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She really was awesome. I get teary every time.

She is amazing, isn't she?

I'm not hyped up on hormones and *I* cried the first 3 times watching/listening to her. :) A-MAZING!!

Darn. Now you have me crying again. I thought watching it six times yesterday was enough. Man. she's incredible.

My favorite part is when Simon sighs, smiles, and rests his face in his hands. I think that's truly his nature, and not the persona he has created.

All right, I'll be the first to speak up for the heartless bastards who didn't cry and weren't moved by Susan Boyle's performance or story. I know I'm not the only one because some of my Facebook friends agreed with me. (And one said Boyle's song choice was execrable. I don't know about you, but I find a man with a good vocabulary to be most appealing.)

So if you don't know what the big deal is, don't worry—you're not alone!

One wonders what sort of performance would move someone who wasn't moved by Ms. Boyle's performance. One would be curious to know.

I was moved by it, and I think it's because the performance wasn't good because she had "the look", "the moves", the personality, or whatever else show business skills people are taught. It was good purely because she has a natural talent for singing. She seems so unassuming, unglamorous, and normal, and I love to see someone like that (i.e. someone like me) wow everyone. I think it digs down to the core in a lot of us. We are normal, average, typical people, and we wish someone (or maybe a lot of people) would suddenly see how truly special we are. We watched that happen to this woman, and we are glad that sometimes, us plain janes come out on top.

I heard about it but hadn't watched the video until now. I was mostly moved by the sound of her voice which somehow vibrated and connected with my emotions, moreso than the story. The story just added something special to it.


When I clicked on YouTube 24hours ago it was only 6 milllion that had watched it acc to a newsfeed. In approx 24 hours it doubled - WOW!

it is a great video and story. and i thought the song, full of unfulfilled dreams and hopes, was such a wistful, beautiful choice.

Im pretty taken with Susan too. I suppose I am hopped on on hormones still, as I had my 4th miscarriage a few days ago. susan has cheered me up !

I saw the clip yesterday and it made me so... HAPPY! Seeing that woman belt out that song so BEAUTIFULLY and wiping the smug smirks off so many faces. I hope tons good comes her way as a result of her performance!

Hmm guess I should be watching it then...I briefly saw reports about her on the news...
Guess I have been the only one living under a rock all week....wow

so beautiful and inspiring. never give up your dreams. helps me that she is the same age as me . . . my daughter katie and i cried like babies watching that, and then watched it again. and i agree. that is the TRUE simon cowell, who loves loves LOVES music, and also loves people who can make it so beautifully. old fart has a heart.

did you see paul potts last years winner? that will ALSO make you cry. stunning deeply gifted people that are overlooked by us so often. may they rock on eternally!

I just heard it today for the first time. It was amazing, they were almost mocking her which makes me really uncomfortable. Its one of those times when you see someone win totally on merit alone. She has undeniable talent. It was tremendous.

Oh I love it when she says she has never been kissed. And when Amanda folds her hands in front of her mouth and just stares!

What bothers me though is how we are so preprogrammed to initially diss anyone who doesn't come in a package deal of money, sex and rock'n'roll. I so hate it when "initial impressions count".

Wow its up to 16mil views today,she is amzing ,when you see her you don't expect to hear that voice.....what a life changing moment for her

My very hormonal self gets goosebumps every time I hear it. Seeing Simon sit there with a smile, completely in awe of this woman, actually made me want to cry. He is absolutely enchanted by her. *sniff* The pregnancy hormones obviously make things so much more emotional, but still, its my favourite lesson in life, that the underdog sometimes blows peoples minds. Apparently Simon wants to offer her a recording contract wether she wins or not. He is no fool, he knows how many people would love to buy her music. That voice!!

crying! Hat an inspiration and I loved the looks on the faces of the judges..

My husband and I saw this on Sunday whilst watching Britains Got Talent. If you saw the auditions around it, you see a bit more why they were skeptical (a bloke trying to eat 8 Ferror Roche in 1 minute and only doing 4 anyone??) They'd had an awful time in Glasgow and you could see all the presenters and judges thought this would be another bum.

Me and hubby were joking about what she was going to do, and how bad when she started singing and we instantly shut up. I got goosebumps. It was amazing to watch, and to see the way Simon/Ant&Dec & co reacted.

We were saying she'd be good for musicals - like in Chicago or something like that. She'd be great at that - and think she would go so much further than the professional marketed mainstream.

I agree she is amazing, but I am one of those who felt uncomfortable about it, as the whole early part of shows like Britain's got Talent is set up to royally rip apart "misguided" people who in the judges opinion are just embarassingly bad. So although it was a cleverly presented and rehearsed wake up call, it still makes me cringe a bit that the professionally shallow judges were so comically wowed by her...

I'm sure Susan is going to do well, but I also loved Elliot from "Good Evans" - the family group. The whole family sang, but he is undoubtedly the one with the talent, it was just lovely that his whole family is with him on it.

Whatever, the real winners here are ITV/Cowell!

I have two points of view.

One is that this is a human story...a person with a dream who probably never got a chance to fulfill it for whatever reason. She got her big chance and did a great job. We can all appreciate this. It makes you feel that anyone can do anything.

As an opera singer who has studied for years and years and spent the equivalent of an expensive house on my education... Well, she never would have made it past the first level at a real audition. She has a voice but it is not incredible. It's decent. There are SO MANY people out there who can outsing her who are not getting work. And I'm not referring to myself, I'm referring to all the people who have worked at being musicians their whole lives and have not gotten a break. Because for every job in musical theater or opera, there are 1000 people trying to get it. I guess we should have all been staying home in a village and then coming out at 47 years old to wow Simon Cowell.

So the human side of me loves it. The professional side of me says, "And?? I can show you 100 people I know who can sing better and are not working." But this lady will get a big fat recording contract. It's all about marketing and publicity these days, guys. Oh, and just wait until they give her a makeover. That will be good publicity too.

But I have to say that I did love it.

Thank you, Kathleen. There was an opera singer who commented in the same vein at the Chicago Tribune and was roundly attacked. (Accused of being second-rate, jealous, not really a professional, snobby, etc.) I trust that won't happen here.

I wonder, too, if people are reading the song lyrics as autobiographical for Boyle. Did she say she was unhappy with a life that sucked and was full of lost dreams? Maybe she likes her life just fine most of the time and isn't such a tragic case. I suspect many people inject a note of pity into their reactions, and maybe Susan Boyle doesn't merit anyone's pity.

Shamelessly loved her and wiped lots of you-get-them-girl tears, just for everything she is and how she got to that stage with nothing, absolute nothing and perhaps even less going for her, and what was inside was given a chance to come out and silence all the prejudice and judgments out there based on the small, incredibly insignificant part of her that was her atypical idols outside shell. I know her voice won't make the first audition to opera school, Kathleen/Orange, but it wasn't that which turned the audience around. It was what came out with the voice and the way it made everyone realise that you Can Not Judge The Shell. Ever. What she performed there: THAT is music, musicianship: a heart filled with love, a lifetime of living and embracing a simple yet much fuller life that speaks of awesome experiences and a true care for the human spirit, and an immensely encouraging voice and style of singing that goes far, way beyond the mousey hair and laundry day frock. It all came out in the song. How many people do you know that can touch an audience with so much, with just a song and a voice. She opened her mouth and she turned from a cinderella to a music goddess. In my books, that beats any kid with more singing talent. I was moved. Isn't that why we listen to music, in principle? LOVED HER. I hope she never changes.

Laughing, because I was literally just watching this performance for the umpteenth time just before coming here to check Tertia's blog. :-) I'm equally as smitten; have been watching it all week. And since I'm a preacher, will be including it as an illustration in this Sunday's sermon. :-) Just adore her persona, the expressions on the judges' faces, the fact that it's the whole human story laid out before us in seven or so minutes... so many lessons to be drawn (about not judging on appearances, about following your dreams, about the courage to change your life...) Bravo, Susan! :-)

I have to agree with those who said that while her voice was a surprise considering the "awkward package" it came in, I wouldn't say her voice was "all that" either. No, what moved me was seeing her show that not everything is how it looks and that looks really don't matter. I LOVE the fact that she was not the "pretty package", a bit awkward and certainly people were prejudice against her before she started, but that her voice was just so much better than anyone would have expected and that she (as someone wrote) wiped the smug looks off the faces of the audience and the judges!!! THAT's what I love about this story. I think her choice of song was fitting as well. I say "Bravo!" for her and while I doubt one person can change how people will prejudge someone before they have a chance to "show their stuff", at least it's a start! I can only imagine how much just having this chance to show the world what she can do must be an amazing thing for this woman from a small village!

to kathleen and others commenting re people with better voices - so so true. but the performance as a whole had an element of musicality and HEART that people with superb technical ability just never achieve. she had the element in her performance that really grabbed at people's souls - going beyond actual talent to god knows what. not even her story or appearance, but something about the way she delivered that transcended mere ability.

to put it another way - some superb musicians perform superbly - and yet often leave people unmoved. yet others, like susan, and paul potts last year, and other musicians of their calibre, have that indefinable element added - and they are incredibly memorable. their eyes sing out as do their bodies, as if they have an inner spirit desperate to escape and be heard.

we don't remember the technically perfect performances for long; but we do recall those that connect with us at some deep moving level . . . and they will stay with us for life. we love what touches our soul, and perfection does not often do that.

I agree with Orange and Kathleen.

What bothers me a little about this whole Boyle thing is that I find people's adoration of her a little, well, patronizing. Everyone says they think it's amazing that she stunned everyone with her performance, even though she's so plain and frumpy. But if she'd been more average looking - not glammed up and skinny, just normal - they wouldn't have noticed. So in a way, they love her FOR her frumpiness, not despite it. Somehow that doesn't quite sit right with me, and I'm not even completely sure why.

She has a nice enough voice, but she's not a talking dog, and that is how everyone is acting at the moment. Perversely, I think this whole thing is actually quite insulting to her. But that's just me.

It isn't her frumpiness I fell in love with. Her voice, while maybe not technically perfect, but she hasn't spent money on that, reflects her experiences. There is a lot in each note (listen to her "cry me a river", which has no photos, and tell me you aren't moved). For me, I cry when I see her audition, because she had so much self confidence. She came out on that stage and didn't care about the snickering, the eye rolling. She knew she could sing. And when she was done, she walked off. She didn't really even care what the judges said. She had already had her dream -- to perform in front of a large audience. I was humbled by her. And wished I had half her poise.

Here in the U.S.A., where American Idol "champions" like Kelly Clarkson belt out tunelessly, maybe my standards have been set lower, but I thought Susan Boyle sounded quite good by comparison. She didn't overdo it, and I love the whole back story - her sassiness was cute too. It was a nice bit of feel-good drama in a time of really bad news.

Made me think of a musical called Passion that came out years ago, also a bit of an ugly-duckling story...


Thanks for sharing. Brought tears to my eyes.

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