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Hmmm. I would say permanent. I had the one you could take in and out all of the time (the pink plastic with the wire around your teeth, the clear ones hadn't been invented yet)and the way it anchored to your teeth was with the space that was left by the bands that were on the back teeth. Eventually that space closed up and it was so painful to put on the retainer every night that I just stopped. So I say go for permanent, that way it just holds your teeth in place and you don't have to deal with it. Though maybe someone who has had the permanent one would tell you different.

Have to say, one of my biggest regrets is that I wasn't more faithful with my retainer. All of my friends had the more permanent ones, and their teeth are still lovely. I felt so lucky at the time to have gotten the removable kind. Folly that youth is, I thought my teeth were permanently fixed and as the retainer became more difficult to put in, the less likely I was to bother with it.

Permanent. (Congrats on your lovely straight teeth.)

(I had the permanent one on the lower teeth and the removable one on the upper teeth. Permanent was less pain & less trouble than the removable one.)

Get the permanent. I'm 25 and have had one since I was 15 - no pain whatsoever. With the regular one you have to mess with putting it in and out every night and washing it, on and on - I probably would end up not doing it, which would totally defeat the purpose of getting braces in the first place. With the permanent, you have to floss under it, but you get good at threading, and then you can just brush it clean when you do your teeth.

Permanent. The pain you have with it for the first 3-4 days is equivalent to the pain from getting braces was once you were in the second month and got them tightened.

I have a hard time sleeping with my removable retainer in because it hurts my head so badly, even after a couple of months.

I had a permanent one for many, many years, and can't recommend it highly enough. No fuss, no bother.

I also recommend the permanent. I've had both top and bottom permanent for 10 years and no problems (just a pain to floss). No pain at all after the first few days. In fact, I sometimes forget I have them at all. And my teeth are still as beautifully straight as the day I got my braces off.

I had removable ones for my upper teeth, which was ok. But on my lower I got a permanent one. It's still on about 10 years later. They told me I could leave it in forever. I don't mind it at all. The only reason I may have it out is because it does make it difficult to floss those teeth (it's only on the front four) and as a result I get some gum disease. No problems with regular dental check ups though, just something to think about.

Permanent. I've had one for 17 years and also have had no problems. It broke once and fell out and my teeth started to get all gnarly again in record time. I got it replaced and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

I had my braces off about 4 years ago, and I still wear my removable retainers (upper and lower) every night. If I skip, it seems like they don't quite fit right. I've had them adjusted a few times. I don't mind wearing them bc it's while I'm asleep and I can do all my oral hygiene without them being in the way. The first day or 2 after I got them, when I had to wear them all the time, I couldn't talk. My tongue kept bumping into them, but it worked out. I also nearly threw them away a few times, since I was supposed to take them out while eating. At my last dental cleaning, they hygienist remarked that I must still wear my retainers, since my teeth are so straight. I said absolutely I do, I paid for the damn braces myself and want to have the results forever.

I had this same decision to make about 10 years ago when I got my braces off. I must say I regret not going with the permanent retainer. At the time I was so ready to rid myself of all things metal in my mouth I couldn't stand the thought of it... but I hated my removable retainer. I hated cleaning it and after a while it was painful to wear, so I stopped. Although my teeth have shifted slightly, my dentist hasn't seemed to notice (and actually commends me on continuing to wear my retainer...ha!), but I know others aren't so lucky. Go permanent.

Permanent. I was bad about wearing mine, and my orthodontist moved away shortly after I got them, so I had no incentive to keep doing it. And now I really regret it. My teeth aren't as bad as they were prior to braces, but they're certainly nowhere near as pretty as they were right afterwards.

I had the removable one on my top teeth, and a permanent on the bottom. I had braces when I was 15, and had the retainer taken out when I was 19. Now one of my teeth is turning. I'd say go for the permanent because really, since you don't have to adjust to it being in/out, it's more comfortable. Just don't look forward to eating an apple any time soon, hah. Unless you like picking apple fragments from behind your teeth for a week.

I did not get braces til I was adult and then had to wear them, top and bottom, for five years! NIGHTMARE! I would heartily tell you to get the permanent. Less pain and all gain. Also, children and animals are attracted to the appliance and can't get it if it is attached. Not to mention the appliance is bulky.

The permanent one is not painful at all. I've had mine for 13 years. Just be sure you floss vigilantly every day. It can be annoying when food gets stuck in it during the day, so carry floss in your purse and you're all set.

I have removable top and bottom retainers and I wish I had the permanent kind. It was impossible to talk with the top retainer in and makes me gag sometimes. I think the permanent kind is worry/trouble free in the long run.

I think that if you hate your braces and still find them uncomfortable, then go with the removable ones. I find them really easy to use at night, you just have to be vigilent as your teeth will shift!!! That said, there seems to be a lot of positive feedback on the permanent ones... Having had both (permanent was removed as I was sick of having a mouth of metal!) I totally recommend the removables but its really your decision. Ask your orthadontist what they recommend for you (they will know well enough by your dental hygeine if you could be trusted with a removable retainer ;) )
Love your blog!!!

Go with the permanant one! I have removable ones that I had to wear 24 hours a day for about a year and then at night. It's been TEN years since I got my braces off, and if I don't wear the bottom one at night at least every other day, my teeth start moving. The top ones are less of a problem, but if I stopped wearing the retainer all together I can tell they'd eventually go wonky again. My dentist says the bottom middle 4 teeth are the ones most likely to go crooked again after braces (ones I have trouble with) and I'm thinking about going back to my old orthodontist to get a permanent one put on. My sister has permanent and she says she doesn't notice it at all except for the trickier flossing.

Permanent. I hated everything about braces and ended up getting them taken off early because I couldn't stand them so I had to go with a permanent lower (inner) and removable top. I hated the top and everything about it. I couldn't talk properly and hated cleaning it and how it felt in my mouth. The lower retainer took about a day to get use to and now I mostly forget that it is there. I carry floss in my purse and have it in my desk at work as sometimes little bits of food get stuck in it but its really no worse the food getting stuck between your teeth.

Permenant. Definitely. When I had my braces removed, I had a permenant on the bottom and a temporary on the top. I forgot about the permenant completely, and it ended up staying on even longer than it needed to, since I had forgotten it was there. No pain at all, and you never have to remember to wear it. The temporary one I always forgot/didn't like wearing, but when I remembered, it was actually painful because my teeth had shifted in the interim.

Speaking of cosmetic interventions: I'm loving the restylane under my eyes. I don't even need under-eye concealer any more. Now that that skin is plumped up, the shadows are just gone.

I've got to go with permanent. I wish I had...!

Permanent. I had a permanent for my lower teeth, take in/out for upper. The temp one SUCKS!

Permanent. No question. My husband and I have each had ours for fifteen years. You forget it's there.

I had a temp one for the top, though. Glow in the dark! Very cool. Of course, I stopped wearing it after a year and my teeth changed.

I'd vote for the perm. What everyone says is true about the other (I now have the slightly crooked teeth to prove it).

I'm also assuming its easier to give Marko his, err, due and far more romantic than pausing to unhook plastic and metal from ones mouth in a moment of passion. Just an added thought.


Flossing is hell, though.

I'm with everyone here. I had a temporary reatiner and I didn't wear it faithfully and now I have one tooth that is out of place. However, I don't know how painful the permenant one is. How long do they leave that one on? Forever? I'm not sure I'd want it on forever...

My "permanent" retainer was removed after a few years and my teeth have not shifted in the twenty years since then. But I had braces for years and years growing up, basically from age 12 to age 18 -- much longer than Tertia, and at a different time of life. I don't know what they do for adults who wear braces only briefly.

Permanent, definitely.

I have the permenant type now. The only problem with this type of retainer is that it is difficult to floss behind. I use a little plastic floss threader to get through the gaps to floss. Otherwise I rarely even notice it. Once in a great while, food gets stuck in it, but not very often at all (nothing like having braces). AND you can't forget to put it in, and the dogs can't eat it. As a child I lost several retainers because the dog ate them.

Permanent, as proven by the fact that my upper teeth have shifted a bit due to noncompliance with the retainer and my bottom teeth are perfect and they have the permanent (has it really been 15 years?) though I am diligent about flossing around it-I have to stab the floss through or thread it using floss threaders, I find that if I keep up on it I can stab right through.

I have a permanent retainer on the bottom and can't even feel it. Hands down I'd say go with permanent. :)

For everyone who's having trouble flossing with a permanent retainer or braces:


It's floss with a stiff end so you can use that end to poke through and not have to use the loop threader.

Makes flossing between the retainer a snap.

Permanent. Otherwise you'll be too tempted to take out the temporary and you'll lose it, then your teeth will shift and it won't fit anymore and all that time in braces will be for nought.

Been there, don't do that.


I don't really like my permanent one that I have on the bottom teeth, BUT at least it's there. It doesn't hurt though, and removable retainers can be pretty uncomfy. I stopped wearing the removable one I got for my top teeth and they are no longer perfectly aligned. Still pretty straight, but not the perfect perfect semi-circle they once were. I definitely second (and third, and fourth) everyone saying to get floss threaders, or the special floss with a stiff end, oh, and I think using mouth wash helps keep the retainer clean.

I love this stuff: It's called "Super Floss"


It has a stiff end for threading, and a fatter fuzzy bit that cleans between teeth and behind the retainer really well.

I had braces ages ago and, unfortunately, did not wear my retainer when I got them off. As a result, I have a cute little overbite. Argh.

So there's that - but, my best friend has a permanent one, and it effects her speech. It makes her sound as if she has a lisp. I'm not sure if this is a common problem, though, or an occurance limited to her.

Permanent. Had the spacer retainer as a child on the bottom set and it was no biggie.

BTW, do not recall a lisp problem. Just having to brush the area very well (much easier than you must have to do now with full braces though.)

i used to spit mine out in the middle of the night. i'd go permanent. you won't forget it, spit it out, or lose it...

I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth and really, the only pain is the pain the ass of having to thread floss under the wire, but as everyone stated above there are far more benefits to having a permanent one than a removeable one.

Permanent. So easy, don't even think about it until you have to floss or something (popcorn kernels) gets stuck behind it, but it is wonderful.

Can't vouch for permanent, didn't have one, but I can say that I hated my removable so much that I only wore it a few times, and then my teeth rearranged themselves in the middle of the night.

The removable gave me headaches.

Permanent! I echo everything everyone has said here. Plus, I haven't worn my top retainer regularly for almost five years, and not at all since I lost it last year, and my teeth are still perfectly straight because my bottoms are held in place by the permanent wire retainer.

I think that if you go with the removable kind, especially in permanent-bottom and removable-top, the removable retainer teeth tend to shift a little, but you can't EVER forget your permanent one so it is kind of a nice stop-gap, literally!

Permanent. Definately - i think its a unanimous decision.

After i had my braces off after two years i got given a retainer for my bottom and top teeth to keep them in place.

Ever since they were fitted my top retainer didn't quite slot into place and mixed with how uncomfortable it was and forgetfulness, after 5 weeks or so, i stopped wearing them. I havn't worn them in about a month now. I can see the change in my teeth already.

Im going to try and get an appointment to see if they can be ajusted or whatever.

But i wondered if im early enough to save my teeth? As they have moved ever so slightly out of perfection.

Its worrying me that ive just wasted 2 years of discomfort for a month of comfort.

Feedback would be helpful.

if you have a retainer
can i get a picture of it

are the bottom ones really noticeable? my top teeth are straight but I now need on my bottom.

I just got my retainers last week, the clear removable kind. They are so annoying, more than braces, you have to take them out to eat anything.I cant bite down completly with them and they make my lips stick out, and I cant pronounce my s's right. I'm going to ask about the permanent ones the removable kind wont work apperently unless you wear them forever I'm scared my smile will go back to the way it was, it would be a shame to waste so much money...my dentist didnt even tell me about the permanent ones well just go with the permanent they seem to save a lot of hassel.

how long should you keep your
permanent in for? i have had mine in
for 3 years since i got my braces off.
Do you think my teeth will shift?

I've had my braces off for about a year and a half. I got a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth and a removable one on the top. The permanent one doesn't bother me much but my teeth have shifted some. I only had to wear my top retainer for the whole day for about 6 months. after that it was just in the nights.. then it was every second night then third, etc. But i would always forget my retainer (sometimes 2 or more weeks without wearing it) and so when i would put it in my teeth would hurt so much that i couldnt keep it in. Now im suppose to wear it every 6 days. The last time i went to my orthodonist i told him that i was concerned with my front teeth over lapping again. He didnt seem to see the problem like i did. I was not pleased with the way my teeth are now. I tried wearing my retainer every night but that seemed to make my teeth worse!I think the best way to go is with the permanent

Is it fun to have braces

is the permanent retainer going to be taken off after a few years or would it stay in ur mouth till the rest of your life? are you going to have to wear the permanent retainer till you are old or it would onyl take a few years?

I have a bit of a problem myself, if anyone would be so kind to answer.

I had braces for almost 3 1/2 years. Before, my teeth were horrid; my bottoms were all moved and my top two stuck out and almost crossed one another. I suffered gum issues [they were inflamed] which made it quite uncomfortable sometimes. But lo behold, the day I got my braces off was one of the best days of my life. I felt so great! My teeth were straight and perfect [though I had some white caps, or calcium deposits, but those are slowly going away].

However, I was dumb and I haven't been wearing my retainer. It's been nearly a year and some of my teeth have moved. Thankfully, nothing drastic. My bottom four seem a bit off, and my front teeth have a bit of a gap in them.

I tried putting on my retainer for a few nights now, and last night, it was horrid. I couldn't get them on properly [although with a few adjustments, I got them on, so it's not like I can't get them on] and I couldn't stop gagging. I think it's because the plate on the retainer that rests on the roof of my mouth. I just can't take it. I plan on meeting with my ortho soon. I'm not letting all the money spent on my teeth go to waste because I was foolish!

But my question is this: Should I have them re-size my retainers and possibly have the top palate shortend so it's not as bad? OR get permanent? I've seen some pictures, but not ones where I can get a good idea how they look. If anyone has a picture of what it looks like, that'd be great. Right now, I don't care if I look silly. I just want my teeth back to perfect!

what's the average cost of a permanant retainer

i have permanent bottoms. basically its a piece of wire that they glue along the inside of the bottom front teeth. you dont even notice it. get them! no hassle, u'll never forget to wear them cuz their always there.

heres a pic i found of them.

although, those look almost like the wire is in the tooth, which doesnt make sense. mine are glued on.

i have permanent bottoms. basically its a piece of wire that they glue along the inside of the bottom front teeth. you dont even notice it. get them! no hassle, u'll never forget to wear them cuz their always there.

heres a pic i found of them.

although, those look almost like the wire is in the tooth, which doesnt make sense. mine are glued on.

Please help!! my bottom teeth are perfect and so are my top teeth bar my front two teeth as the are slightly crooked. I was going to go with the removeable brace as it is 1000 euro cheaper and I cant afford the fixed. If I make sure that I keep them in all the time etc will this work for my teeth-like should it make them a bit straighter!?

Good day to all who post such valuable info. I am in need of help, great help. I had braces twice, once when I was 13 to 15 and then again at 18 to 19. My teeth have shifted and I was told that this happened because of a tongue malfunction: tongue thrust. I am going get brace for a third time and was wondering if a permanent retainer would be the way to go after the treatment? Please help. I just needed to know if the permanent retainer would be best and why.

My son recently had his braces taken off. His Ortho gave him the removeable retainer. When I asked why he was not getting the permanent retainer instead she said they don't recommend it for the top just the bottom. The Ortho said they dont feel comfortable with putting them on the top because of hygene situations. My son has had his removeable retainer now for 3 months and of course he doesnt wear them every day when he is at school. But wears them at nite and on weekends. Needless to say his teeth are shifting and the Ortho still will not put the permanent retainer in. Any suggesions??

When I got my braces off in 1995, my orthodontist gave me a rubber positioner for final adjustments. after a few months, he gave me a clear invisable retainer for the top and a permanent 3-3 wire retainer for the bottom.
If you get the bottom permanent, try to get clear wire, or just a single strand metal wire. I had a bracketet lower bonded retainer that really showed and looked ugly. Depends on the person, some people's lower teeth naturally tilt out more than others in their finished position. I had it removed in 1998. (broke my invisable in 2000) I do not reccomend permanents for the top since it would interfere with the bite for most people.
I got an upper and lower standard retainer to correct minor shifting (2006) and they massaged my teeth back into place in two months.
Answer, get and keep at least two copies of clear invisables for your upper and lower as a spare for night wear as much as needed, say nights then skip a few. Also make several sports rubber mouthguards as a backup- the kind that cover the whole tooth lengths top and bottom. If your teeth do not fit in the clear rigid plastic molds, (from neglect) use (bite into) the rubber mouthguards which are more forgiving to help move them back first. And always keep all your retainers and plaster casts that the ortho does not keep.

i have both.
im 14 and i had braces for 2 1/2 years.
i just got them off in october.
i have permanent on top and bottom
and then im supposed to wear the plastic ones for about 4 hours everyday for like 2 months.
at my 6 week appointment i get a whitening kit and im so excited.:D

I'm in need of some pretty major help. I have a removable retainer on the top from having braces six months ago; my teeth haven't moved, but from what I've read here, my situation is completely different.

Not only do I have a chunky removable retainer with a plate and everything, there is also a wire glued behind my top teeth!! Is this normal??

I looked after that wire with my life; flossing became difficult and I stopped for a while. In return for my care, the wire and the removable retainer has been making my gums fall apart on the inside of my top row. On the inside of my cheeks, they're sore, my tongue stings on either side making it impossible to eat most foods I enjoy and important dietary essentials like fruit, and I can't eat without my plate in because the gums are so flappy where the wire's glued.

For the last three days I have been living on plain white rice, milk, flat bread, cucumber and cereal with no sugar. The only fruit I can comfortably eat are bananas, and you learn to hate bananas after living on them for a while.
I'M FALLING TO PIECES!! D8 Can anyone relate to this problem or can offer any advice?? *goes to make weak milkshake*

If they did it right next time, I'd say permanent wire. I wouldn't put my worst enemies through this, it ain't fun!!

permanent retainers.
i'm pissed. they never even told me i was getting it.
i just like cried a river, lmfao. it...sucks. bad.
i have like a lisp. i can't wait to try to eat. -__-
i bet my gum chewing days are over. =[[[[
this sucks, getting all happy about getting dumb braces off, and then this.

I've just had my permanent ones put on, top and bottom!! So weird at first but can finally eat chewing gum, hard sweets, all the stuff that was difficult before. and, i know my teeth will never move!! i had a sligh lisp yesterday when i got them on, but 24 hours later it has nearly gone!! so worth it, def get permanent ones!!!!

My son had a permanent retainer on his bottom teeth. Three days later it started falling off. The ortho said he has to break up everything he eats and put it in the back of his mouth. Everything! including a soft sandwich. My son is typically very careful about these things, Well, she glued the retainer back on and the next day it started coming off again and he was not eating at the time. Before we could see the ortho again it was only held by one spot. She insisted it was what my son was doing. I insisted it was the way they were applying it. So in the end he came home from the ortho today with removable retainers. Everyone has said they never have a problem with permanents and the ortho must not be drying the teeth well enough. I'm done with that doc.

REMOVABLE - Permanent is such a hassle. I have had a a permanent retainer for 4 years as well as the removables that I wear every night. The "permanent" retainers are VERY far from actually permanent. In the last four years they have broken off 6 times - maybe I just have a crappy orthodontist, but having to go back in multiple times a year sucks. The removables on the other hand are easy, pain-free, and don't require any hassle with flossing or food getting stuck. I'm getting my permanent taken out.

I am wondering if anyone knows about "Ribbond" pemanent retainers?
I am looking for a metal free perm retainer and this seems like it.
I am not looking forwrd to years of retainer wearing for my whole life either, but I know for sure that metal in my mouth is the worst part of it for me.
SO I am looking for non metal retainers.
It is a bummer to be looking forward to having a more normal free mouth, but to then know you need retainers the rest of my life.

OMG! I do NOT have the permanent retainers but by God I am going to ask my dentist can I have them, and if he doesn't recommend them, I'm going elsewhere. I got my braces taken off about three weeks ago after having them on for about 2 years and 1 month, I hated everyday of that. I received a permanent retainer behind my two front teeth, but also a clear retainer for the bottom and yes the top too. I put the retainers on right after the braces were taken off and that had to be the most pain that I've ever felt in the entire process, it beat the damn spacers and those were unbearable. I couldn't stand the pain, it was, can't even explain it, no word to vocalize the amount of pain I was in. So I figured I would just wear them at night since they hurt so bad, but I would wake up in the middle of sleep with pounding headaches and my gums on fire. Taking them off even hurt and definitely clicking them back on discouraged me. SO, after a couple of days I was like forget this, I can't do it, it's not worth it. Needless to say, I told my dentist that my retainers didn't fit anymore, after like 2 weeks of not wearing them. He said my teeth moved and that I had to force them on and my teeth would go back in place. Can we say pain? I've had them on 24/7 since yesterday and I hate it. I hate them. I've had to take Aleve just to get through the day. I hate taking them off and having the nasty spit come with it, I can't speak right or say words with "s", I hate cleaning them, I definitely hate putting them back on. I would 100% go permanent, nothing can be worse than this... I'm so going permanent...

hi, i'm only young and i'm worried...that braces are going to ruin my life!....i'm getting train tracks in june and i need them for a year...and i need a retainor for another year....2 YEARS!!....will i ever be pretty with them??

PERMANENT!!!! Not even a close call. After two days you will never even know it is there. It is not painful at all.

I now have the removable ones and boy are they a pain.....if i take them off for one day my bottom front teeth start turning. I really want the permanent one but one tooth on the bottom has shifted and my orthadontist says my teeth have to be really straight in order to have it. I must say that since i have had the removable ones...my teeth dont look the same...i think their worse than when i had my braces removed!

get the permanent retainer! ive had my braces off for a few months now and its impossible to keep track of the removable retainer! ive lost it 4 times and was lucky to find them. i lost them for good yesterday though in SF and i cant afford a replacement! i feel so envious of everyone who has permanent retainers!

dont be me!!

Permanent, it is much better than removable one. thanks for the post.


I have clear retainers that I only wear at night. My teeth were so bad. I had almost everything you can think of when it comes to braces, jasper jumpers, elastics, retainers, but it was so worth it. The only problem is that I am getting tired of having to put them in at night. I am getting sick of wearing them.

Dental braces are a device used in orthodontics to align teeth and their position with regard to a person's bite. They are often used to correct malocclusions such as underbites, overbites, cross bites and open bites, or crooked teeth and various other flaws of teeth and jaws, whether cosmetic or structural. thanks for the post.


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