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What do husbands and thongs have in common? They are both a pain in the ass!
I would have done the exact same thing in that situation!
Thanks for making me laugh today Tertia!

Good grief. Sounds like your nephew needs to be told not to make rude observations, even if they are true.

By the way, you have missed a category in your current poll: no, have worn it out :(

Yeah, I'm with you there. Men get to walk around with boxers hanging out. It's maybe not ideal, but it's also not particularly revealing! THough I have to say I love thongs. But my grannie panties always end up thong-like (there's totally something wrong with my butt in this department, can not wear normal panties and have them stay where they should), so maybe it's just less material that I'm happy with.

Good grief. They are just panties. Who cares if someone gets a glance.

Nephew darling needs to learn a little discreetness. He stressed Uncle Marko out with his observation.

Thong panties.... well, it took a while to get used to those, but eventually I decided that if my ass was going to create a wedgie anyway, it might as well be a deliberate wedgie, then at least I would know to stop tugging at it!

I know someone getting some gauchos and skorts for Christmas! And I totally agree about the thong thing. All of my undies are black, cotton, Jockey string bikinis (the most comortable underwear in the world, and when they're clean they look clean, if you get my drift) I think I was watching Ashley Judd on Oprah a few years back, and something she said clicked. "They're like a wick transferring all your nasty stuff to areas you don't want nasty stuff in." (paraphrased) I hypothesize that infertility is more rampant since thongs were invented. (discuss amongst yourselves...)

I love you.

Just wear what you would let Kate wear.

Here's my bottom line (pun intended)... It's because you're so damn hot and sexy (g&d) that you're husband gets his own knickers all wadded up, even when you were forced to don kurdish yurts as apparel.

Thank you.

"So bloody what! It’s not as if I am flashing my naked cooter at every one"


Jon and Marko share the modesty thing. I am forever walking around my house naked, and he is forever reminding me that there are curtains open. I don't do it at night when they can see in, so what is the big deal? If they did happen to see me naked, they would look away in horror anyway, so I'm not worried about it. I can't even wear a shirt with a bit of cleavage without some srt of remark from Jon.

Oh, for f*ck's sake. What were you supposed to do--bend from the waist and show everyone your ass instead? God forbid anyone wearing pants might actually HELP you with the babes if they were so worried about your modesty.

Shame on those rude prudes and yay for your comeback! And yay for granny panties! I'd never wear anything else, myself.

You are so funny. So so so funny. And I agree - it is wonderful how our men criticize while we are tending the children. I would like to see my husband handle it. Our issue is that my granny panties (Victoria's secret, cotton, 5 for $20 variety) always stick out the waistband of my pants. Who cares. It's just underwear!

thank you, tertia. i will be working "i do not give a continental fuck" etc. into my active vocabulary at the first available opportunity.

The girls and I were discussing just the other day that thongs are the left-over cut-outs from when the mfr makes jocks. Neither can be comfortable.

I will also try to utilize "continental fuck" into my discussions as well.

I refer to thongs as butt floss... I am a Jockey, french cut fan, never could stand the thought of something up my butt all day. Don't even like the bikini cut, as they sit too low on my hips and feel like they are constantly falling down.

T0tally agree... for gawd sake... it's just a scrap of fabric... who CARES!!!

Yeah! Grannypants of the world unite. I also think thongs are an abomination. GPs in the UK apparently refer to them as "Shittystrings", and consider them a vector for vaginal infections (a stairway for all those bacteria best kept in the gut...). For a reason, I think.

Aw, man! Louise got to the butt-floss term before I did! Darn! I finally went out and bought new panties last week to replace the MATERNITY UNDERWEAR that I am STILL wearing while the child is 13 months old...they are just too darn comfy - like a parka for your butt, there's so much material!

Is that continental as in the whole continent of Africa, or continental as in European?
Even if it was your naked cooter, why does anyone care?

I wore skirts all summer, and yeah, I'd be a little careful about what direction I aimed my crotch when I squatted down in public, but whatever. I didn't expose my underwear to strange men, but at a family function? Those people should be able to deal with an occasional wardrobe malfunction.

Let me just say to Marko, I am green with envy that his wife can wear skirts short enough to have this particular problem! It is not an issue with me, because my thighs and ass are so porky and dimpled that I hide them in longer shorts/skirts, so no one thinks I am riding a pig.

See, if you only wear ankle-length skirts, you don't *have* this problem! You only have to worry about tripping and falling flat on your face while climbing stairs. And surely, Marko won't have any complaints about *that*?

I'm a Hanes Her Way cotton bikini brief kinda girl personally. Thongs never appealed to me but will wear one on occasion for the shock value. Not because it's sexy...there just so much white glowing ass sticking out he's like a deer in the headlights. I'm evil.

My husband (Marco w/ a "c") constantly points out that if he positions himself a certain way, and bends his head at a certain angle, then he can see my bra peeking out from my button down shirts. I, personally, don't give a rats ass, but he feels the need to point it out every time. I feel the same way you do - it's just a bit of boring beige fabric, not my tits! Besides, I would notice if someone were contorting their head like that to get a look!

ba ha ha ha "continental fuck" = GREATNESS.

And finally something we can disagree on (wink): I love thongs! Even wore maternity ones.

Can't believe I just blurted that little factoid out. Here's to hoping my comment gets lost somewhere in between the masses. roflol

Aren't men funny.
My husband would love to see my panties peeking, I'm sure. They are all different! How many times have we had to cop an eyeful of their package dangling out of short legs?? Not to mention watch them scratch & touch their genitals daily. Hmpff

I agree about not caring who the fuck sees my panties, but, i would also have a problem with you dropping the "f-bomb" in front of little Johnny.
I have a v.v.bad potty mouth and will forever have to think twice about what i say soon (my kids are only 10 months old, so, i still have a few more good months of swearing left in me!).

Gah! He definitely needs to focus on the more important things. My mother has a similar hangup about bra straps being "trashy". Actually told me outright I'd be raped by a stranger if I went out wearing a tank top that let my bra strap show.

I think you handled it very well, I'd have thrown much more of a tantrum, and possibly suggested that he try doing the same job in the same skirt before he passed judgement.

You know... in my efforts to divert my attention from my lone dividing embryo over at the lab... I've given this topic serious contemplation today.

And... all I can figure is this... Marco might object to the fact that your underwear gives the SUGGESTION of what lies within. Because you get a sense of the general shape of the area... which then leads me to wonder... does he have an issue when you wear Yoga pants or sweat pants?? Because... by following the panty logic... one would think that following the line of the thigh up towards your crotch, where it culminates in that distinctive 'V' shape... is really MUCH more suggestive than a scrap of fabric one might glimpse upon crouching. In fact... to avoid any suggestion of things Yonnic... you might be best suited to wearing knee length bloomers underneath ankle lenth prairie skirts... that should solve the problem.

Do you think infertility had an effect on your modesty level? I was never very modest to begin with, but I definitely am less so now, after having to display my cooter to all and sundry for wandings etc. I can't even be bothered to put anything on when I walk by our window at night on my way to the bathroom. Am totally with you about thongs, but how to deal with the VPL when wearing thin pants?

I am a former Granny Panny wearer. I started butt flossing 4 years ago and NEVER looked back! I know it's hard to imagine but they really are more comfortable. The trick is to get a thin string and give it three days (changing them out of course). It's kind of like wearing your seat belt in the car.. you don't really "feel" your seatbelt do you?

For the first couple of days you are very aware of it, but then not at ALL! I promise!

You guys should try it,, you'll never go Granny again!

haha yes! boo thongs! i'm just not down with having a wedgie all day - i'm plenty sexy without having to subject myself to that discomfort, thank you!


I guess Marko would be REALLY embarrassed by yours truly. I prefer my husbands underwear! So comfy, cover all and no panty lines!

First of all - werd on the flossy gitch*.

Secondly, I think it's part of the pregnancy phenomenon. For me, it started after labour began and once it did, it was irrevocable. I have almost no bodily shame left. I suspect the same thing happened to you.

*local term for underwear. See also: gotch.

Funny thong story -

While doing work experience for midwifery my first patient for the day was a young muslim woman (10 days past due) who came in completely covered up in black so you could only see her eyes. She was asked to undress from the waist down and the midwives asked her husband if that would be okay and if he would prefer her to have a female doctor. After meeting with him outside her room we went back in to find her completely naked except for a bright pink thong. She stayed like that for her entire delivery before eventually putting on a singlet before her parents came in. She was hilarious.

I used to wear thongs all the time, I have a whole draw of them. I still do, occasionally. But then I found Hanes Microfiber Brief at Target. They are the best thing ever. Not only they cover all the bits, they don't have panty line, doesn't matter what you wear.

that's the answer to all your problems. Get yourself some bloomers!

Good thing you aren't me Tertia, I would have given up that job immediately!! Next time you go out, Marco gets to do the 'squat'. You wouldn't want to show your panties to ANYONE, would you? Ha, have done that type of trick so many times my hunk won't say anything like that!!

Awww I'm in such bad shape since having my second I've graduated from granny pants (which I LOVE) to elastic bike pant things. Oh God, how embarrassing. Do you remember the sweet chick wearing them in St Elmo's fire, and Rob Lowe hassling the shit out of her for it? Yeah, that's me.

A man or a sadist invented G strings. Evil, evil, evil.

Yay for you, flash away I say. What's a bikini, anyway? Just a pair of undies, but totally on show. How are your Reg Grundies any different?

"Continental fuck"


I could not love this more.

Ha! This totally reminds me of a children's book we have by Kaz Cooke - The Terrible Underpants. Poor girl has to wear her holey, stained, baggy undies, and the whole world gets to see them, and laughs at her... so she takes them off - problem solved!

I would've had Marko down on the floor attending to the babes quick smart!

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