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Adam is too cute! We've started saying "uppy" here now too - thanks to Adam and Kate!

I'm glad you're feeling much better, and so happy you're thrilled with the results. So...how do they feel? (I mean to third parties - do they feel real?).

Very jealous. Enjoy the new boobies!

By the sounds of it the recovery road has nearly ended. Im so glad that you had the surgery and that you lurve your new boobies. Enjoy them. Love the fact you are showing them off... makes me jealous. Want new boobies too, now! lol

Glad to hear you're so happy! You're sounding very chipper!

Glad you're so enjoying your new boobies. Am v. jealous. Want mine done too.

Your new boobs are my new carpet (and yes, it's really carpet and not some weird euphemism). We had a life disappointment, so I said, "Well, then at least I want new carpet." I'm currently making my friends come over and roll around on my carpet to fully appreciate it.

And Anna still says "Holdyou, Mommy." Sometimes "Holdyou me, Mommy."

It's so cute, I don't want to correct her. She'll have to probably learn before kindergarten that "holdyou" isn't really a word.

My sister had her boobs done in January and as she lives about 2 hours from me I don't get to see her as often as I like. Every time I do see her I look at her and remark how lovely her new boobs are. So natural and so much more in scale with her body. Glad you are happy with the outcome.

So happy to hear all is well in BoobyLand! I love hearing about them so don't feel shy about posting more!

PS, How is Karen's Maya Papaya update coming along?

Woo! Glad you love the new boobs!

It like being a kid in a candy store. So much to be happy about. Life is Good.

[How to live a Longer Life]

Holy crap, woman. It's time to change the tagline in your banner. Who cares about "life after infertility"? Tertia's all about "life after I got my fantastic new tacky boobs" now.

You do know they're tacky, right, Pammy? :-)

Orange, just because you happen to have gorgeous boobs doesn't mean you can deny us less fortunate types the opportunity for a bit of perkiness.

And one man's tacky is another man smokin' hot!

Now go do a crossword or something.

You're hilarious. I'm so happy for you! Wish I could feel your boobs for myself. Ah, well, we can't have everything. You do inspire me though to do more with myself. Right now it's just "maintain a manicure" but for me, that's ambitious. :-)

Glad to hear you are feeling better and having fun showing off your boobies!

Tertia, it is adorable how much these boobs make you happy. I don't know that I ever would have believed new boobs could be such an elixir.

Post pictures soon, Tertia! Dying to see your new rack and so very glad you're happy!

My sister got her boobs after she lost so much weight (after having 3 kids) and she actually let me "tweak" them -- first boobs other than my own that I ever squeezed! It was very nice -- wishing that for you, too!!

yet your replacement husband doesn't get a feel or pics. makes me feel sad and unloved.

The first thing my doctor said to me after I asked for a referral to a surgeon for a breast reduction was

"You do realise that you will spend the rest of your life lifting up your top to random strangers to show them off, don't you?"

And he was right. It is an "uplifting" experience in every sense of the word. Glad you are enjoying them so much!

Damn. I'm going to have to run another triathlon just to remind myself that big boobs will just get in my way. I don't want mine bigger, just back where they used to be before nursing twins!

Hah! i SO agree w/Kez!!! i turned in a flasher of the finest degree after i got my boobs. i had NO shame! and loved it as well!

its so cool- i would be just as excited! dunno how long i'd resist the temptation to lift my top up...

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