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This may be totally off base but being a little girl she may have a bladder infection, so that could be causing just enough bladder irritation to cause her to not be able to hold her bladder as she normally does. If that is not the case then I would do as you have suggested and them maybe tell her that she has to go a certain number of nights without a wet nappie and that you will get her up to go before you go to bed if she wants, but she will have to go straight back to sleep, no fooling around. Hope this helps.

This may be totally off base but being a little girl she may have a bladder infection, so that could be causing just enough bladder irritation to cause her to not be able to hold her bladder as she normally does. If that is not the case then I would do as you have suggested and them maybe tell her that she has to go a certain number of nights without a wet nappie and that you will get her up to go before you go to bed if she wants, but she will have to go straight back to sleep, no fooling around. Hope this helps.

She's so young I'd just put her back in dry nites or whatever you use until it settles down again. We had a five year old foster kid who was still wetting at night. If it's not upsetting her and the school thing was a once off I wouldn't worry about it.

My daughter, too, had a bout of wet nights and accidents at preschool well after she was potty trained. I know it seems like a step backward as developmental milestones go, but it really probably is nothing to be concerned about. Kate may be sleeping more deeply and/or waiting too long at school (with so many fun things to do and fun people to do them with). I would definitely go back to overnight nappies just to make clean-up less of a hassle for both of you. Her bladder muscles may still need just a little time to mature, which is perfectly normal at her age. Rest easy, mommy, it sounds like you've handled it brilliantly with her so far!

I'd look into the bladder infection route myself. If that's not the case, I would rack my brain for something that has changed at school that might be upsetting her. She might not be able to articulate it but sometimes kids react to upset and change by uh...you know. Pissing themselves.

My Mother always said that she knew as soon as I started wetting the bed after a period of being dry, it usually meant I was getting sick, usually a cold or sore throat. Good Luck!

Maybe it is just because it has really been cold at night - this usually leads to bed wetting. My girls refuse to sleep with nappies and I am just going with the flow. I bought matteress protectors at baby city (buy a big one and cut it into half - much cheaper) and over it I put their old baby blankets so if they have an accident it is not big mess and little laundry.

Hi. If you do not want to put her back in nappies, then just before you go to bed at night take her to the loo. She probably won't wake up, but hopefully will be able to wee.

I can well remember that as a child I wet my bed for what seemed like ages and have to say, that I can clearly remember honestly thinking that I was on the loo and would just "let go" ... I must have been in such a deep sleep that I couldn't wake myself properly to get out of bed - I must have been at least 8 or 9 at the time. If Kate doesn't remember anything in the morning, perhaps she too is just in such a deep sleep that she doesn't wake sufficiently to recall the event. I'm sure she will grow out of it but I would be reducing the night bottles which will help. Good luck!

I myself went through a spate of very embarressing accidents when I was younger. This is what my folks did and it worked not only for me but my step son too.
1) Last bit to drink fairly early, at least 3 hours before bed.
2) Take her to the loo just before bed.
3) And definately take her to the doctor to rule out bladder infection and/or other issues. I have always suffered from bladder infections and even in my adult life I have a control issue when I have a bad infection.
4) In the meantime put her back in nappies and reassure her that this sometimes happens. Don't let her see your frustrations, it can be heartbreaking for a child when parents disapprove of accidents. Maybe reward her with hugs when she doesn't wet the bed. I had a calender and for every dry night I gave our son a red star and a gold star for 7 dry nights. 5 gold stars was a chocolate (mmmm refined sugar). Might work for both kiddies

I am not a parent, but my BFFs 5 year old started wetting her pants. They were worried as she'd just started school, they thought it might be stress. Despite the total lack of other symptoms it was a bladder infection.

My boy was daytime potty trained before 2, and wet the bed until age 7. He was/is very sensitive to clothing/tags/etc. and hated diapers. So I had 3 bed wetting pads, 3 flannel bottom sheets, and 3 identical fuzzy blankets. One for on the bed, 2 back-ups to make things easy. We tried controlling liquid, didn't make a difference. Tried waking him up in the night, which was impossible. Finally just lived with it for YEARS, and one day it just stopped. I would check the possibility of a bladder infection, since this is a new development. If she's physically okay and you can get her to wear pull ups/diapers, that's great. However you can handle it without making it a big deal or shameful is the best, I think. My son doesn't even remember that he was a bed wetter!

take her for a wee when YOU go to bed, or if you know the "accident" usually happens by 11, start taking her at 10...my son is 8 and i still have to take him every night, just in case. my other son, never had a problem, so i think people just aren't the same.... and stuff change. no need to panic ;)

With Phoebe she has had wetting episodes at school.. she forgets to go because she doesn't want to leave the toy she is playing with. At night I always pick her up and plop her on the loo, she just goes. Last night though, she got up her self and went to the loo. I tried to pick her up and carry her back to bed but she just shrugged me off and can't remember a thing this morning.

I was similar to someone else.. dreaming of the loo and then going - but then we had plenty of stuff happening at home when I was small.

I found with my daughter that she got very cold and night and subconciously didn't want to get out of bed to go to the loo. We put a wall heater in her room (those white panel ones) and it helped tremendously.

I think everyone else has said what I was going to say. Moving evening drinking to earlier, have her go potty before bed whether she says she needs to go or not. My DD has even had accidents during the day once in a blue moon even at older ages (like 5-6) because she doesn't want to stop playing. And have her checked for a bladder infection. And hey! someone else has a daughter named Phoebe! We don't know any other little girls named Phoebe.

Check her urine. This sounds like a bladder problem, maybe the first signs of a bladder infection.

And if she has one, make sure she drinks a lot, never sits on cold stones etc. Bladder infections have a tendency to recur. Do you have cranberry juice in SA? In Israel, it's quite pricey but anyway we prefer it diluted (or frozen, a treat). I'm very watchful of bladder problems...

This is surely getting boring but my first instinct was to say 'bladder infection'. My daughter was complaining about it burning when she peed and so I automatically thought it was a bladder infection but when I went to see the docter, he told me that in fact she had worms. At this age, when all the kids are learning how to use the toilet, worms can get spread really really easily. The worms can also get spread to the urinary tract, which can hurt. Either way, they can both be cleared up with a day or two of medicine, which is good news.

Another vote for bladder infection - sorry!

I agree with checking out the bladder infection possibility as she may not have burning associated with it as most adults do. I would also limit liquids before bed and take her to the loo before bed/nap. I would be hesitant to put her back in nappies (even though it is much more of a pain for you to clean dirty jammies/linnens) for fear that she might think she is doing something wrong and being put back in nappies. Especially since she made the decision for herself to be done with them. Just my 2 cents.

My girls each had random episodes of "regression." Actually, I don't consider it "regression" unless it becomes a PATTERN of behavior, not a couple of "one-offs", but anyhow...

It wasn't associated with them being sick, cold, or having a bladder infection. It was just... random. With Lindsay, I remember it happening when she was about 4 yrs old (and had been potty trained for 2 years). Playing with a friend, got too busy/distracted, and ended up wetting herself. Ditto other girls. And it was always a "small" amount in their pants, then they'd realize what had happened (or WAS happening), clamp it off, and run to the restroom.

I think they each had a time or two where they wet the bed at night, after being potty trained for quite some time, but again... a "one-off," not a pattern of being "un-trained." KWIM?

Perhaps you can keep things low-key, maybe be a tad more vigilant about suggesting frequent potty trips, but then just wait and see what happens. If she CONTINUES to have accident after accident, THEN there might be cause for alarm. IMO.

OK, I haven't seen anyone else say it so I will. Don't go back to nappies!!!! I know it is a hassle for you, but could it be possible that putting them on her again will make the regression worse (ruling out an actual medical problem, of course)? She will remember how much easier it is to use them, esp. if its cold at night. Why get out of bed to use the loo if you can stay warm and go in the nappies?

Just my two cents....

Sorry if this has already been said ( no time to read the comments - Late for an appointment already) She may have a bladder infection. This same thing happened to my oldest daughter. The thing is she had no other symptoms of an infection except the accidents so I really didn't think that was the problem therefore it took me a couple of weeks before I took her to the doctor. It's worth checking out. If that isn't the case, it could be just a temporary regression. Good luck!

I second or third the bladder infection(or urinary tract)theory. I was very prone to them as a child, and the first indicator was always having accidents. I didn't grow out of this sensitivity until I was about 5 or 6. I still have to avoid bubble baths and etc. Also, if she is trying to hold it because another girl is on the loo, this will make it worse for her.

My daughter had a regression about a year after she trained, and then a year after that. Both lasted a few weeks, had no medical explanation, and went away on their own. I'm on an internet mommy board for kids who were all born in the same month, and it seemed to happen to the majority of the kids... about a year or so after potty training came the regression - no matter when they trained. Weird, huh? So of course take her to the doctor, rule out anything medical, and if there isn't anything, prepare yourself for some extra laundry for a week or two.

Good luck!

Walker is 5 and still wears a pull-up at night. When? I have no clue. I have a 3 1/2 year old who won't even potty during the day so.........good luck.

With my boys ,the bed wetting would happen when they were cold or had drinks before bedtime.

So I cut out drinks at bedtime, always made sure they went just before bed and made them wear socks to bed. And the funny thing is at 27 they still wear socks to bed:)

Wehn I was little, I wet the bed quite frequently due to reflux. After that stopped, I started having frequent dreams that I was sitting on the toilet. I would pee the bed and then wake up and realize I never made it to the bathroom. Those dreams started when I was 6 or 7 and never stopped. I still occasionally have the dreams but normally I can pull myself out of them before I pee myself. Sometimes not, however, and I'm 25. I second (third, fourth....) the bladder infection suggestion. Just to be sure. Someone suggeted cranberry juice, which works. Also, they sell an OTC medication called Azo here in the US. It's meant to treat bladder infections and has a very quick knock down. However, it turns the urine orange and you don't want that for accidents because it stains. Hope everything works out, whatever it is.

Could definitely be a bladder infection. I would recommend last drink at least two hours before bedtime (and you may not want to hear this, but I think they should dump the bottles in favour of toddlers' cups)

I didn't have time to read many of the comments, so sorry if I'm being repetitive....I'd say have her checked for a bladder infection to rule that out. If it's not that, try not to stress too much about it. All of my girls had accidents in clusters for some reason--they'd go months and months without an accident and then have 3 or 4 in a week. I don't know why, but it always resolved itself. Only once with each of them was it because of a bladder infection.

Hope that helps!

I would rule out the bladder infection first but I do believe I also remember hearing that this may hapen related to a growth spurt. In fact, that is what I am blaming my four year old's sudden night time regression on.

I work in a hospital so I lifted a lift sheet/chux. Maybe you could get one online or someplace. Its just a thick sheet that fits all the way across the bed but only takes up about 1/3 of the length. This assumes she stays in one place while she sleeps (my son is all over the bed so its hit or miss). Anyway, maybe you could even do it with a bath towel. Its just one less thing to deal with in the night, peel it off, dry sheet underneath.

Good Luck with Kate. Its a pain in the neck but my guess is its more of a phase than a regression exactly.

Now, this is totally assvice because I don't have children, but it seems like (after ruling out bladder infection) she doesn't really have much control over the situation, so I really don't think rewarding or punishing would be any good. I would just put her in some form of night time diapers until things get back on track.
Good luck!
:) Becky

This too shall pass, Lexie has been dry for both day/night since she was three, well a little past three, she will be six in August, she potty trained very fast once she hit the age of three and she became dry at night within a week or two or staying dry during the day. Butttt....every once in a while she will go thru what Kate is going thru, for no reason, during the day, during the night, these episodes usually last about 10-14 days, two weeks or so and they stop. It is nothing to worry about, I would not put either one of them bck in nappies (diapers) that is like backtracking, just be stern (not overly by any means accidents happen) and do make sure she dosen't have a bladder infection. It will pass, I know all too well about changing sheets in the middle of the night, that isn't my favirote time and I still don't always handle things well in the middle of the night but it will work itself out, and honestly it probably has NOTHING to do with anything it is just a phase......

My child is the same age as yours so I am hardly an expert. But my feeling is it is a natural regression cycle and there is nothing you can / should do besides wait it out. Just rule out the bladder infection just in case, but if it's not that, just keep your normal routine. I bet the daytime incidents will stop b/c she will be embarrassed at school. I would avoid talking about it a whole lot, just "oopsie, OK let's change," and move on.

When my son was night trained he only had accidents at night two times following that. The first came when we went from summer to fall. The dr. said that sometimes when they go from being hot at night to cool at night their bodies take a while to adjust to the change in temperature. He did this two years on the onset of fall.

Like so many other PP -- the other time was due to a bladder infection.

Absolutely 100% a UTI. Get thee to the Pediatrician.

I also say bladder infection. I would take her into the doctor to just make sure before trying anything else.

Sometimes children regress in response to a trauma. Has anything upset her? Does she seem out of sorts in any other way? (Said the woman who has no kids.)

Hmmm, y'know, I used to take care of a little girl and right around the age of 3.5/4 she had the same problem. And the doctor said it was because she was sleeping more heavily as she matured but other things (i.e. bladder control) had not quite adjusted. And she would do the same thing...wake up wet, but half asleep and not remember a thing! A trip to the doctor just in case might be in order, but you aren't alone! Apparently it's kind of common!

I'm betting she has a mild urinary tract infection. In the absence of some kind of emotional upset, like a new baby or a death in the family, UTI's the most common cause of a sudden burst of accidents in an otherwise continent kid.

Yes, check out the possibility of a UTI.

I've noticed with my kids that often just before they make some developmental leap, they experience a regression in some already-conquered area. For example, my daughter was sleeping through the night, stopped being able to, a couple of weeks later started walking, then suddenly was back to sleeping through the night, too. I think it's like their brain is creating these new connections and it just doesn't have the attention span for some of the old connections, if that makes sense.

Do you think she's on the verge of something? Anyhow, I'd just wait it out. If she doesn't want to wear a diaper at night, I wouldn't make her. When we were working on night-time potty-training, we just made sure my daughter's sleeping bag was accessible. If she had an accident, she could change her own PJs and unroll her sleeping bag on the floor. We'd take care of the sheets in the morning. Self-sufficiency is considered a fine, fine attribute at my house. :)

The day time naps are what I would be looking at. My girl had this when she stopped napping, and simply put she was so tired she slept through the cues until her body let nature take it's course. Same as with your Kate, she would wake crying, half asleep, let me change her and then be out in my bed before I could even strip the sheets. While a bladder infection may be the cause, and of course you should follow your instincts there, in our case it was plain out tiredness that was at the root of the problems. As for wetting as school, Gillian too has trouble listening to her body when there are cooler and more exciting things to do than pee. I would chalk it up to a phase, buy some rubber sheets to protect the mattress, limit fluids before bed and go with it.
Once she acclimates to the new sleep schedule, she will most likely not have any further accidents.
Good luck!

I would not worry about it and put her back in the diaper until it gets better. I have a 4.5 year old who still has yet to master this skill. She can go for weeks and then whamo, she wets several nights in a row.

I guess my assvice is that since you trusted her to train herself trust her to fix this too. Course I would have her checked for a bladder infection but often that is not the case.

I don't know about the possibility of bladder infections -- but I do have two thoughts.

(1) Is she going to the loo before bed? My boys love to drink water our of sippy cups all night. So the pre-sleep march to the loo is critical.

(2) My older son can wake himself up to go at night; middle one is too solid of a sleeper. So I wake him up around 1 am or so and make him go. It guarantees dry night; otherwise, by 6 am, after 10 hours of holding, he lets loose.

I wish I had more to offer you-- That is very hard--It looks like the other commenters have left some great advice-- have you checked out askmoxie.com? I love her advice.. here's a link to her blog and the potty posts https://www.askmoxie.org/potty/index.html

hope that helps-=- I saw one up there about regressions after potty training

my first thought, like lots of together, was urinary tract infection. I got them constantly as a kid and found it very hard to hold it when I had them. But I rarely had pain with them like adults do. That was really the only symptom. So try the pediatrician first before changing anything in the routine.

Good luck!

First thing I thought was bladder infection. It couldn't hurt to take her to the pediatrician and have her urine tested. Then if it turns out to be nothing, maybe try training pants at night for a while.

Same exact thing happened with my daughter and it took two weeks of accidents before I finally asked her if it hurt when she peed. She said yes (why she couldn't have just offered up that info sooner is beyond me!) and off to the Dr. we went.

I second, third, fourth the suggestions of bladder infections.

If all above advice fails, maybe figure out if she is awake or aware before she wees, then make it her choice. As in being matter-of-fact just like Kate herself, and saying that she can either wake you and get taken to the loo (or go by herself), or wear night nappies again. She sounds like the kind of kid who loves making her own choices, so this might work. Good on you for not spazzing out on her, that is the LAST thing she needs.
Annnnnd, does she use perfumed soap to wash her girly bits? That can set up an irritation causing wee accidents, even in roooolly big girls like me!
Also, I second times a million protective cover for the mattress, cos it will likely happen again, and that way you don't angst over damage to the bed.
Limiting drinks is prob not the issue, there is a hormone that lowers urine production while we sleep so we aren't weeing all night, so it is the levels of that which determine output.
My eldest daughter had a lapse once at eight, flooded the bed, the trundle bed below, and a huge area of the floor. It was as though she had burst a mainpipe. When asked about it, she said her teacher had recommended that they drink 8 glasses of water a day. Guess when she remembered to have her 8 the night she weed? That's right, just after doing her teeth and immediately before retiring.
Good luck.

Sounds like a possible bladder infection. I've had one without the common symptoms before so the only way to confirm she has one is to have an urine test, I believe. In the meantime, keep her in her underwear at night but put a waterproof pad under her at night. No need to go back into diapers as that may affect her self-esteem.

I agree on bladder infection or something along those lines. good luck and let us know.

My 2 cents is if it continues check on the bladder infection angle. Also keep an eye out for other symptoms such as excessive thirst, weight loss and an increase in hunger. I know how you like to worry about things (smile) and all of those combined along with a re-occurance of bed wetting is what lead my 7 year old neice to a juvenile diabeties diagnosis. I highly doubt that's what Kate has, but it's good to keep on eye on things.

I've noticed that when my kids are going through a growth spurt they tend to have accidents. I think they go into a deeper sleep when they are growing. We've solved the problem by waking them and taking them to the potty right before we go to bed. They barely wake up and don't remember a thing in the morning. Whatever you do, don't go back to the nappies. You don't want them to think they are being punished, and definitely don't want them to regress further.

I'm with Boogs. I remember when I was younger also going through a stage. I used to think (dream) I was on the toilet and just let go. For some reason I learnt, if I closed the curtains in the bathroom it is a dream - WAKE UP! It took me a while to figure it out though.

Rule out a physical cause first -- bladder infection seems so likely!

From what I have seen so far, no one has mentioned that maybe she has grown faster than her bladder did. You know how people say they have a small bladder? Maybe hers is small right now because of a growth spurt and her bladder will catch up shortly.

Of course going to the doc to rule out infection is a definite thing you should do (don't over hydrate her before you go, my 17 year old daughter was in major pain we were positive it was an infection, but she had been drinking so much fluid to try and flush it out that they didn't detect the infection until our next visit two days later *we shall not talk about how badly I wanted to find the orginal doc and smack him*); I never used night time diapers/nappies with my girls, after they were potty trained, I would just bring them to the loo before I went to bed, normly at least three hours after they went to bed (no they didn't really wake up, but they almost always peed), and of course make a stop in the loo before going to sleep.
Thats the end of my ass/advice, I hope it helps.

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