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OK, YAY for being first! AND YAY for awesome knockers! I can see your nipples! Which makes me giggle!

SO signing up for the boob safari when the time comes for me. Can I stay at your house? lol!

Seriously, though. Your tits. Are great.

Whoa...awesome abs, Tertia. Boobies lookin' good, haha!

And I hate you for having those abs.

Never in my wildest dreams.

Damn Hagan Dazs!

Jiucy looking ta-tas! Am also quite envious of the flat tummy! Is it possible that you are MORE G&D than ever?!

No wonder you have stalkers. ;)

Jiucy looking ta-tas! Am also quite envious of the flat tummy! Is it possible that you are MORE G&D than ever?!

No wonder you have stalkers. ;)

No! Wait! I so absolutely do not have abs!!! I cut the photo just before the beer belly projection. I have something that resembles an ab just under my ribcage, but after that I have the good old twin pouch that creates a very sexy looking c-section scar hangover. The last time I had abs was when I was 13 years old. Believe me.

Let me be the first male that oogle (there were probably others but have not had the guts to say so). T, they just look great and I agree with the others about the abs .. take the compliments and just shut up :)

holy crap, those are some hot tits.

looking good T!

Wishing you a super speedy recovery!!!!!

I'm still not allowed to say anything ...

Ok, Gina said I can comment. Great abs and you're looking good! Hope you recover soon!

(I tried to think of something I could say without being lascivious, inappropriate and just generally something a guy would say, thinking it was really funny)

You know what I mean ...

Just to set the record straight, I never said Paul was not allowed to comment at all... I just told him he was not allowed to make rude, lewd, lascivious or generally guylike comments.

Once they settle a bit, they will look perfect. I think you will be very happy.

Bugger the boobs - I was looking at your abs! Asshole.

I am so glad you did the boobs though, and I am so glad you're happy. All the best with getting better!! xoxo

Oh, and liar liar about not having abs. And, even if you don't, nothing on me is that flat, so stop being coy. Asshole :-)


You look fabulous! I need to get me some of those boobs. And abs.

Those look pretty damn nice.

Congrats! You're looking awesome!

Okay, I can't help it, one more...


Yes, how is it possible to have that tummy after giving birth to twins? Do you workout??

You look FABULOUS!!! And T those abs after giving birth to twins you have to work out or you have great genes. Looking GREAT!!! So glad you are happy with the outcome Tertia. G & Der now, lol love ya T

WOW hot mama! *whistle* *whistle*

I'm not as impressed with the boobs as I am with those ABS!!!!! No fair that you have that after twins! lol Anyway the boobies look D&G just like the rest of you. I hope my BA goes as well when I finally get to have it.

We knew the boobs would look good but who knew you had such fabulous abs! Have you thought about how delicious you are going to look in a bikini? mmmmmmmmmmmmm..............


Sigh. My little A's are aching with envy.

Congratulations on your new girls!

Oh, and I just showed the pictures to my husband. He said, "nice abs", so I don't think any of us are buying your denial!!!
He wants me to get new boobs now.

They look AWESOME Tertia and holy freaking flat stomach? I am soooooooo jealous all around!

One Question your Majesty, what camera did you take those pics with? ;)

Enough about the boobs...that is not the stomach of a woman who has had twins! Slut.

The boob and belly combo? Fab. Just fab.

spectacular! and check out that fabulously toned midriff!!!

Wowsers. You are one hot mama.

Kinda funny how your hair looks just like kate's in the new layout of the site.
And yay to the new boobs! Look fabulous!

Your boobies look amazing! And your body is fantastic too! You're even more G&D than ever! Congrats! I'm eager to hear how Marko made out over the weekend! ;o)

Can I have your tummy please? That tummy with the boobies - look out!

Tertia, I've been reading your blog ever since I saw that profile on you in one of my mom's old Feminas. I'm leaving lurkerdom to tell you that your boobs look delectable! What better way to draw attention to your fabulously flat tummy than with a great set of knockers?! ;o)

They look awesome! I want some!! I am sure you will feel better and better every day. I bet Marko is going to freak out when he gets to play with them. New toys!

Now Tertia's got two pair of awesome twins! hehehe!

You do look ab fab, my dear and would you just shut the fuck up already about your flat tummy?
Yah, you were probably sucking it in for the photo, but, even if i sucked it in for a week, i still wouldn't have your abs after giving birth to my twins!
BTW... when do we get the "before", Miss Boobalicious?

I Officially Hate You(tm).

Nice rack! I am very glad that you are happy with them. I know I would be, if my Gravity Girls looked like yours.

Ooooh, so jealous! You look fab! My abs will never look that great. *sniffle*

You look great! Not just the new boobs, but your tummy too. Very jealous.

Nice rack!! Also your tummy looks just like mine did...when I was 7 years old.

Glad you're feeling happy with your new boobies. :-)

Holy Moley, those are KNOCKERS. I can't wait to see what they look like when the settle into place.

I hate your stomach, btw. You are just too freaking thin. Beautiful, but thin.

Tertia is Boobalicious! Have to say your ab's look pretty fab too. I had twins too dammit, how on earth did you get your stomach back?! We want to know!!

That stomach has held HOW many babies? Amazing! I think the stomach makes up for the nose! :)


Holy Sh*t! That's some rack, Ms. Thing! You are smoking hot! I have the feeling you and Marko are going to be quite busy when you finally feel up to "it!" Congrats -- hope you're happy and that you're feeling well!

Look at your freaking abs!! You have twins! You stabbed yourself in the stomach for NINE FREAKING IVF Cycles!

I am definitely going to my boob appointment in January. I wanna look like you!

Flat stomach - asshole.
Nice jugs - asshole.

all round asshole i'm afraid.

Those twins are looking very perky indeed!

T., you look gorgeous. That surgeon did a wonderful job! Congrats =p

ps - love the new layout!!

Don't normally comment but read your blog every day. Wow, is all I can say, I am so impressed. Those girls look FAB!! I have got to get me a pair like that. Well done on a stunning pair of boobies. Enjoy them!

Asshole is right. My one is only a few months younger than your two and my tummy is no where near as flat. And now with those devine knockers your tummy looks even flatter. Asshole :).

Nice norks

Fabulous abso-freaking-lutely fabulous!!

I am way less impressed with your bodacious ta-tas than with that incredible flat tummy.


You look amazing! Congrats!

You look fantastic! :)

Wow! They look G&D of course. Thanks for the pics.

You know, you're pretty lucky that you had to buy those (most impressive) boobs, because with a stomach like that - not to mention also your of gifts of brains and a sense of humor - all your female readers would have to hate you.

You look fanstastic! Cangrats! I am so jealous of your ta-tas and your awesome tummy! You rock girl!

OMG holy smokin' hot bod.

Nice tits - and abs!!!

Screw the boobs...I've got tummy envy! Seriously, your stomach is great!

Okay, those tatas rock, but D.A.M.N. girl, look at our stomach!

awesome t! Congrats on the new boobs!! Lookin good!

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