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They look bloody fantastic!
I also want new boobs!
Congrats xx

Holy crap! Marko should be throwing flower petals in front of you throughout the day, particularly during PMS times with those "gifts."

Next time he's being an asshole, remind him!

Wow! Nice rack, Tertia!

They look good but just wondered what they feel like. Are they hard or do they just feel like normal boobs?

Very boobalicious. Gorgeous!! You were beautiful before, and you are beautiful after with bigger boobs! :)

Looking forward to Adam sensory post, and good luck with the pms and the arsehole, and the big decision.

They are silicone, so they are quite soft and 'natural' to the touch. But don't take my word for it. Come and have a quick feel yourself...

Wow! Your boobs look amazing! I want new boobies too!


Christ. They look fantastic.

Are you still flashing everyone who asks and letting random people have a feel? It was the weirdest experience when I asked my sister if I could feel her boobs, not a question I thought I would ever ask her.

Love the boobs! They're gorgeous!

Tertia they look absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want a boop op even though I dont need one lol!

Woohoo! You hot sexy mama you!

I hate to admit this, but I so want to touch them!! they look smashing!

Ummm...yeah. Seriously impressive rack there.

I also want new boobs, I am so jealous...... Enjoy every second of your new boobs you deserve it.

3 weeks old huh... are you gonna have a birthday party for them next year this time then??? hahaha

I'll bring the balloons!!! ;)

Congrats - they look GORGEOUS!

seriously you have some awesome boobs!

OMG they are gorgeous!!

Quick question - what size were you before? I am currently a 36 full C and really want a "lift" more than an augmentation - I'm happy with the SIZE (clothed at least) but without industrial strength bras they are just not where they ought to be any more....

Was yours more of a size increase or a position and firmness increase?

Really, really lovely! Congratulations! Thank you for posting about this.

Beautiful boobies!

Wow, wow, wow!!!
Think i am gonna start saving up for mine one day!!!

You look fabulous dear, simply fabulous!

They are fucking amazing!!! What a difference and I think they look perfectly real!

It's a shame you can't fit into that cool black and white bra anymore. But hey, it's definitely worth the trade off. And I bet shopping for new, roomier bras is fun!


I've always wanted to say that, and I am finally seeing someone's who deserve it!

Why am I only hearing about the clothes peg trick now? Does this mean I don't have to ride around with the seatbelt round my neck from now on? Fantastic!

What gorgeous boobs - really are perky and lovely (they look like they should make a noise when you squeeze them). I am very jealous of their gravity-defiying properties, I am now totally reliant on military-grade underwear to achieve anything other than droopy.


You are a brave woman. For taking the risk of surgery to have such a fabulous pair of boobs, and for posting a picture of said boobs on the internet, where there are many, many, many... unusual people.

They are quite lovely.

Nice tits!!!!!!!!!

Wow you picked yerself up some lovely jugs there. There all nice and perty and up where they should be. Fantitilyastic.

I want to write a comment, but I keep scrolling back up the screen to look at your boobs again! Seriously...HOT! Thanks for the open invite in the comment section letting us know we could come feel them...I'm now going to go book my flight to SA...see you soon.

PS - maybe it'll be a thrill for you too...have you every been felt up by another woman? :-)

WOW Tertia.They DO look fantastic!!!

Wow they look amazing. Such a self confidence boost for you. Congrats on getting them done.

Kind of makes me want some new boobs! You look great.

AGH, I want some! Of my own of course, you can keep yours! They look great. Now looking at my flat floppy mommy boobies that have breast fed a combined 3 years 3 months, and feeling pretty deflated. Must get me some of those....Dear Santa, I have been so very good this year...may I please have some breasts!!!! No, well screw you buddy!

Great Boobs, Can you doc reccomend one out here in California USA?

Hi Tertia
I've been reading your blog for about a year now. It's the first blog I look at after reading my emails. But I'm increasingly "over it". I've watched this boob obsession with increasing dismay. Seriously - and I know you took down a post before because commenters dared to say it - I really can't see what is wrong with the "before" shot. Maybe it's just a good bra, I don't know. This booby obsession has kind of crystallised some of my antipathy towards plastic surgery. I can definitely see the justification in some cases - disfigurement or a reduction for someone who has seriously huge boobs giving them backaches say. But major surgery like this? No, no and no. I've watched my MIL become increasingly obsessed with surgery - first a little something round her eyes - absolutely fine, really did make her look less tired and was a big lift for her after battling leukeumia - but the next thing was a complete lower face lift (billed to us as just a little nip under the chin) and a year after that, a tummy tuck which seriously nearly killed her.
Sorry Tertia, just can't get on board with this. Your decision obviously, but you keep putting this stuff out there and asking for comment, so here is my 2c worth.

meredith, did tertia every ask anyone to "get on board" with it? No. So STFU, I say. It's tertia's blog and she can crow about her fabulous new boobs if she wants to.

Love them. Boobs = very awesome. Maybe some day I myself will perk up ol' flappy and friend.


Meredith, go away. Honestly, who asked for your 2c? Don't like it? Stop reading. Seems rather sadistic to go on about how you disagree when #1 not your boobs. #2 not the boobs of a close friend/family member and esp. #3 AFTER the fact. Seriously, what is the point but to hurt feelings? V V pathetic. Grow up.

Oh, you know what? I'm sorry Meredith!

Someone has lied to this poor girl! This isn't actually one of those "choose your own ending" books where you get to pick what happens from choices at the end of each chapter... you remember those? No, no, hun.. that isn't what this is.. SORRY!! Tertia, as author, actually gets to pick ALL of the chapters/posts here... But if you'll just browse over to amazon.com, I'm sure you'll find something to better suite you!

Just the kind of childish payback I would expect here, sadly. I admit my post wasn't as considered as it should have been - but comments are open here, and we're all entitled to our own opinions. If you keep putting it out there, you should expect some detractors. But don't worry. In future I'll be sticking to other blogs. Good riddance, huh?

When I start to feel myself becoming disenchanted by a blog I usually just delete it from my bookmarks. You might try that Meredith

LOL @CariP

Well, I must agree one thing with Meredith, the before boobies look nice too! But I can imagine why you would want the bigger ones: Sexy Plus! Have fun with them!

This is NOT intended as a criticism, more just a curiosity. I look naturally like the "after" picture, and always sort of wanted to look like "before."

I will say though, that in this age of brest augmentation and big boobs all over the place, I no longer feel as busty as I used to.

Hmmm - I am a LONG time reader, and I am really pretty dismayed to see the way Meredith was attacked up above. Everybody knows that Tertia is entitled to post whatever she damn well pleases, and that we don't all have to agree with whatever choices she makes, nor do we have to keep reading if we're no longer interested. But there is nothing wrong with somebody expressing an opinion based on their own perspectives, so long as it is not obviously intended to hurt, and I don't see that in Meredith's comment. I think folks need to chill out a little. It's almost like Tertia is the queen bee, and if anyone says anything opposing her choices, then all the drones immediately flap in, telling the intruder they should go away. Let's accept alternative viewpoints for what they are - we are not all the same, thank god! - and not be so quick to judge and attack. That's MY 2 cents.

Brainy: I suppose I read it differently.. as it seems rather cruel to continue to "disagree" with Tertias choice, out loud, without prompting, AFTER she's already done it. The time to vent different views was before. Continuing to harp on your opinion of the matter, after the deed is done, IS intended to hurt. And I'd be offended no matter who that happened to.

I felt my first pair of boobies and I didn't like it. Hers didn't look as nice as yours, though, Tertia. They were ROCK HARD. You could feel the edges of the implant itself - like a balloon filled with cement. I am glad to hear yours don't feel like that and will now remember to find someone else to feel up for a comparison. ;-) One question: Do they jiggle when you wiggle? I always thought silicone was rather stiff, but never knew anyone to ask and completely forgot to ask the Rock-Hard-Jugs Lady.

I'd like a lift, but not an increase myself. Being a D or bigger since middle school (about age 12-13) has been killer on my back (I'm 5'2" on a GOOD DAY) and maybe even going down to a C and getting a lift would be STELLAR for me. While I'm at it, might get a tummy tuck. You know, two birds with one stone and all that. ;-)

Very nice, T! A gift for you that Marko gets to play with too! They look very Californian, very sexy. Maybe not "natural", but who cares, they look HOT!!

Peg trick is a good one!

I wish I had known the "peg method" after I had my boob job. It was very uncomfortable every time the seat belt touched my boobs.

Thanks to Brainy girl for the support. Mama2Beans, maybe you have a point - I should have shouted up before. Do you really think it would have made any difference to what Tertia would have eventually decided to do in the end?! MY point is that if she wants to keep talking about The Boobs, then it must be with the acceptance that some people aren't going to join the general ego stoking that goes on here. Drones buzzing around the Queen Bee and seeing off intruders is a very good analogy.
Bored now. VERY bored of the boobs. And bored of coming back here and trying to defend what I feel is a valid point. Over and out! (for real!)

NICE. Very nice cleavage. :-)

Makes me really want some new boobs too!

I've just logged on and seen the comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Either way.

I'm not going to get involved. I am not going to defend my decision and I am not going to get into a debate about it. My boobs, my body, my blog, my life.

I'm happy with my decision and that is good enough for me.


Hi Love bug,

They look lovely (certainly larger than mine - I'll send you a pic now that I trust you so much ("WE AREN'T THAT CLOSE!!").

I'm sorry so many are so judgemental. Sucks really. You should know that I really was the littlest angel. I got 350 and 320 ccs (apparently, I was really lobsided as well!!). You have size-appropriate, beautiful tatas now. They are lovely and your doctor did very well in terms of fitting your frame.

hugs to you. Also, take care of yourself and don't overly stretch.Scar tissue happens when you do too much.

How crazy is it that I'm going on travel for work next week to Area 51. Should be interesting. I'll be on the lookout for ufos.

Looking good, Tertia! I wouldn't mind having my saggy old boobs LIFTED a bit - not necessarily increased in size - just "perked" up.

I am a little disappointed at the harsh reaction from readers to Meredith's comment. If you invite comments, you must be able to take the punch if someone disagrees with what you've posted, done, etc. Provided it's not insulting or abusive, that is (which I don't think M's comments were). Each entitled to their own...

Fuck me! You look flipping gorgeous girl! That wonderbra chic, Kerry? so much better than that!

holy hell.

Considering lesbianism right now. Well ok, not really. I'm not such a great licker. Eeeeew. Overshare.

Pink looks GOOD on you. ha-ha-ha

I'm still deeply J....sigh

Pink looks GOOD on you! ha-ha-ha

I'm still painfully J.....sigh

WOW! Most awesome!

Just a quick note to say - Anaesthetics do NOT give you constipation, the pain medication does (I think you were on a preparation with codeine, which is a biggie for causing constipation).

DOI - husband an anaesthetist who gets professionally peeved when the anaesthetic is blamed for *everything* after an operation, many causes include the type of surgery undertaken or preexisting complaints.

Sorry, had to defend the anaesthetic.

Boobs look fantastic by the way. So glad you're happy with them (bet Marko is too!)

WOW they look fantastic!!! Love them!!

The peg tip is very good advice, I think. Might come in handy if you've had a C-section too?? Maybe.

They look wonderful. Really.

I bet these babies stand up so firmly you don't even have to wear a bra. You lucky duck. I want a boob job.

Wow Tertia ... NICE RACK!!!

I never considered plastic surgery before, but that certainly makes me reconsider!!!

Wait a minute ... WAIT A MINUTE. Is it the glass of wine I just had, or is the one on the right (left in the picture) just a tiny bit bigger than the one on the right??

Please do let me know how long you stare at the picture trying to decide.

Bodacious Ta-Tah's!!!!

Jen.. HA HA!! I noticed that too, but I think it's the angle of the shot. I'm sure they're perfectly balance IRL!! HOTT!

gawjissss!!! i think you look spectacular- i'm so jealous- mine are big (i think i was born with them) but they're not nearly as gawjiss as yours, i would love to get a lift one day...!!!


Now that my wife is asleep, I can finally comment on this post…:-)

It never ceases to amaze me the impact the female anatomy has on men. Wow! Nice augmentation. I am willing to bet that there is a VERY, VERY happy man walking around your house.

My wife just recently started blogging and I have been helping her with Wordpress. She has a list of top parenting sites and I just happened upon yours, which is pretty easy since it is at the top.

Congratulations on the twins…It has been a long journey for you.

I have two children (girl-17yrs old and boy-10yrs old), although much older now, they still light up my life and will probably be the best legacy I leave behind when I depart this world.

Continued Success to you…

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