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I want to be good and say "I'd just hang up" but knowing me I'd probably listen for a minute to figure out where he was. Then I'd probably yell really loud into the phone "hello...!!!! Can you hear me????"

Once I accidentally dialed his number from my cell (hit a button while it was in my purse) and he heard me telling our daughter what a waste of time our trip to Best Buy was and that the sales person was a moron. Ooops..she was 3 at the time. Hee.

I'd listen. If he's stupid enough to dial my number by accident (especially since he has a flip phone), then I have every right to know what's going on.

If my husband were cheating on me, I'd want to know. And if he was out bitching about me, I'd want to know so that I could evaluate and fix if necessary. And if he was out being a total dork, I would want to razz him on it the next time I saw him.

I'm just too damn nosy. If a stranger accidently dialed my phone I would listen. I'm rude that way.

I would hang up.
Right after I listened to what he ordered for dinner at the very expensive steak house.

It happened.

I'd probably first try to get his attention by screaming his name as loudly as possibly (I just like the mental of him looking shocked when he hears his name being called from him pants pocket.)

Then, if he doesn't hear me, I'd listen.

I'd probably first try to get his attention by screaming his name as loudly as possibly (I just like the mental image of him looking shocked when he hears his name being called from him pants pocket.)

Then, if he doesn't hear me, I'd listen.

My husband does this. All. The. Time. Or, he'll put me on hold by putting the phone down, and forget that I'm still on the phone. If I don't have anything else to do, I'll listen. I find him very interesting to listen to. :) I have yelled out his name a few times to get his attention but he's never once heard me.

Hello. My name is Dani. I am an eaves-dropper. ;-)

DH has done this a couple of times. The first time, I listened...mostly because I was getting a kick out of hearing him sing along with the radio (he was in his car...commuting to work). He sounded like such an idiot trying to sound like some rock star (he is a singer...but a classical-only kind of guy). Second time...I was just annoyed to be bothered and hung up.

This has happened quite a few times to me (my friends, not my DH). I would try to get his attention by yelling his name, but if he didn't hear me I might listen for a few seconds before hanging up. I would feel too guilty to listen a long time! Of course, if I had a friend w/ me we may listen to get a laugh from it!

It looks like I'm in the minority on this too. I hate hearing stuff I'm not meant to hear. I don't ever want to know what people say behind my back. I never poke around on my husband's computer, either -- I wonder how common that is, come to think of it?

DH always forgot to hang up his phone, so I'd hear him stuff it into his shirt pocket and then go about his way. It was always so innocent, shuffling through the hospital, talking with other doctors, welcoming patients into a room, but I got a little warm glow hearing him going about his day in a place I wasn't allowed to visit. In a bar, or with friends, I don't think I'd keep listening. Well, depending on what they launched into... :)

Dh does that all the time. Usually, his phone is clipped to his belt and all I hear is mumbling. I listen for a few secs and usually yell "hello" loudly, then I hang up. That costs us minutes and I don't want to pay for it!

I'd hang up....if I didn't hear anything or it was garbeled. If it was good and clear I'd listen to every single word and commit them to memory to replay them at a later time. For us - it would be funny.

A variation of this happened to me a couple years ago. I called my husband on his cell phone - he was at a bar after work with some friends. Well I guess it was so loud in there that he didn't hear it ring, but somehow the phone picked up on its own. So I could hear his conversations. Of course I listened! I yelled into the phone trying to get his attention, but that didn't work so I finally hung up. Then I freaked him out later by quoting what he and his friends were saying. It was nothing bad, but I think he was a little nervous.

I'd listen for a few minutes out of curiousity, but then I'm sure I'd get bored and hang up. It would never occur to me to listen in case he was cheating on me.

I`d listen. I might (probably would) confess to him later that I`d listened. But.... I`m interested!
Curiosity killed the cat. If I were a kitty, I would be a dead kitty.

It's actually happened to me before, but I couldn't really make out any words because it was too muffled. Funnier, tho, was when I was a receptionist and one of the account managers had tried to call in through the back-line to check his voice-mail. He must have forgotten or something, because there was a recording on the general incoming voicemail of him in the background bitching at his wife for nagging him about his driving. It was quite funny.

listen. Not that we should, but we share almost everything anyways. He would just think it was funny. If something was said that I wasn't supposed to hear, than we should discuss it anyways, if it was going to affect "us".
Actually, this has happened a few times because my husband can be a dork. I never heard anything juicy though.

Actually, this is the way my SIL found out that my BIL was cheating on her. He called her while he was hanging out with some friends, forgot to cut off communication and she just kept listening in... while he described that he would take a certain girl for some "loving" in his old Chevy car... The Chevy car he bought AFTER they were married! My SIL was outraged and they were separated for several years until she was able to forgive him. True story.

Oh, and I would totally listen in -- if my DH were dumb enough to repeat his brother's mistake!

Oh, yeah, I'd definately listen for a bit and repeatedly scream into the phone as well, hoping he'd hear. But, after a while I'd eventually hang up. The reality is, most of the conversations my hubby has with his brother or friends aren't that interesting to me anyways, involving sports, work or his brother's lack of love life. They can keep that between themselves.

Hello again. Back from evacuating from hurricane Wilma. Everything is a bloody mess. I am currently hooked up to the generator to get my Tertia fix:)
In answer to your question, I had that happen, and I listened for about 10 minutes before I got bored and hung up. I would definitely listen again 'though!

I would definately listen.

Life's too short not to have a little fun!

We have a friend whose ass used to call us all the time. The first time, his ass left a voicemail for us. We listened to it, trying to figure who/what it was. It was quite funny when we realized it was our friend, and we could make out some things he was saying.

After that, every time his ass would leave a voicemail, we deleted it without listening, and if his ass called us and we answered, we would hang up on his ass.

He got a new phone and now his ass doesn't call anymore. It never visits, it never writes. ::sigh::

I called my DH at work on his cell a few weeks ago and he tried to turn off the ringer (it was after hours but he was still in a meeting), but instead he answered the phone. It was actually quite humorous. I don't think I would have listened in had I not known he was in this meeting so I knew it would be boring work stuff. And it was BORING. Ugh. After a few minutes I hung up, but it was funny to see the look on his face when I started quoting stuff from the meeting to him!

No, would not listen. And would hope he has the same respect for me.

My gawd. Some of those cell phone stories are frightening! Can you imagine hearing your hubby propositioning someone?! The heartbreak.

I'd almost certainly be confused so I'd probably end up listening for a minute or so while I was trying to work out what was going on. Then once I'd twigged I'd try to get someone to realise that the phone had dialled out by yelling 'hello' a lot. Then I'd shrug and hang up. I wouldn't listen on purpose.

Okay..I first read this this morning and I was totally lost. No coffee yet. Called your number by accident..would you listen? HUH? I was feeling rather dumb there for a bit.

Now that I'm playing with a full deck I would soooo listen...because I'm nosey that way.

A few years back..before hubster something like that happened with an exboyfriend...before cell phones. He thought he had hung up the phone at work but hadn't...I could hear him talking to co-worker about what he got me for Christmas. I felt terribe but boy I was happy with my present!

I feel like I've been eavesdropping already! (Sorry for the intrusion!) I've read your blog for a many moons but I've never commented ... your polls finally grabbed me! I just can't resist!
I would absolutely listen. My hubby is a bit on the non-talkative side, so if I could get some insight into his world by listening in, I would be all for it. I'm sure it wouldn't last long though. Probably all I would hear would be chatter about sports and politics — I would get bored and hang up for sure. For whatever that's worth.
Oh, and in an earlier poll you asked about mascara. The best mascara I've ever tried is Max Factor Stretch and Separate. The stuff is amazing.

My DH does that ALL the time. I end up with 15 minute messages on the answering machine filled with him chatting away at the pub..usually I listen for a minute then delete it.

I would listen. I am confident in my DH so I wouldn't even think I would hear something that I shouldn't. What a horrible thought. I would also start hitting buttons on the phone to make it fun.

I am with you. I trust my DH completly and I do not want to hear anything that would make me change that in any way. That is my choice.

This has happened to me a few times and I always hang up. I hate the thought of hearing something I shouldn't, or something that might hurt me (although I trust him totally). I would hope that he would hang up too.

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