your little bundle is too gorgeous for words and it must be so nice for you to ahve only one baby and one that is full term, no wires or tubes surrounding him.

He is the most gorgeous little thing and I am very, very, very jealous!!


You sound blissful and he is gorgeous. I am so thrilled for y'all.

I love the little camo babygro - so not only is Max famous, but his also hip and happening....

He is gorgeous!! Congrats to all of you.

Congratulations! I'm so pleased you can really enjoy this baby. First time around it's all new and with twins, double trouble. I hope second time around continues to be a breeze. Soak that deliciousness up. :-)

Look at those gorgeous baby toes! What is it about those tiny little toes? Congrats again Tertia, you deserve all the happiness in the world!

It is wonderful to hear you sounding SO happy! That's exactly how I felt when my 3rd child, my surprise child, my post-infertility wonder was born, too. And I still feel that way, even though he's 10 months old. Over the moon! Enjoy every delicious moment!

he has four legs!

but the bottom lip is so very very adorable!!!

xoxo xo xo

he is beautiful, Tertia, and it's so good to hear how in love with him you are.

However, you are scaring the _____ out of me because my twins are coming in 11 weeks and I'm a 1st time mom (4 years after starting to try)

congratulation from switzerland for your marvellous little boy! enjoy him as much as you can. (yes, rose, enjoy him too... ;-))

I have never been so happy in my life to say: I told you so!

I'll throw in a "neener neener neener" and hope it doesn't mean anything dirty in Afrikaans. :)

Enjoy every minute. God knows you've earned it!!

Am so so happy for you (and just a little jealous too!), and for Marko and the twins. Many congratulations.

Congratulations, Tertia! Max is gorgeous, so no wonder you're head over heels and having to fight Rose for him.

I'll also throw in some peer pressure for you to keep posting. Don't resist the laptop, Tertia! Your friends inside it want to hear from you. (Luckily I am too far away to fear reprisals from your sisters....)

One is AWESOME. I told you so! Nine months have passed by, and I am still loving life with just one baby. The twins on the other hand...still kick my ass every single day. I told my husband that if I was guaranteed to have only one at a time that I would happily go on to have 4 or 5. He is now quaking with fear ;) Of course, our chances having one as nature intended are slightly below zero.

I'm soooo glad that life with Max is a joy. He is totally yum yum adorable.

He's a bonny baby!! Congrats!! :)

Beyond delicious. Well done Tertia. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

So sweet! Not only Max, but your adoration for him. It is a thing of beauty to behold. :)

I'm just so happy for you. He is an adorable little boy. Enjoy your post birth high. You deserve it!

Oh man! He is absolutely gorgeous! And - just check out those feet!!! He'll be doing bare-foot watrskiing in no time at all (being advanced and all also helps!)

So so so happy for you - and so glad you are getting the chance to revel in the newborn phase for a change! You have earned this chance, my dear. Congratulations to all the Albertyns on your new addition - can't wait to watch him grow!!

When the Big Mama wasn't looking Grant's sister fed him a bag of Simba chips the one day, when he was a baby and he LOVED it, with the pieces of chip dribbling and drooling all down his cheeks & chin, making big happy gurgles. And he still does (sometimes with the original sound effects). And he still hogs the bag for himself...

Congratulations! And I must just leap to Sister Mel's defence, for me the funky display started BEFORE Mel was posting for you...

What a happy, wonderful post! Max is simply precious. Enjoy!! They get big so fast!

He is absolutely beautiful!

As a twin mom, I often find myself a bit envious of the singleton moms. There are so many little moments I missed, and was so overwhelmed because there were suddenly TWO! babies.

He is beyond gorgeous and divine! Mazel Tov/Congrats to the Albertyn's!

What a lovely surprise, eh?

"there is only ONE of him. . . . . If I am in love, Rose is totally smitten. I have to beg for a turn . . . The kids are so sweet with Max." Hahahaha I totally called it!

TOO GORGEOUS!!! So, so thrilled for you! (and the rest of the fam!)

How's Marko doing? Is he getting more involved in the infant stuff this time around? It seems weird neither you or sister Mel has mentioned him at all in any of your updates... not even an errant "we" thrown in anywhere. Is he, too, now glad you guys went for that one more? Is he just as smitten with his new son?

Tersh, this baby certainly has a very excellent head, and nice long legs too, of course ;-)
I so hope you've got Dr Karp's 'Happiest Baby on the Block" for when little pooh-bear really wakes up. I don't know if you used it with A & K, but it's a Godsend.
Have a ball,

My husband just walked by my laptop and said "are you looking at Tertia's baby AGAIN?" Tee hee. I love everyday miracles and Max sure looks like one to me. Congrats!

Welcome, beautiful Max, and welcome back Tertia.

I have a big smile on my face reading your post. You sound so happy! Enjoy your gorgeous baby! I love the new blog layout too and am glad that you put ads in. I am going to click on them so you could get revenue. Your blog is my absolute favorite blog.

i knew you'd be in heaven. (ha! i told you so!) he is absolutely adorable.

gosh he is absolutely adorable tertia! and i have to admit, he's a real little original hey! doesn't look like adam or kate..looks 100% max! beautiful beautiful!
i'm very keen to hear your views on c-sections.........??? why, what ...hey? share share....

Max is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy for you!

He is so incredibly, addictively gorgeous! Even if you don't post text, more pictures will keep us all at bay. Well done!! Lots of love, Gabrielle

Oh, I'm in love, too.

And confession: You make me want to have another! I'd love to experience that "there's only one of him!" phenomenon.

Enjoy every minute. Kisses!

He is beautiful, and I am so happy for you. Enjoy him. It looks like he's thinking how it good it feels to finally stretch out.

Oh yes, my memories of my (single) older boy 4 years ago are delightful! The twins (8 months tomorrow!) are so so so much tougher (with the standard caveat that of course they're delightful too. It's just that with two of them, it gets to be a bit too much, um, delightfulness. And the perpetual guilt over whichever one you're not cuddling/feeding/holding at any given time!)

You definitely picked the right order to do it in! And Max is adorable... look at those legs! Why on earth do baby legs look so edible? And the fingers look like pianists'!

I LOVE those little newborn feeties. I just want to eat them up!!!!

I did not say I told you so (having no qualifications to do so) and am a little bummed to learn that those who did were right, as it makes me wonder why I found caring for my singleton so difficult at that stage.

Plus I suspect you've made a vast number of twin-moms-to-be quake in their boots.

But he is stunning and it is delicious to see you so happy, and those things more than make up for it. Many, many congratulations.

I am so very happy for you. Congratulations and well done to you. Your happiness is lovely. This time with a new baby is amazing, that giddy joy of falling in love with your baby, this feeling is utterly beautiful. Enjoy every last second of it because there will be hurdles to get over, but an expert like you wil have no bother!!
Best wishes.

Yep, he is delicious alright! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy every minute - I know you will. :-)

He's absolutely gorgeous Tertia! Wish I lived closer... would've come to take photos for you

Things sound fantastic and he is one gorgeous baby! Looking forward to more pictures!

While you are getting your blog fixed... You could get that get that "Babies designed by " bit updated too :-)

Ohhhhh I'm so happy for you!!!!!!! It's it just amazing to share a new baby with a FAMILY, so different than when the first were born and no siblings. While the older kids make it more work, it is also so special to see them fall in love to hey? Enjoy all of the love floating around there! I hope you still have your lucky couch and are treating it well (oh....and Marko too).

Is is adorable!
SO very happy for you and so very happy that you are happy!
Also glad you are allowed to post as I was thinking not letting you get to your computer for 2 weeks was just cruel to you and all your fans.
Now I don't want you doing any WORK on it, mind you - just keeping us informed of your baby bliss :-)
All the best,

PS Not sure what you mean about C-sections - kind of scared to read your next post as I still have one to go through on July 2nd. Please put a warning at the top if those about to go through a C-section should not read.

Thought I wrote "He is adorable!" (not sure how I ended up with Is is but guess I was too excited in my typing)

Congratulations, T! This Maxie boy is G&D like his mother. Thank you for temporarily fixing your blog, at least I can see the posts now. It looks good the way it is, leave it! So glad to hear you are all happy. I believe you, one baby would be sooooooooooo easy. Twins are hard work, especially now at 2yrs. But we love em all the same.

He is beautiful! So pleased to hear that things are going well.

Also, it keeps asking me to enter a valid email address? The one I was using was valid (my dotcom one). Gone to gmail one as a backup.

Never mind, the email thing is a type pad problem. Off to email them myself.

CONGRATULATIONS! ! ! Sooooo adorable.

He is simply edible! I was itching to see him so checked out Mel's blog and got my first pic of him! Darling sweet little boy. I am so glad all is well as I knew it would be! You are so lucky and you deserve this! Also great to hear Adam and Kate have taken to him...who couldn't?? Hugs to all!! xxxxx

CONGRATULATIONS. He's lovely, Tertia, and I'm so glad you're having a (relatively) easy time with him.

I'd love to hear all kinds of messy details about your c-section, too, you poor bugger. Hope you feel better soon.

My nosy guess about why you guys haven't mentioned Marko much (at all?) is because you're respecting his privacy? I tend not to mention my husband because I don't want to infringe on his privacy, except then a couple people honestly thought I was a single mother, hahahahahaha. Whoops.


Oh my word!!! I cannot believe my eyes!! I am in love as well.......

He is simply wonderful and gorgeous!!! I'm so thrilled for you and your family. I'm happy to hear that you're finding it easier this time around. It must be nice to be able to spend the time staring at him and not having to rush off to tend to another.

Enjoy him!!!!

Looking forward to hearing more about him and how Adam and Kate are adapting to their new role.

Deliciousness! Congratulations to all!

Ahhhh. Just wallowing in the cuteness. I'm so jealous. But congratulations anyhow:)

I am so happy for you and the family! What a beautiful, sweet boy your Maxie is! Congratulations!

I did it in reverse. Singleton (colicky demanding little boy!) and then the twins. I found the TWINS easier! They were such angel babies :)

Sigh, you are making ME want another. Stop it already and take tons of pics of little Max!

Found your blog via Cecily and had to comment! I have my own Baby Max, born on May 21, 2009! I will now spend time reading all your posts while I should be actually working... :)

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