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I tried the shaving thing and didn't like it as it seemed to make the hair thicker and it itched like a fucker! Last year I started getting Brazillians and they've changed my life! well not really. It is quite painful-the first time I was in a major sweat! Now however, there isn't as much hair and I can get everything done in about 15-20 minutes and its so much nicer than shaving. It does itch at first I do remember that but as the hairs get thinner it doesn't itch as much and last much longer and now it doesn't itch AT ALL. I get them every six weeks and husband is much appreciative!

Can't shave... no way.... I'll walk around scratching like I have some kind of crotch-rot. Oh. My. God. The itch.

I've had it waxed twice. It was a kind of delayed pain. It stung a bit after (only for a few minutes, though) but then felt luxuriously clean and comfy afterward. I HIGHLY recommend it.

I used to wax mine myself and one of the most depressing things about my new "mommy body" are the fucking god-damned stetch marks that go all the fucking way down making waxing terrible now. Cause let me tell you, waxing a stretch mark? Bad idea what with all the bleeding involved. Very bitter, I love a nicly waxed cooter.

I've heard great things about the Brazilian--had one once and it was SOOO painful, so I never became a fan. I can't deal with the itching when I shave, so now I just trim v short with clippers. That's good enough at this fat, ugly point in my life.

Sorry -- I sent this to Tertia via email, but feel so strongly on the topic that I had to tell all her readers, too:

Waxing is soooo much better than shaving.

The first few times you do it, you do feel a sting, but it's only the first few times, and the sting hurts only briefly and not very much, especially if you have someone else wax you.

Having someone else do it is key: they hold the skin taut and pull off the wax off really fast and cleanly and it just doesn't hurt.

It's actually kind of pleasant, if you go to a nice spa, because they stroke these pleasant-smelling products on your skin before & after & the whole thing is v. relaxing. You feel pampered. And it's by far the cheapest spa service you can have. I go to a very fancy spa and this service is practically free compared to their other services. So you get to feel luxurious & spoiled without spending very much money.

Also, the first few times I did it, when I was in my twenties, I couldn't afford to have someone else do it, and so I did it myself. It did sting, because without someone else holding the skin taut, the skin stretched and pulled with the wax when I yanked it off, and the stretching slowed down the process, which made it hurt more. The first two times I also got some bruises where the follicles bled under the skin. Again, I stress, it's worth it to pay someone to do it for you, even if you're feeling poor, because even the bruising won't happen if you have someone else do it (or at least, not as much) because they know how to apply pressure to prevent bruising.

Most importantly, whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it, once you get past the first few times, and if you keep doing it, what happens is those follicles become traumatized and almost completely stop producing hair. Pretty soon, the hair on your body will become very sparse and fine and practically invisible and you aon't have to wax or shave or do anything about it more than a couple times a year. And on those rare occasions when you do wax you'll feel nothing because the hairs that you're having yanked out will be so few and so fine. I now have to have myself waxed only about once every six months. In fact, I just checked my body hair as I wrote this, and although I do have some faint traces of body hair, it's practically invisible -- it's about as thick as the hair on my forearms, which you can't see unless the light hits it just right. Even with my glasses on I can hardly see it.

Waxing is totally the way to go. Pretty soon you have a pre-adolescent body -- at least in terms of body hair, lol. Plus you never have ANY razor stubble!

I salute you people. My cooter is au naturel, because I am afraid to go anywhere near it with a sharp object.
And Victoria, I know you are trying to convince people of the benfits of waxing, but I got as far as "...bruises where the follicles bled under the skin..." and I realized I would chicken out, even with a highly paid professional.

Again, I salute you all. I am truly impressed.

I don't know about waxing, but since you tried Botox, you might be interested in laser hair removal. For $200US total, I am getting rid of my armpit hair forever. The place I go to also removes leg, cooter, and other hair. It's not cheap, and it takes a few sessions, but it is for life.

Bwock! Bwock! I'm with Monique here - big fraidy-cat and can't handle any of this...oooh scary!

I'd love a Brazilian, but one, OW! and two, I'm a littled skeeved about having someone I'm not shagging fussing around my cooter and butt. ***When they offer laser treatments with general anesthesia, I'll be on board.***

SO...I use a great dipilatory powder you mix yourself into a cream - great for total smooth hair removal, but I think the waxing thing might last longer.

my friend swears by waxing. i'm yet to try it as i'm chicken shit. but i can imagine the nice, clean feel of it all! :)

My friend works in a spa and does waxing, every spa she has ever worked in the #1 dreaded appointment they get is the cooter waxing, she also does massages, eyebrow waxing, facials, lip waxing and even waxed a few men. I can't afford waxing so that's why I tried shaving. I have for a long time and after you do it for several months it is much easier,the itch totally goes away, now it's just as easy as shaving my legs.

I agree with Monique and Judy. Laser is the way to go. I had tried waxing but never could really get over the pain and then I discovered laser. It´s the best, I started with the bikini line and then moved on to other areas, so now I´m hair free!

Usually I just buzz it with a clipper and leave a little five o'clock shadow (avoids the itch of shaving it bald and I am too poor/chickenshit to ever wax). But lately? I've let it grow out alarmingly because sweet jesus people, I've had three children in the past four years and the LAST thing I want to do is attract any attention from the husband! Unfortunately I married a sick, sick man and he could care less.

Also, Tertia, don't you have that chicken-y looking skin around your bellybutton? Or does that only happen if you pork up and gain 70 pounds like...er...a friend of mine. Yeah. I can't picture having a navel ring after children, but maybe you've had that nipped and tucked or something?

heh heh - to 'the last thing you want near your cooter is a small prick'.

To all those with bald cooters/brazilians - if doing IVF or frequent visits to ob gyn, did you not mind jumping into the stirrups with a bald cooter. I would be embarrassed although I know there is no real reason. I preferred the little bit of privacy provided by the forest.

Although the condition of one's vag is a rather personal thing it is not with out cultural significance as well. I have tried the shaved, bald, plucked look but was creeped out by the very appearance Victoria mentioned--prepubescent.

As an American I live in a Lolita culture and with a daughter and another on the way, I am sickened by the fetishizing of the prepubescent body. I am also struck by how female shaving--legs and armpits--is a recently new phenomenon--the first advertising campaign was in 1915 and shaving was promoted as hygienic. In the US hairless has also long been associated with eugenical physical standards--white (superior) people are relatively hairless and dark (inferior) people are hairy and less eugenical.

Am I alone with my my worry about the Lolita culture?

I agree, the Lolita culture is gross.

I don't like body hair because it is itchy & tends to hold odors & also, well, it's not intrinsically attractive. But I agree, the fetishization of pre-pubescent bodies is disturbing.

What's this business about Lolita? My husband doesn't give a damn what I do with my bush. (And nobody would mistake the rest of my body for anything prepubescent!) Last spring, I started shaving (for me, not for a man). It was kinda itchy for the first month, and underwear seams bugged me. Since then? Totally fine. No itching at all, no ingrown hairs. And I just bought (but haven't yet used) an electric shaver for the nether regions. A friend has advised me to splay myself out on a big towel and put my husband to work shaving the nooks and crannies I can't reach, and he's looking forward to it. I do like the cleaner feel—was never a fan of blood stuck in hair!

Also, this weekend I went to Inverness, Florida—home of the Cooter Festival! (That's what they call a local variety of turtle.) They sell t-shirts that say "Save a fish, eat a cooter."

I just can't believe I am going to post this on a blog.. Thank goodness my family doesn't read the blog comments I make.

I shave my cooter. Though at the most its every other day, because the razor burn hurts like a bitch. Sorry but I hate the whole not enough stubble to be able to cut enough not to be nice and smooth. The week the witch is here I don't shave and then when shes gone, that first shave is soo nice.

I would love love love to have it waxed. I dont have the guts to do it myself. Tried once, got one strip pulled off, went to do another, and couldn't bring myself to rip that focker off. The first strip hurt me so badly. Yes it was I couldn't hold the skin tight, and rip at the same time. I have all but begged my husband to help wax me. But he refuses. He was selfish enough to refuse to help me shave during my last months of pregnancy.

Maybe I should start Cooter fund, to fund a professional wax.. What do you think?

Angelia, haha I loved your post, my family doesn't read either but I'm with you on the every other day and the week of so don't feel alone on that one. And like Orange I did it for myself, no one else and the last thing my husband sees me as is a "pre-pubescent body". I guess I'm very niave on that one since most of my friends do shave and most young people today shave or wax. It's all personal preference and what makes you feel better.

I did the Brazilian thing on a trip to L.A. -- I figured Beverly Hills would be the place where they'd really know their stuff, and there was no way I'd run into the person again in real life. It was kind of fun, though I took some pharmaceuticals beforehand in case it hurt too much, so maybe that colored my experience. It didn't seem prepubescent to me -- just smooooth. Sadly, I just couldn't maintain the upkeep on my newly discovered property, and it has fallen into weedy disrepair once more.

I tried shaving twice, to surprise boyfriends. Ok the 1st day but the resulting stubble caused irritation not only to me but also to them!

Tried trimming myself with scissors but even with a mirror I ended up cutting a tiny bit of my skin *off* because I could not quite see what I was doing. Never again.

Could not imagine waxing, not because of the pain factor but because I would feel really weird having some random young woman all up in my crevices, no matter if she is a "licensed aesthetician" and sees cooters "all the time." I think that makes it worse.

Currently my fiance uses scissirs to trim me down to putting green length (more than 5 o'clock shadow but not long enough to curl) whenever I am deemed too bushy. Some times this results in sex but mostly it is a business-like but loving maintenenace thing, like me cleaning his ears.

And personally, I do like this look better because a bare cooter just looks too much like a 6 year old (hips and boobs not withstanding) and it gives me the willies to think my partner would be excited by that imagery.

my boyfriend recently offered to shave me i didn't want him too because i had memories of the last time i shaved. i said i would have it waxed (without reading this page) tried to do it myself and had some of the same problems as you all. i was shocked! i drew blood, that never happened when i had my eye brows done. it looked so bad i ended up shaving it all off. what was my other choice? go to a professional? i have the same aforementioned problems. it seems just as bad as if they see cooters all day long. then i look like a woman that obvioulsy cant maintain my own cooter. so as i'm doing it i'm thinking, when i'm done i continue thinking. i like the way it looks i like the way it feels, aside from the itching, right now which i know will go away through maintenance, but i can't stop thinking about why he was so ampted on me doing it. i get grossed out i won't even let him see i think it is something about a 12 year olds body (not that mine resembles one either) but thats all i can think about when i see it. is this my issue or his?

Shaved my pubes once...once! Ever try shavin hair off a giant nut sack? And if thats not bad enough wait til the shit starts growin back n your balls start to churn from a raging hard-on,oh yeah that feels really good for about a week! Think I'll just stick w/ hairy balls thank you very much!

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tried the Brazilian thing-it took 4 quarts of wax and then they found out I produced a candle the size of the Eiffel Tower-DAMN

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