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24 June 2008


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Thanks for checking in! Nothing much going on here.... just sweating it out in Texas.


Enjoy all the wine and sushi and Very Hard Work!

Wish I were there!

Actually I remember the days when you used to get cavish. Great to see you doing so well. Still love the blog.

I saw you on "Great Expectations" on tv yesterday! COngrats.

What? What? You abandoned us to have a LIFE? Asshole.

FINE then!!!! I am just going to go over to Mel's blog - she updates all the time. Sometimes even Twice a day!! So there!!

Yes. We miss you here!

Oh puleeeeze. I haven't updated in weeks. Call me when people think you quit blogging and we'll talk. ;)

Glad to hear you're in the land of the living. ;)
:) Becky

No Tertia. Really this is just not good enough. Pathetic, sporadic blogging is my thing, I own the rights. Get your own thing :)

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