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Brilliant!! Enjoy your time alone on this magnificient day!! How lucky are we to live in Cape Town??!!

Hilarious, just our sense of humour!
(And my that dog is cute, how I wish I had one!)

what's this? alone time? ENJOY IT!

snort... that rocks.

Muhahahaha. Good one Tertia

This was so cute... gave me a chortle with my coffee.
Stumbled upon you through Alltop!

I also struggled with infertility ... wish I had found your blog when I was going through it (the 2nd time; my boy, also conceived with a little help, was born the month you got married).

You've got a great blog, glad I came by!

Oh my gosh! Is that ice-cream sugar free? Was it made with fat-free milk? Doesn't that dog's mother know about the dangers of childhood obesity?

Don't worry about the police, Tertia. Your gorgeous children are proof positive that you're all G&D just the way you are.

You're bang on, Tertia. YOU decide about YOUR kids. For what it's worth, I can imagine the scenario and there not being the necessity for helmets. AND I believe that in the UK the "cycling proficiency" folk do not make wearing helmets compulsory for 10/11 year olds when doing training in schools.

That is brilliant and definitely spot on! Good find Tertia!

...I hated to laugh at this for same reason, but I did.

variability costs intense 1980 probably regional

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