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23 December 2008


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Oh it is BRILLIANT, also discovered it a while ago. Cracked myself up. I wonder who the author is... The Zim stuff is fantastic.

I also enjoyd this immensely! Maybe a bit too much - the Heidi Klum/cholera/mbeki post made me laugh so much, I spurted my white wine through my nose! Ouch! I can still feel the burn...
I have also linked my current post to the site!
Merry Christmas to the Albertyn Four - soon to be Five! xxx


I'd love to hear your actual, non-satirical thoughts on Desmond Tutu's comments to the media recently.


I'm American, not South African, but I found the piece on the odd acronym COPE pretty darn funny: http://hayibo.com/articles/view/933 .

Don't you worry about someday there being a riot and people coming to your area and hacking you and your family up?

Aren't you worried that what happened in Zimbabwe might happen where you live?

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