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Is there anything wrong with letting Adam have "quiet" play time in the crib while she naps? Maybe let him have a board book or something? Keep him a bit focused, not fussy. He's not sleeping, but he's still resting a bit.

Can't say. My little sod #1 stayed awake all day from 3 weeks of age, little sod #2 dumped two naps at around 6 months, and little sod #3 just slept whenever- I have no idea when, but she's a better sleeper than the older two. Busy times ahead, T.

hi babe

at 21 months, 18 months adjusted, mine are still napping from 8.45am-9.45am and from 12.30-2.30pm daily.

not that they fall asleep instantly. there is a lot of chatter some days.

i agree, having them on two scheds is very tough. why not keep adam in the room with kate unless he starts interrupting her nap? just as adults feel rejuvenated just lying down and resting, even though he's not sleeping, that down time for him is probably beneficial.

thanks for the comments on the kids....yes sebastian is a little "mini he"...kind of like adam! and your favourite carys is certainly a busy girl these days.

Well...my daughter gave up her morning nap around 13 months. By two she was having a 3 hour sleep in the afternoon! I was so sad when the morning nap went, it was my time to have a shower, go to the loo, make a phone call, get stuff ready to go out. My son is almost 12 months now. He tried the idea of giving up the morning nap, but didn't last long and is now back to two. One at 9.30 for about an hour, one in the arvo for about an hour and a half.

Funny thing is though, I WANT him to give up the morning nap! It's so much easier having the mornings free to go out. You head out the door early, get back for lunch, then they sleep in the afternoon. Bit of a play then it's dinner, bath, bed. Seems so much easier to fill in a day, and you can actually get out of the house.

When my daughter gave up her afternoon nap as well (just before her third birthday) I thought I'd never cope, but I love it now. We can go anywhere, any time and time doesn't matter. I'm not watching the clock.

As for twins, I really don't know. I think it would be hard to keep Adam in his cot for long if he's not sleeping. Maybe he could have quiet time somewhere else? I think I'd be reluctant to cut Kate's sleep if she really needs it. Soon enough they'll be on the same schedule anyway, when she's ready. Good luck!!

Panicked - that's what I did if the boys seemed to want two different schedules! Flip, it was difficult enough with two babes on one schedule! I always tried to steer them back onto the same schedule. I used to rock and sing until the non-sleepy one finally slept! (Mad woman, I am.) I found that if they didn't take both naps they were very, very grumpy and then their second nap and bedtime were also a disaster.
Try to make the first nap half an hour later, and then you might have to do the same for the second.
We only dropped the two naps when they were between 18 and 20 months old. They still have one nap for one to two hours now, at 31 months.
So glad Rose is doing well and is so pleased with the result!

Yasha seems to have quit her 2 nap schedule and then she is justy so grumpy at dinnertime..She is only 6 hours your than adam and kate....

I so loved 2 naps (upside is I get out af the house sometimes ;-)

Try adjusting the schedule, as Ilse says, to find a time that is a good compromise for both babes. Our trio did not stop the morning nap until about 20 months, or 18 months adjusted age. Then the afternoon nap got longer. Warning: nap transition stages are difficult, and may last for a couple of months until a comfortable new routine is found.

It is hard when they seem to have different needs! Separating them at nap time might help, so at least you can see (and record for a week) what their body-clock naturally wants to do. Then you can try to manipulate one child a bit earlier, one a bit later until they coincide more or less.

Best wishes,
from a mom of 5 year old triplets,

I KNOW I'm in the minority here, but I've never really tried to keep mine on the same schedule--my little girl would sleep all day if I'd let her and my little boy simply doesn't need as much sleep as her. While it's definitely more work because there is rare down time, I enjoy getting to spend one-on-one time with each while the other naps or whatever. Today, they woke up at the same time and went down for their morning nap at the same time, so I feel lucky. If one goes down for a nap and the other is nowhere near wanting one and I need some "me" time, I just let the other one play on his/her activity mat. It keeps them occupied and happy, so it works for me.

HellBoy isn't twins (though sometimes seems like it), but he does go to daycare, where they like the toddlers to nap on the same schedule if possible. At around 11 months he consolidated to one midday nap under their influence -- at around noon they turn down the lights, put the kiddies in seats, and rock them all -- and it's rare that more than one or two out of eight or nine stays awake. He sleeps one and a half to two hours. He will sometimes take another nap around 5 or 6 if we let him, but it's at the cost of shifting bedtime till 10 or so -- not ideal.

Maybe his routine is just a little messed up with Rose absent and everything being a little different for a few days? Perhaps he can pick up on all the excitement.

You know..my nanny can always get the twins to sleep at the same time.

I can't.

So I've decided to use nap times as one-on-one times rather than get-stuff-done times. And during the rare times that they do sleep at the same time, I get on my computer and read blogs. I mean I get on the computer and work really hard.

I think it depends on the day honestly. Some days my son takes 2 long naps(2-4 hours) other days he only has one 3 hours nap. Growth spurts usually increase his desire to sleep, in between times he just sleeps enough. My toddler, he never napped well, but was down to one nap a day fairly early on(15months). Now, he's almost 4, and still needs that one nap a day, but it requires excessive force to get him to take it, and he's usually pretty annoying by dinner time if I don't.

I was THRILLED when my twins went to one nap! I think they were right around a year old. It's hard to remember. They went from taking two short naps to taking one loooooooong glorious nap! It was so liberating because it was much easier to plan around.

I always had mine on the same schedule. Maybe it was easier because they are the same gender.

I would try holding off the morning nap for as long as possible. Hopefully they will start stretching out that afternoon nap. Mine used to nap for 3.5 hours. I miss those days! They are three now and naps are a thing of the past, unless they conk out in the car!

Good luck and Happy Birthday!!!!

I think it all depends on the child.

A lot of them seem to drop the second nap in exchange for a longer, late morning nap.

Good luck.

I feel your pain..........my one daughter has always set the pace for herself and her twin sister - she definitely needs less sleep than her sister, always has. When you decide to try and get them to one nap, my advice is to keep them as busy as possible in the a.m. so they're too busy to realize they missed their a.m. nap. We would run errands (short car trips though so they don't catnap in the car) go to the park, go for walks, etc. Then lunch, and down for nap. Once they're used to one nap you'll probably find you can move it later a bit, but in the beginning we'd have to feed ours lunch a little earlier than usual and put them down right afterwards -they just couldn't make it to their 'normal' afternoon nap time at first.

The whole nap transition thing this was one of the hardest things about twins for me personally - but honestly, this 'in between' phase won't last for very long, I promise. And at 2 yrs old I am not facing the fact that one of my girls won't nap at ALL some days... I'm absolutely petrified of the day they eliminate naps all together, so don't ask me what I'll do then, lol!

HTH, good luck!

My triplets were a little over a year old when two of the three gave up their two naps. The third needed two naps, but it just was not going to work to have them on two different schedules each day. So I went ahead and made the slow transition. It took 1-2 months (don't recall the precise timeframe), and it was not smooth. Some days were two-nap days, some were one-nap days. Some days I *did* have two different nap schedules happening (ARGH!!!). But I took it slow & easy and eventually everyone was on the same page once again.

My sincere advice to you is to make sure you're not misreading Adam's nap cues, or lack thereof. Make sure he's not teething and just needing some pain relief. Make sure he's not hungry due to a growth spurt or simply having an overall increased appetite. Make sure that this is really happening before you go down a road neither of your babies are ready for.

I just discovered your blog and am catching up a bit here. My twins gave up the two nap a day thing at @23 months when they started in a new class at the daycare center. This toddler class has a structured midday nap for all the little monsters. They're now 26 months and my son is threatening to give up naps entirely (monster!) while my daughter would sleep all day if he'd let her. I have to admit, I miss the twice daily 2 hour nap. I get so much less done now.

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