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Hope this comment works!!

Dunno if this is an old wives' tale, but my Dad always used to get us to stick a Band-Aid on a splinter for a couple of days before trying to get it out. Something about softening the skin and 'drawing' the splinter up to the surface. It always seemed to work for us.

Maybe stick a plaster on it so the splinters don't go in any deeper - then try to take it out when she has a nap.

just use chloroform.

wait until she is asleep and then go in with a flashlight and tweezers.
just like when you're checking to see if they have worms. except you're looking at her hand. good luck.

Try soaking it in hot salty water - or just give her a long warm bath. A bandage with a dab of antibiotic ointment underneath will help keep it from getting infected. Some of the antibiotic ointments also have pain reliever in them and that might be enough to get her to let you take them out although I never had much luck getting splinters out when my kids were that young.

I've heard to put a piece of tape on it and then pull it off in the direction the splinter went in and it should pull it out.

I've also heard to soak in water and it will work its way out on its own. Try a nice long bath!

When my brother and I had particularly deep splinters in our feet (we loved being barefoot) and wouldn't allow Mom or Dad near them, Mom would get this ointment called Boilease and put that on it with a bandaid. It seemed that within a couple of days it had worked itself to the top. The stuff also seemed to make it not hurt as bad.

An old Southern remedy--tape a piece of fatback to it and the splinters will work them selves out. You can substitute fatty bacon for fatback.

After you take off the plaster, tape, or bacon (!) try rubbing gently with a pumice stone (like the ones to soften calluses) -
it's less frightening than a needle.

If you can find super-pointy tweezers, buy them. I find splinter tweezers to be less alarming than a needle and wish my mom'd had them when I was a kid.

put hydrogen peroxide on it. It might push the splinter further out so that you can get it with pointy tweezers. Good luck!

put hydrogen peroxide on it. It might push the splinter further out so that you can get it with pointy tweezers. Good luck!

If it is a wooden splinter the best is to soak her hand in warm water (with or without any salt or antiseptic - it can sting!) and after a few minutes the splinter swells up making it easier to remove. Wipe with antiseptic cream or a drop of lavender essential oil.
Cheers, Jazz

I agree with the hot bath, then band-aid with a touch of antibiotic ointment. If this does nothing else it allows you time to locate board certified pediatric plastic surgeon and check references. Oh, and pointy tweezers are wonderful. I learned how to take splinters out on my own at a very early age b/c my mother always wanted to do the needle thing. When drunk.

What always works for me is to put pressure behind the splinter, then it will rear its ugly head out and can be easily grabbed by the tweezers. Poor baby! I got splinters every day as a kid, b/c we lived on a lake and had a wooden dock. Not fun!

Glue! Just regular school glue. (We have Elmer's brand here.) Put the glue on the finger. Allow to dry. Peel off the glue, and the splinter(s) will come off with it!

I second Anna's comment. Besides, glue is fun to play with. =]

A little late for this time but it will surely happen again as kids are kids.

A dab of honey covered with a band aid will draw it out as will a slice of tomato or onion (harder to keep on though). Also, what always worked when I was a kid was a little piece of bread soaked in milk taped to the area will draw it right out.

This is much after the fact, but I was curious about people mentioning the hot water. I've found conflicting advice about this on the 'net. Some medical/health websites say that water will make a wood splinter worse because it will expand and cause more pain. I have no idea and wondered what people's experiences were. I have a wood splinter in my foot right now and am considering my options. (I'm a 24 baby when it comes to pain ;)

Well, It Is Now December 2008 and I just came across this Blog...

FYI for anyone who has a splinter deeply embedded under your skin:

Go To The Hospital.

You may need Antibiotics and Tetanus Shot.

If it gets infected or if you see a red line, go to the hospital ASAP. Red Line is an idication of Blood Poisoning, which can be fatal.

Sometimes tiny, minor splinters can work their way out. You can soak it in water and Epsom Salt. But to be safe, see a doctor or go to the hospital.

However, some "splinters" are Serious and can be embedded so deep, you can't see it. (But you can feel it--it hurts badly.) These types of splinters may require surgical removal.

Wood doesn't show up on XRays.

Wood can show up on Contrast-Dye MRI.

My ER Doctor said Do Not Use Hydrogen Peroxide because it also kills good bacteria/good cells.

My ER Doctor also said not to have anyone pull out a deep splinter. Pulling a splinter out in the opposite direction it entered inside, may cause it to "Fish Hook" as it is being pulled out. It should be removed by a doctor.

Sometimes a splinter can not be seen by the human eye because it is deeply embedded in the tissue. It can cause nerve damage and even damage the tendons if deep enough.

Imagine all the doctors' surprise after 5 months of my pain when they saw the splinter on the MRI.

I had the remaining 1 1/2 inches removed by a skilled plastic surgeon.

The entire chunk of wood from the floor was originally about 3 inches, but had broke into pieces as it entered deep into my foot. 2 pieces were sticking out and were surgically removed under Local Anesthesia.

3 months later, 1 small piece at 1/4" Inch was surgically removed under Local Anesthesia.

And during the 5th month, an MRI revealed 1 1/2" Inches Still Inside at the Tendon Location.

During this final surgery under General Anesthesia, the Plastic Surgeon removed 2 pieces, 1 piece was 1 1/2 Inches and the 2nd Piece was 1 Inch.

Tiny Splinters worked there way out after the final surgery.

It still feels like there may be a little piece left inside.

Remember wood is highly infectious especially if the wood is old and dirty, or contains arsenic treatment or paint.

just looking on for solutions to a splinter my son had in his hand, it was a long splinter. i got the biggest part out but rest is still in there. i am going to try the honey and plaster and see where we are tomorrow.thanks guys. jillian woodfoot, u poor thing.

put a piece of bacon around her hand over night. the grease will completely remove any splinters and just wash her hands in the morning (:

Just an fyi……For the second time in 3 years I got a big splinter stuck in the exact same spot of my hand. (the palm.) First time was very painfull. The splinter was very deep and was up against nerves that were VERY painfull!!! The ER did not think there was a splinter in my hand still and I had to over and over tell them there was too because I couldnt move any part of my finger with out unbarable pain. Fianlly they x rayed it, and finally they had to call in a hand surgeon to surgically remove the piece of wood. Then again today a smaller piece of wood went in the same spot. Not so bad this time, but I went to a walk in clinic. They were not concerned AT ALL !!! Dr numbed it and tried to get it out with tweezers with no luck. She then acually said Im not sure if there is still a splinter in there, that maybe it was just brused. She Told me to just go home and soak it, gave me a tetnis shoot and sent me on my way. What I think is so wrong is I STILL HAVE A FREAKIN piece of wood in my hand. Not healthy if you ask me. So some doctors must not understand wood can be treated with all shorts of chemicals or have bacteria and to keep it in the body is just wrong. She should have used a small blade to cut into the skin to remove it, especially since it was numb, but with her so un concerned about i just said okay if your not worried im not. To bad I have a little nerve pain when I move it allot. Hmmm This doctor must not have seen much infections in her time because somebody CAN die from a sliver. Its not from the sliver but really from the infection that a piece of nasty wood can bring on. An infection is like cancer it can spread. Once it spreads to the bones and blood you can and will die without treatment. I just know if it doesnt come out in a few days I will be calling the hand surgeon who removed my first splinter. And yes a hand surgeon for a splinter if it doesnt end up coming out on its own. The ER I went to the first time eventually did the right thing and called in an expert. Hands have allot of nerves amoung other things and yes in my opinion an expert should be the one to take action. Thanks for listening all. Infection is not something to mess around with.

Amazing all these people with splinters can still type!!! lol. I got 4 or 5 splinters from my garden fence panel in my upper forarm (dont ask:) being tough skinned I managed to get one out about 1/4 inch long, the others are embedded in my paws and now after a night of soreness I have a few lumps and arm is quite tender. Feel a bit of a wuss going a&e for a spilinter but seems I might have to go from reading above comments. I've tried getting these out but my skin's tough up there and these are so dammed deep I cant even see them -just feel them. Any other idea's other than a&e and possible surgery? (I'm a wuss at that too! Just a simple wuss in general I suppose lol)
Helllp! :(

...Sorry, apparently I cant spell neither... It should read pores and not paws as I'm not an animal. (So she thinks! ;-)

Thank you for bringing up this its a good subject to explore.


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