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You still asshole, G & D asshole tho.
God i've commented once and now i cant stop!!
Lots of Love from New Zealand

Not tired about hearing about the boobs! V interested. Hey wait, does that sound Stalker-y? LOL

Am not tired of hearing about your new girls yet. I want to have mine done as well and was wondering how big the bank loan would have to be. Was Dr L quite reasonable with his prices?

'scuze me. . . . .if we're tired of hearing about stuff, we can stop reading. that's something many people seem to have forgotten recently. u just keep saying what you want to say. shit-hot boobies, chick. well done!

Def NOT tired of hearing about them! WAAAAHHH *stamps feet in jealous tantrum*...

BTW LMAO at the updated "Designed By" section at the botton of the main page!
(And Dr L is not too shabby either!!)

Of course we're not sick of hearing about your boobs! Glad to hear your doctor did such a great job. I'll be looking for doctor's in the US for the same in the next few years.

Are you kidding?? I was like, damn this sales post. I need more boobs! :) Just kidding, I like to hear about everything but I think we are all on a boob kick... :) :)

I am sorry, but a ribcage does not have a navel on it.


I'm so glad you're happy with your new boobs! Hooray for you!

I really wanna hear more about the boobs!

Sheilah, I think I just peed in my pants laughing. Classic comment.


And the edge of your underwear is showing. Nice try. Unless your belly is tucked somewhere down around your knees, you don't have one. Or does olive on a toothpick refer to an olive-size stomach? Hey, wait a minute - your figure is now two cantaloupes and an olive on a toothpick! :)

Time will heal the pain. Some say that a picture is worth a 1000 words. However,a the same time you can't judge a book by its cover.

Kids are really smart.
[5 things you could learn from your toddler]

Well, Miss "Tits on a Stick"~
I am still interested in your bodacious ta-tah's. When do we get to see the "before's"?

teehee... i think maybe you're in ab-denial coz the boobs are so g&d!

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