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delicious...can I say that? Well they are and I am bloody jealous!!!

Awesome!!! I want mine done too. I have tube socks with golf balls at the ends...

Hey friend, they look great and that is from a man's point of view.

Eek! Doing that Scarlet thing again where I pretend that people I actually know in real life aren't reading this blog. Now I have to look Marius in the eye at work, knowing he has seen pics of my boobs. Oh well dear Marius, thanks for the compliment. Jy is n gooie maatjie.

Nice tits. Er...was that rude? ;)

Those are huge!! What are you going to do with them???? (smile)

Nice boobies, Tertia!!

Wow, they look GREAT. I wish I could just add a nozzle to mine and blow them up with some air. They're big enough, but they need some filling!

Lookin' good, Tertia!

You look fabulous! (Or rather your boobs do, since we can't see your face.)

Fucking Gorgeous. The last pic is downright sinful.

Am booby jealous!!
Looking fab!

Oh my word, they are fabulous! They look amazing. I HAVE to get mine done. Enjoy them, and enjoy shopping for a new bikini.

Now all the women on the planet whant new boobs - you asshole you!!

VVV impressive Tertia... Can definitely see what all the fuss was about ;o) !!! Put me on the jealous list too please.

Nice rack! Well done, and worth the effort.

well done - i'm totally having mine done when i'm finished having kids.. as a daily lurker, i have been really excited at the prospect of introducing myself to you at the Jhb Malka Ella dins end Oct - upfront apologies for perhaps initially not being able to look you straight in the eye :-)

Wow, they look awesome! May I ask... what are the scars like? I don't anticipate seeing pics (unless, perhaps, Marko would allow you to email some privately, to a potential augmentation candidate?), but am curious of the scar size and placement.

I've heard before that implants need to be "massaged" daily, to keep scar tissue from forming inside. Is that true? Will you have followup appts with your surgeon, to be sure all is going as planned?

Thanks for sharing this with us, T! You look FABULOUS!

I guess I didn't realize how small you were before - and NOW they seem perfectly reasonable...one hardly see's well done boobs. They look like the perfect size for you!

Where's the before before picture of when you were younger and hadn't yet undergone breast reduction? How does your current size compare to what you had when you were a teenager?

Now I can rest. I've seen the boob pics.

smooch (on the cheek!)

Mmmh, jealous now!
Will have to re do mine at some point. Size does matter after all!

Ok, I completely stayed out of the fray when the whole "Should you have plastic surgery" thing blew up. But I have to say, you look fantastic. I want new boobies too!!!

You have some pretty impressive-looking cleavage there, girl. The girls look great!

They look fantastic! Congratulations on v cool boobs.

They look fabulous!! You SHOULD be thrilled!

EXCELLENT! They look great - congratulations!

Absolutely fab! Now for the good part - the shopping!! :))

I like Margalit's idea of the nozzle for myself. :-)

They look fab, indeed. And I was also wondering about the massage and scarring part... I'm up for the opposite operation - a reduction, but the whole idea of scarred boobies scares me enough to allow my back to continue screaming in agony. LOL

You are going to look so hot in halter tops, esp. if those new puppies are firm enough to let you go braless and backless. I am so jealous of the fun you're going to have shopping for new clothes to show off the new cleavage!

My husband bought me your book and knows that I read your blog. Told him you had a boob job. Just showed hime the pics. His response:"Shit!".

EK dink ook jy lyk baie sexy en natuurlik. Nie phony soos party girls op die tv nie. Geluk met die resultate.

great cleavage. boobs - wow!! and yes, you are ONLY allowed to wear v-neck tops at all times - no more t-shirts, no more crew necks, ONLY v necks, ok? do tell Marko your friends in the computer authorized a shopping spree.

Ok...you officially have the perfect cleavage. I am so sinfully jealous right now.


Wow! What a difference, and they look great. I am jealous! I want me some new boobies!!!


It's official, you are my #1 internet girl crush.

I am green with envy... :)
Now I really can't wait to get mine!!

1.) Beeeyutifull Boobies!

2.) If i got drunk enough i would fondle them ta-ta's!

Suz (straight)

They look great Tertia, they really do. They're not just a nice size and shape, but they also seem really really natural. (Nothing like Posh's, if you know what I mean.) If you hadn't disclosed the fact that you'd had surgery, I never would have guessed in a million years! Your surgeon did a really great job!

They look bloody fantastic. I am truly very jealous!

They look great! :) Give them a couple of months and they will look even better - as crazy as that sounds!



The new boobs look great!
Ha! Guess who I am going to get to meet in a few weeks??? Hint...
I am flying to San Francisco and we are making plans. I am sooo jazzed.

You got you some BIG HOOTERS girlie! Nice!

BTW, can't "see" the links in your new format ... have to use the cursor and guess where they are - just an FYI.

Boobalicious! They look great.


That's quite a change, and yet they definitely don't look too big.

What a clever doc!

Check this out: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20535978/

So, what lucky jerks have this gene? I certainly don't. I apparently have the "short and stout" gene though (so tip me over and pour me out).

Awesome! I want some toooooooo! They do look quite natural, yet luscious. Congrats on your newfound booby happines.


Tee hee - I'ave always wanted to say that!

Wow! You look fabulous. Congratulations!!!

I bet Marko is happy ;o)))

That is AWESOME..

I'm Jealous..

Loverly boobies Tertia!

I can't look away.

WOW. They look delicious uhh I mean fabulous! :-)

Oh - fabulous! Are you allowed to go to work in a bikini ;)

Lovely and lovely... You look great, Tertia! Congratulations.

Very pretty boobies. But what about before shots?

Woooo! Hubba hubba! Seriously, they look fabulous, and I am so glad to see that you're so pleased with them! (Can I be jealous, though? I'd love to be that happy with my boobs, but it's not meant to be at the moment.)

Wow! They look great!

I have boob envy!!!

They look fabulous!

I had an abdominoplasty and BA a year and a half ago and it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I was tired of my butt and thighs making me look disproportionate...I was a 36AA after the two kids. So, I am now a 36D and when I need them changed out, I'll go bigger. I look good in cute tops and for the first time ever I have boobs. It's awesome.

I was walking a week after the surgery (I went to work the following day because I'm a stubborn ass, my doc would have killed me) and back to running 3 weeks post op. However, I bust my ass and made sure I was in the best physical condition in my life before they cut me open. So, while I didn't find recovery all that hard (boobs were hardly a pain compared to the tummy tuck), I think it was because I was in excellent shape.

Anyway, congrats! I got mine done for ME and haven't been sorry about them one bit. No one could talk me out of it. Damn glad I did it!

To quote Kath and Kim "Look at me! I'm a hornbag!

Woo Hoo! Finally! The first two pictures I couldn't totally see how big they are now (could see a difference before and after, but not the overall effect), but that last picture is great. They look spectaculah! Very happy for you. But the more important question is how happy is Marko?? =)

wow t! you look totally fabulous!!!

Jesus Christ Tertia. I leave you for a year and check back and your kids can talk. I leave you for another year and pop back to check on you, and you've bought yourself some new body parts! How funny are you?
I'm a 10A in the boob department and I'm the only one of my flat chested friends who have not had a boob job, and I don't intend to, because my boobs are perfectly fine.
But another friend said, "yeah, well they're fine NOW, just wait until you breastfeed 2 kids!". Haha, good point.
Hope you're enjoying them. I can't think of anything more gross than living with a foreign object stuck inside my skin, but I don't mind them on other people. They can look quite good when the doctor doesn't make you look like that dumb slut Jordan. :-)
I bet you're going to be walking around the house in bikinis a whole lot more now.
Anyway, hope you're well, just wanted to drop in and say hi.

Good for you! They look fantastic and I'm happy for you!

Good for you! I know you agonized over the decision, but I've gotta say, it was the right one. Your new girls look fantastic ~ the perfect size and shape for your body. :)

I just wish I had the guts for the tummy tuck and boob lift...I hate surgery, though, and won't do any unless it becomes medically necessary.

So...I'll just live vicariously through you! :)

T- Love the ta-ta's ! Your doc did a FANTASTIC job. Will have to save your docs website for future reference-hee hee!

Only read and looked at the photo's now. There is only one word that comes to mind. "awesome". Looking good Tertia! So jealous!

Let me see how you are, as everybody knows more about you than me.

Love Santie

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