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That is one hell of a find, and one hell of a deal!

oh my friggin word! you are all going to be competing for the rest of your lives to outdo rupert the bargain!!!

OMG his is HUGE!!!

Well done Mimi - that's going to take some beating in the bargain-hunting stakes!

Wow, you were not kidding when you said Rupert was "life-sized." Your kids look so excited sitting in Rupert's lap!

Oh my that is one BIG bear!

It's 6:40 am here and I'm sitting in my dark office all alone, and reading how your mother sprinted (in slo-mo) to the theme of Chariots of Fire to grab this teddy bear... it made me laugh out loud, several times. Thanks for the smiles. SO FUNNY!!!

LOVE the bear. That thing will go down in your family history as the coolest stuffed animal EVER.

When you said life size I thought you meant maybe the size of the kids. But - WOW!

Need a currency conversion though please (into US, I can convert into Aussie from there).

What a divine pic of Dad! Don't forget this Wednesday EVERYTHING will be R25! I will find something I need even if I have to squeeze myself into those tiny sizes that remain on the wrack. Yay!!

That's incredible! How amazing! I want to be a kid again... I'd FEEL like a kid again sitting against Rupert!!!

That's roughly $51 in America :P

Australian $62.75 - fantastic!

that is awesome!! :D

How gorgeous. Now, does he stay at Mimi's or do you have it at your house?
I think that makes it $252.00 AUD. I'm not sure how Edna got $62.75. Anyway, great buy.

Definitely worth the R375! What a bargain. He is humungus. I'm sure kids will adore him for many years to come.

Holy crap that is a big bear! Looks like the kids are going to love climbing all over him for years to come. Or cuddle in his lap while mom regales the story of "Mimi's BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY". :)

Holy cow! That is one big bear! LOL

I have a question - why do you put clothes in your cupboards? That is were dishes and dry goods go. Clothes go in the closet. LOL - You know I'm joking - just a difference in language, though it did make me giggle.

PS: How's your boobs?

That's a HUGE bear! Awesome find!!!

Picture of your dad is priceless - what a sweetie!

The bear is adorable and will bring years of fun.

The image of your mother launching herself through the air to secure it is priceless. I may never get that out of my head.

Excellent find! My MIL has a teddy bear that size in dark brown at her house and all the kiddies love it!

Oh my goodness, that's awesome...I want one too...

Oh wow!!! That is a REAL bargain indeed!!!

*Envious that our Woolies didn't have a Giant Bear on sale!*

according to http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html R375~$52.

I want one!!!!!!!!! I was totally cheering for your mom when I read this. :o)

That bear would take up my son's entire remaining bedroom floor space. But for that price, I'm not sure I could pass him up either!

Holy shit. That's a big ass bear.

Rands to Aussie dollars is usually roughly around 6 rand to 1 dollar so Edna is correct that it cost $60 odd dollars.BARGAIN! My mom always tells me (sale addict) a sale is not a bargain unless you get something you actually needed (WHATEVER!!!!!)

This post brought back some memories!The first time I went to a Wollies sale (in Joburg)was when i was pregnant with my first daughter...oh the bargains I got!!!I stocked up on clothing from baby to age 2 (though half of it was stolen by the removal idiots who packed my house up for my move to AUS).

Sadly,Woolworths in Aus is more like a Pick n Pay!! (and Woolworths in England is like CNA with some household stuff and clothing)

That's a huge effing bear... I think Mega would just be scared shitless, as being "a-fear-ed" of everything is his latest deal. LOL I am glad your kids were not afraid of this stuffed, humungous bear! Woo-hoo! Especially because he was such a STEAL!!

That's a huge effing bear... I think Mega would just be scared shitless, as being "a-fear-ed" of everything is his latest deal. LOL I am glad your kids were not afraid of this stuffed, humungous bear! Woo-hoo! Especially because he was such a STEAL!!

I thought you were done with Woolies after the disappointment of last year;)...
Rupert is really adorable though.

And I was just wondering this week where Pops has been? Glad to see he is busy at work at your place acting as "Mascot Keeper"! Priceless shot!
I loved your visual of Mimi running in Slo-Mo to Chariots of Fire! Great work Mom! I have a similar big bear i picked up at the thrift shop for $5.00, but, my kids ignore him! Shall i send him so that Rupert has company?

62 bucks for that?

Wow, once again!

That is one big-ass (pun intended) bargain.

I am the Bargain Queen of all the Universe, I even I have never scored as well as that.

Love Rupert! And I love the pictures with him.

I miss Woolworth's soooooo much. We left S. Africa in June and hardly a day goes by that I don't wish I could go to my neighborhood Woolies. Especially when I pass the avocados here -- R14 equivalent for ONE avocado vs. R6.95 for two at Woolies. Wah.

Tertia, you are hilarious! I love the way you write!

Aus $ 75.00, plus minus!!

Wow, Mimi, you are the best!!

(I don't do sales, I hate all those people, too many bodies in too small a space)

Still astounded - makes you wonder what it cost Woolies to start with that they can mark it down so much!

What a GAWGISS bear!!

Rupert is one big ass bear. I love him!!
The visual of your mom? Friggin AWESOME.

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