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I think a perfect father's day for my husband will be a day of doing nothing, as in no chore list from me, no running errands with me. He did almost nothing except vacuuming the whole house(I hate vacuuming and we have guests coming tomorrow)

Hahaha very true and very funny. I wonder if there are some wives like that.

You do crack me up. Significantly and regularly.

Heh. My husband took the kid out of state to his parents' house for the weekend. I've had the house to myself all weekend long! My son was entertained by his two younger cousins—whom my husband was also watching! Nothing says Father's Day like handling all the childcare duties and more.

I've had a wretched migraine all day long. My husband has spent the day pulling childcare duty singlehandedly, hating every second of it, and making no secret of that. I pointed out that according to our (never FORMALLY rescinded) separation agreement, this is HIS day with them. He was not amused, and did not get a gift, because he doesn't give me any money for anything; I never leave the house except to go to the doctor anyway. But I'm sure the above (minus the beer and the friends--he doesn't drink or have friends) would have pleased him immensely. Like Marko, he's not that lucky either, and like Marko, he'll survive :)

Thanks for enlightening me. You mean the adorable pencil holder with his and my daughter's picture on it wasn't his idea of the perfect day/gift? Wish you would've told me sooner. I would have had the breakfast and blowjob in bed ready had I known ;)

Extra points for the thermal underwear! Especially with winter digging in and load shedding coming at any time ...

Your entries are so funny and refreshing. It makes my back pain disappear lol!

I read your timeline aloud to my husband. He nodded in agreement and then looked a little miffed that all he got were some shirts and a digital camera. He had to get his own damn beer AND BBQ the chicken. BJ and strip tease were not included in our timeline.

What, no supper? The poor neglected bastard!

Loved this post! So true! Happy Father's Day to Marko!

My husband has no children but he would enjoy such a day anyway. In his perfect day, he would replace quality time with the kids with Formula 1 (with Kimi winning the race) and sports watching in the afternoon for a couple of hours at the gym with the guys (and sauna afterwords).

Wait a second... He actually gets that every weekend!!!
He has the best wife.

My husband informed me (flashing his morning glory) that IT IS FATHERDAY! and I said yes and the same rules apply as for Mothers Day, and I turned around to try to get some sleep.

ShhhhhhhHHHHHHHH!!! They may realise we actually DO know what they want, and all our hard work at pretending we dont, would have been for naught! STOP IT!!

Men just don't realise that without us, they wouldn't be fathers - so they should actually spoil us on Fathers Day...
On Mother's Day they should spoil us too because we are usually the one's that get up in the middle of the night to sort out the children, we feed, bathe and change shitty nappies, etc., etc.

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