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My secret....I nap in the car before work in the parking lot. I have 2 year old twins.
Thank GAWD for the alarm feature on my phone.

I nap a work in the loo! Got bust though the other day as I didn't realise that I had a palm print on my forehead from leaning into my hand!!!!

I also on occasion nap in the loo at work. Only have one kid but he's like having 2 kids. Will look out for you in my neighbourhood Tertia. Also live in Durbanville.

Hi Tertia,
Hang in there. A bit of advice on the constipation thing - PLEASE try Herbal Fiberblend from AIM. It is fantastic and natural. You don't want to deal with that as well. Good luck.

I totally agree with Linus on Aim's Herbal Fibre Blend. That and Barley Life saved my life. It cured my stomach ache and constipation. I will never be without it.

I always eat refrigerated apricots when I have constipation, family remedy I guess?

At least you'll have nice pillows to rest your head on while you nap!

Lean on Rose completely until you feel better!

Try milk of magnesia for the poop. I had a terrible time going after my first daughter was born, and I ended up with an anal fissure (OUCH!). Determined not to let that happen again, I used MoM after my second child, had the runs for 3 or 4 days (after only one dose!), and had no subsequent problems.

It tastes like hell, but it shouldn't take much. Chase it with some wine.

I'm very curious about recovery, though I'm having the opposite surgery done (reduction). I suspect mine will be worse than yours, because there's a hell of a lot more invasive crap done. More stitches, etc. Still. I'm trying not to get a case of the fears from reading this stuff.

I'm glad you're happy about the procedure though. Nice to have improved body image.

Delurking to say, I want a Rose. She sounds like an absolute gem. And btw, your boobs look fab. Congrats.

Good to know. I'm nervous about the scarring and the risks and all of that, but I've had enough of the discomfort and lack of self-esteem that comes along with having giant knockers.

Hang in there! Sorry the kids are acting up ... wanna throttle mine some days too, little buggers. They make up for it usually though, do something cute to save their lives and all. ;)

Can NOT wait to see some pics. Before and after, pretty please!!

After about 48 hours I sent DH out for a vat of Advil and chose pooping. :-)

Great to hear happy news and no post purchase remorse despite some drawbacks like pain. I too am rather enthusiastically awaiting the (Marco-approved) photos! Glad he loves the early Christmas pressies, lol....and good luck with that.

As a sahm with a nanny, an older son and twin (16 month) girls I sometimes DREAM of going to work....love them dearly but need to leave them too- for all our sakes!

Heal well and not at all tired of the boob news.

I keep reading your recovery posts and nodding in recognition. On Aug. 14 I had the Essure procedure (a type of tubal ligation). It's done hysteroscopically, so no incisions, and although I had general anesthesia and was at the hospital, some doctors do it under local in their offices. It can hardly be called surgery, and thus I did not expect to be so completely fried afterward. Although I went back to work the next day, I wasn't myself for about 5 days. Like you, I totally underestimated the recovery process. Just don't panic if you burst into tears in the next couple of days and bawl your head off for the better part of an hour without knowing why.

Not that it, y'know, happened to me...or anything. *cough*

That said, being happy with the result makes up for the challenges of recovery!

I'm so glad that you're thrilled with your fabulous new knockers! Congratulations! I am sorry that you're sore and tired & saddled with obstreporous kids, but soon the pain will subside & the great new boobs will remain!

Try flaxseed oil in capsule form. Two a day should get you back to regularity in no time. Unfortunately, I'm very familiar with the effects of pain meds and constipation.

Go to a movie and escape the beasts within.

constipation is the pits! However, I am all about sneaking in a nap. And yay for being happy with your fake boobies! :)

Ughhh... constipation. Don't know if they have it there in SA, but check your local drugstore for the over-the-counter laxative Miralax. It's a godsend. It's non-stimulant, so you don't get any of the cramps, gas, etc that you do with typical laxatives. I lived on it while I was pregnant, and even my baby needed it the first 6 months of his life!

Thanks for being so honest about the recovery time. I want to get a new pair of boobs myself sometime and I'm sure I'll underestimate how much time to take off from work. Sorry the kiddies are driving you crazy. Rose is a gem.

mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa... so where did you drive to? how did it feel?
i dunno how SAHMs do it either- and i only have damien!

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