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So all you have to do is find a way to blind your husband.

Easy peasy

Awwwww how sweet, even though the reason is different.

I was nodding the whole time as I was reading it, even when you said you had one of those "chats", as we have those here too. Funny thing is, HE is usually the cuddly kissey huggy type and I'm not. Not at all. Of course a lot of times when he *does* want to be cuddly kissey and or huggy, he wants something else.

It's still sweet! At least she's not letting him fumble along! Kick in the shins for Marko... *humph* LOL

I'm not very affectionate with DH, but I am very physically affectionate with everyone else. I am constantly kissing and hugging the boys and I hug my best friend hello and goodbye every time I see her. Weird, eh?

You are such a romantic! I feel all warm inside.

Yeah, me and the hubs aren't real huggy either. I actually used to be a huggy person, but married a non-hugger and have learned to adapt. Now if he sneaks up behind me and hugs me, I am immediately suspicious that he is trying to get laid. Which he usually is.

hahaha, Marko is funny!

that's even sweeter to me - they go for a walk every day - don't you picture her telling him all about what she sees on the walk so he can 'see' it too...

You know I really needed a laugh today...thank you!!

Why is it that I find that hilarious? I, myself, am not at all touchy feely just like you. My husband grabbed my had a couple of weeks ago out of the blue and I almost smacked him. Man I'm lame.

I used to be all touchy-feely, but with two children constantly wanting my attention and physically attaching themselves to me, I'm not very snuggly or touchy with my husband anymore. He complains about it. He's always touching (and groping) me, especially when it's the last thing I want! LOL

My parents, however, are one of those older couples you see that are still affectionate together in public. Not only that but they have a good time with each other. More than once they've been asked if they are newlyweds!!!! LOL (They've been married for 47 years!)

We're hand-holders, but we've only got 11 years under our belt. I sleep on my side of the bed and he sleeps on his.. but I stretch an arm out and rest my hand on his chest. All night. I hate the being touched ALL THE TIME as well, with two little ones of my own. BUT. I love my husband and his Love Language is physical touch. So there you go. I hold his hand with a glad heart. I try not to assume that each back rub/shoulder rub/hair fondle is his idea of foreplay... and some times it isn't. I know when the children are older I won't have to conciously remind myself that he needs me physically too, not just the kids. Until it gets easier, I'll force it. Because when the kids are grown and gone, when I'm not needed as "Mama" anymore, I want to look over at my husband and have that same spark there that has always been there; Can't let the spark die in the mean time!

HAHAHA!! That's hysterical!!!!!!!! That Marko is a hoot!

oh Tertia! According to a comment my Grandmother made as my Grandfather was dying - they had a very active sex life up until he had the stroke that began his slide. While I never saw it, I'm sure they were holding hands as well :) It's highly likely that your old folks are enjoying the hand holding for purposes beyond the leading of the blind :)

OMG, that is too effing funny!

Well, once while my hubs and I were holding hands while waiting for an airport parking shuttle, someone asked us if we were newlyweds. At that point I think we'd been married something like 10+ years and were returning from a lovely trip. We just laughed! BUT it was before we became parents. Now, the hand holding hands thing is mostly out the window. I miss it.

I did not see that coming and I damn near pissed my pants.

Aren't all men blind? Seems like my husband is..... and his eyesight is 20/20.


I *still* think it's sweet that the couple holds hands even though the man is blind! There are other ways to guide blind people (lead them by the elbow or shoulder, etc) and the hand-holding method is the most intimate of all, if you ask me...

awww, sweet :) it still means something that they do it everyday, even though he's blind...i can just imagine her telling him everything as they walk by...

we happen to be the affectionate type (even sleep on the same side of the bed). we've often said that we hope to be one of those old couples one day... :) (hmm, that's if we even reach that age, cos some days i just wanna strangle the man!)

That is sweet! Even if not for the reasons you thought. We have an older couple that walks by our house every day and I always think how I hope hubby and I will be like that some day. We are very affectionate (when we have time together - which is all too rare). But, hey, whatever works for you...

Hey, came here from a comment on another blog.

My husband and I both have sensory issues. I hate being touched. He *craves* it. I've learned to accomodate him. We hug all the time (usually at his instigation). If I'm not always touching him, he's moving my hand so that it is. He's learned not to touch me lightly---I can't stand it. Or to tap on me. I hate it. But I can put my hand on his knee or whatever.

Whatever works for you.

oh tertia you can be so funny... at least you don't doubt you love each other- and thats a huge plus! my folks are "dating" again now that we're all out of the house, friday nights is their date night and we are not even allowed to phone them!

your story is great. i admire that old couple. there love is unconditional. in disability and old age, they're still there for eachother. wish i cud find someone like that, as in someone who could still love me the same way even if id to go blind and get so old.

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