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My cat was on BUSPAR and it really helped her! Glad the ADs are working for you!

So glad the AD's are working for u!Poor dog! My life is also a circus, feel encouraged now to go find some AD's for myself.
Maybe the dog also needs some therapy....lol

I love my ADs too. Can't believe I put off talking to my doctor because of shame/embarassment/trying to convince myself I could fix it all on my own. Ha.

On a totally different note, did I somehow miss the Naked Ovary update? Where is Karen? Where is MP? And how is Random? I miss the Naked Ovary, and hope all are doing well.

When will you take Chili for her boob-job consultation? She'd probably feel happier about her circumstances with a nice rack.

Never mind the boob job, the poor dog is an infertile virgin. No wonder she is depressed.

I think my dog is on the same medication... Clopripra-something? mine? amine?

They are awsome. He is an awsome sweetie, but kinda neurotic. He wasn't injuring himself, he ate my bedroom door and carpet. When a 90lb dog decides to do somehting destructive, they can do it WELL.

Poor doggy. I've heard of this. I'm glad you're helping her. Animals aren't that much different from us, emotionally. Poor things.

My cat was on Elavil (a tricyclic antidepressant) because of what the vet called "an attitude problem." :) She finally calmed down enough to take her off of it a couple of years ago. Right about the time I started taking it (it didn't work for me, I am on a SSRI now).

I'm so glad the AD's are helping you and that you have a doctor who cares enough to do what is right for you! That is such great news.

I'll be thinking of your dog...hope the medication helps him!

Our little Salami (yes, she's a sausage dog...) is on Clomicalm. She also has an OCD behavioral problem, she licks herself (and sometimes the floor) constantly, and chews her paws, sticks the whole damn thing in her mouth and chews on it. So the vet put her on the AD and she is soooo much better, we tried to wean her off them and by the time we got to half a tablet every second day she was back to chewing and licking, so half a tab everyday, definitely makes a difference!!!

Good luck with Chilli, I hope she feels better soon!

Poor doggie. I hope she feels better soon...

And yay for improved family well-being.

Even dogs are not immune to psych things :)

I hope the AD's do the trick for BOTH of you :)

Oh, poor doggie! :)

My rott does that. In her case, it quite oftens starts off with a bite, which she then licks. It gets sore, so she keeps licking, and before you blink, she has a giant supperating wound.

She is quite a nervous dog, despite being enormous and scary looking, so the vet is sure it is part psych and part physical. Cloricalm has worked well, as has the canine version of Feliway.

And I have a cat on prozac. She lost her eye in an accident three years ago, and is hellbent on removing her own tail. The prozac (and Feliway) mellow her out enough that she can leave it alone most of the time and actually be a pleasant cat.

Hopefully the meds work for you and your dog :)

i love my happy pills too!
i'm so glad you found something and someone who can help you!

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