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27 April 2007


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Oh, those are too adorable. But alas, my children are way too old and big for such a cute pair of sneaks, so I'll let someone else win!

They are lovely! I have a brood of God-children and always on the lookout to find new and original gifts! Many thanks for doing this! I like it. It is a great alternative outlet for all your creative friends!

Oh, gosh, those are darling. I just ordered a pair of kitty ones for Miss Pink and can't wait to get them. I'm just sick at heart for Jane and her family and wish them well.

I got the Anna Banana monkey shoes - for my little monkey (Anna)

Also - the butterfly basket.

what a sad story- tertia, you truly are one special lady!

Yes, I am familiar with little Emma as I used to read her care page. I'm glad Jane is doing this to keep Emma's memory alive and help other people that suffer from the same disease.

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