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So glad you are happy with your new boobies!!!

So glad all has turned out well, and definitely want the before and afters, however... where is the Karen update we were promised so long ago? Did I somehow miss it?

Omigod, you have French tits. It's possible I will need to reconsider my objection to your implants. They must be very chic, and they probably smoke too much.

Yes, I was about to compliment you on your french boobies. They must be haute-couture and all that shit ;o)

I'm leaving the country on Friday and I would appreciate the pleasure of seeing those boobs of yours before I go...
The internet is questionable at my location for next week, so get to it.

You have French boobs? Oooh la la!

Tell Marko to stop being so bloody selfish with the boobies will you?! We just want a peek! Take the post down in a day or so, let us die hard Tertia fans see the glorious rack!

I NEVER, ever though I would want to see a woman's breasts like I do yours, however having read your story for so long I feel I know you and by your description I cannot help myself!

Amy; who is not gay, a sociopath, perverted or male. So there Marko!

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