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Ummm, yeah, regarding your last crush:
Where are youuuuuuuu???

My cyber-crushes are more like the admiration I had for certain cool girls in school. A kind of wistful "I wonder if I'll ever be that cool? Wonder if that person would be my friend?" Not so much of a closet lesbian thing with me.

I'd have to say Manuela is probably my favorite cyber-crush. I am thrilled every time we chat! I also really like Alexa from Flotsam. She seems like someone I'd hang out with if we lived closer.

I have a cyber - crush on YOU! (Tertia)I think you are awesome, you could be writing what I say(or really WANT to say!!)
And I LOVE all your "south africanisms" that crop up in your writing! Makes me even more homesick! I have to say - if I lived in CT, we WOULD most def. be friends!!

Romantic music?

How about the "chick-a-bowwwww" porn music, huh?!

I have a huge blog crush on Tiffany at electric boogaloo:


...because I think we would get along famously in real life, as long as I could somehow convince her to drink.

I also think Schnozz is hot:


I have a cyber crush on you too, Tertia! LOL. I'm sure there are a bunch of us!

And also on the writer of this Blog:
I'm so glad she's back to Blogging!

I had a crush on Karen over at the Naked Ovary but since she's been MIA I'm blue....LOL.

Treespotter....god, I am crushing on that man.


and of course Sundry...a brilliant, brilliant writer and funny as hell and mom of one.


Well, other than you, I'd say Jul at Thumbscre.ws. She's me, in my fantasy life, the one where I'm smart, funny, introspective, and a kick-ass writer.

Yeah, Jul, except now she's a friend so it doesn't count. Same with Leggy, Sarah, Cec, Jo, Meira and more. And Orange. And Doctor Mama. And Wavery. And Cricket.

And...oh too many to count. Does that make me a cyber-slut?

My biggest crush (for maybe 4 or 5 YEARS now) has to be Catherine Newman. Has anybody else read her stuff? You can check it out at:






as well as in her book Waiting for Birdy. Her writing and parenting are inspiring and she so often says EXACTLY what I think (in a terribly witty way, of course).

I had a crush on Getupgrrl, but then she disappeared and smashed my heart to a million pieces. WAHHHHHH!!!!

I had a crush on Bryon Sutherland. Does anyone else remember him? He was blogging - before it was called blogging - and maybe one of the first online diarists, ever - back in 1995. What he was doing seemed so unbelievably intimate. His site was called, "The Semi-Existence of Bryon".

I agree about julia at hippo...she makes my heart melt. I found a new guy that stole the rest of my heart and I am addicted to him. www.lookydaddy.com Seriously, I am IN LOVE. the green eleven...there is nothing funnier!!

Tertia, you broke my heart when you had your Mirena removed. Now I don't have anyone to trade IUD-string jewelry with, and you had all those great African beads I can't get in the States. Now I'm stuck dangling American corporate-logo charms from my string. Sigh...

Fully half of my blogroll features crushworthy people who write well, are frightfully witty, are super-smart, and have a pissy attitude toward...something. Could be Republicans, one's own children, rampant apostrophe abuse, humorlessness, nonfunctioning body parts, intolerance, or obscure words in crossword puzzles. They include straight women, straight men, gay men, lesbians, the polyamorous...they're all so tasty.

Other than you, I have two "I would want to be there best friends if we lived closer" crushes:
Nina http://stellaandben.typepad.com/stellaandben/
I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that both of them are damn sexy.

I think my first blog crush was Getupgrrl. When she actually replied to one of my comments, I think my heart might have skipped a beat. I must have read it at least a thousand times! Whilst I haven't had it framed (yet), it's still in my inbox and every time I see it there, I feel like I'm looking at the autograph of someone very famous. She is such a gifted writer. I was devastated when she 'retired'.
My next blog crush was alittlepregnant's Julie. Even though I only really lurk, I admire her greatly and think she's incredibly funny, not to mention artistic. I really don't think it's fair that she gets to be a good writer, funny and artistic. No doubt she's G&D too. She introduced me to you, Tertia, and so began my third blog crush. My heart skipped another beat when you replied to one of my comments! You're a blog crush because you always seem to say what I'm thinking, only a lot more eloquently than I ever could. Whenever I have a glass of wine with dinner, I think of you!
I have another blog crush on an Australian journalist (my only male crush), but I don't want to give away my politics.

Danny from Dad Gone Mad.

I want to have his cyber-children.

Man, I LOVE Gone Feral! She makes me laugh my ass off. Oh and I lurv Jul and her sisers too.

Jul thumbscre.ws
Julie alittlepregnant
Julia Hippogriff

See a theme there? You know the cool posse in high school, how they usually all had the same name a la "Heathers"?

These are the ladies that I admire so so much. I feel blessed to be able to read their blogs because IRL I'm way to uncool to even be in the same room as them. Totally overwhelmed.

I read Jul's sisters Pixie and Junket too.

My first cyber-crush was on you, Tertia, my dear. It was you who got me into reading blogs, lo, these many years ago. You still own a large piece of my heart and I would seriously cyber-stalk you and follow you around mooning over you with my little puppy-dog eyes if we didn't live so many, many miles apart.

Then there is, of course, Julie (a little pregnant), Julia (Hippographs), and Julia (UncommonMisconception), and, well, everyone in my bloglist on my blog (...and many, many more in my favorites folder who I should add to my bloglist but I am shamefully lazy...)

One person who hasn't been mentioned yet whom I also cyber-love (and would stalk and moon over if we weren't so far apart) is amalah, she of the fantastic son and Coach bags.

Actually I think the people whose blogs I read the most are women (yah...mostly women...) that I think I would be friends with in real life.

'I respectfully decline to answer that question on then grounds that I may incriminate myself" - Jimmy Hoffa

I crush on Manuela...but what happened? All of the sudden her blog is password protected...so sad for me...

This is so unfair. I'm gay so I have to refrain from naming my crush for fear of being called a cyber-sex-pest. Straight girls have all the fun. Just look at Oprah and Gail.

I really enjoy Bub and Pie ( http://bubandpie.blogspot.com/index.html ) and Andrea, formerly of Beanie Baby, ( http://www.athenadreaming.org/Beanie/ ). I don't know what's up with liking the cerebral Canadian mommies so much, but maybe I missed out on my true homeland? My all-time favorite twin blog (alng with yours, of course) is Lisa's Letter To My Children ( http://twinklelittlestar.typepad.com/letter/ ). Her twin boys are the same age as yours, I think.

I havent had a cyber-crush on anyone in a looooong time (years), and my favourite blogs always fluctuate as to which one Im most "into" at the mo, but my overall favourite blog was probably The Naked Ovary. The Naked Ovary was my fave b/c Karens story got so deep into me that I genuinely cared about what was happening to her as though I knew her IRL. Crush though? Nah.

Why do you have to refrain, Deb? Some of the straight girls are mentioning guys- no one thinks they're a cyber pest ;-)
Mine would be the anchoress, I think...I read her a lot.

def you tertia. been addicted to you since found you through julie. who i love too. and karen. and well opelboy.blogspot.com


This seems to be turning into a mutual masturbation...er, I mean mutual admiration fest! ;) I'm with Foster, I have favourites of the moment but nothing I'd call a crush. I miss Karen! Sigh.

Hate to follow the pack Tertia but of course it's you - I think of you in bed at night!

There are so, so many bloggers I have a crush on, but I'm white hot for Karen @ Naked Ovary (I miss her), Wood&Dutch, Leggy, Aurelia, Cecily, Akeeyu, Mimi smartypants, Lauralu, you Tertia and I miss Jessica from Cancer, baby. I *heart* all the cool chicks.

Aw, you know I've got a crush on you too, right? One of those really impure thoughts kind.


I am very flattered. "I admire her enormously" is such a nice thing to have said about you. Especially when coming from someone I admire so much myself! Of course, I would have been equally as happy with "Damn, she's hot."

You are my biggest cyber crush! It's just too bad that a $5,000.00 24-hour airplane trip with 2-year-old twins isn't in my immediate future. Sigh.

I am also a big fan of Linda at Indigo Girl, and Mete from Special and Needy.

Put me in the Getupgrrl camp, too. Major crush. Then she left. Then she teased. Now my heart is broken. I can't bring myself to remove her name from my blogroll.

But I will never crush like that again. *sigh*

I have so many blog crushes. I think I get my biggest crushes on the unknown bloggers who are talking out into cyberspace and no one is really listening. I'm attracted to the underdog I guess. The popular kids always intimidated me I guess.

But your accent alone is enough to get a blog crush on, Tertia. G&D indeed.

I have a crush on Baggage, there, above me.

I also have a crush on Karen from The Naked Ovary, to whom NBHHY.

This one is very funny:


Here is a round-up of what she has been doing this year:


on YOU do doll! on you! its all you...
but i'm beginning to wonder if you are avoiding my eight to twelve emails that i've been sending everyday for the last four months or so- you know the ones? the ones where i beg you to meet me and tell you how we are meant to be together and where i beg you to tell me how to write a book and tell me how you are so cool about people who criticise you and and and...

It's nice to know that people still think about my "Semi-Existence". It's an irony that I happened to find your comment in a blog about pregnancy (and presumably other things). My wife is pregnant with our first child as I type. So obviously things have worked out well for me. :)

(wondering if anyone will ever read this comment on a long dead thread)


Amazing what you find when you search for old friends.

Hi Bryon!


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