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Those truly are too gorgeous babies. You are one lucky woman.

I mean TWO gorgeous babes. You just can't be TOO gorgeous!

Take a good look at Adam's right hand in the first picture. What is it with boys and this gesture? My nephew's son did the same thing as a baby, my nephew (18 at the time) picked the "finger" picture to have enlarged and sent to everyone. I guess Owen thought it was funny.... The babes are extremely cute and happy with a 5 AM wake-up time. I wish I could be as excited when the alarm goes off at that time. (groan), quick shower then online to read your blog before I go to work (now that's exciting, not the shower, but the "read your blog" part)

Look at how they have grown!

Simply gorgeous!

Oh, it's not just boys. Here's one of our favorite pictures of our sweet little girl when she was only 4 weeks old.


Nice, huh?

Your kids are AMAZINGLY precious, T. Have a great day!

gosh , Tertia. they really are absolutely adorable. such character, very distinct features. I don't know who you will have to be more worried about once they are teenagers :o)

Oh my goodness Tertia, they are scrumptious. Eat them up with a spoon delicious!!

Oh my golly gosh Tertia,

They are just so achingly beautiful. Your little Kate seems to be such a bright button, and is her hair getting darker? If I remember rightly, she was always fair?

Those are 2 gorgeous babies T. Kate is absolutely beautiful. And Adam? I just want to smother that adorable little face with kisses. They truly are G & D!

Oh they are so happy and adorable!

They get cuter by the minute!

They look more alike in these pictures than in others. They look like twins.

Well, now aren't they just the happiest babies! Of course they are. They have you, Rose, Marco, and each other!

too much fun!

Oh.my.goh Tertia! Your babes are so adorable! I love their sweet sweaters. I can just hear their tiny little voices full of glee as they smile and play. So CUTE!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. We all love 'em :)

Look how they are interacting! How fun.

Your babies are beautiful.

Lookit those grins! Those are some HAPPY G+D babes right about there.

That sixth picture is so bloody cute. :D

They look like TWO VERY HAPPY BABIES! They are so adorable!

Ahhhhh......these two look just heavenly this morning.
Both gorgeous and divine. Wow. You will have some beautiful memories with them.

I see they got Mum's sense of humour.

I think I saw the sun just go a shade dimmer.


I could get up early for that! What cuties!

Soooooo beautiful!!!!

And so happy!

OMG!!! Those are the cutest kids ever! I would hate to go to work too. I understand you completely on that point!


What a wonderful sight it was to wake up to smiley new pics this morning! These really were a treat today. :)

I love the way Kate always has the big open-mouthed gummy smile.... and her eyebrows always raised like she's excited.... OMG... just too flippin' cute!

The pic where it looks like Adam is telling Kate all about his toy... it speaks a thousand words. It goes along with the way he always looks like he's soaking everything in around him. I'll bet he ends up being the "teacher" of the two.... showing his sister the ropes. heh, heh, heh.

Love them, squeeze them, enjoy them. No wait... you are obviously already doing that. Who whips out a camera in the wee hours of the morning to show off their babes? You seem to be making the best of every moment. You obviously listen when people tell you how it goes by oh so fast.

Good Mommy. :)

Gorgeous, divine, beautiful, phenomenal, your children are fabulous Tertia.

Gorgeous, divine, beautiful, phenomenal, your children are fabulous Tertia.

Lalala lovely babies. You are truly a lucky woman. Enjoy every moment you can! Hugs...

What a party!

You should post pics and ask for captions.

Does Marko realize he'll have to forfeit his closet space to accommodate all of the photo albums?

Those are two gorgeous, happy babies!

That 1st pic on the second row is BEYOND adorable. I've never seen two babies who you can look at and know without a doubt their sex. Adam LOOKS like a boy and KATE looks like a girl. I know that sounds silly but usually it's hard at that age to tell a baby's sex. They are both absolutely Angels!!!


What Dawn said is totally true. I just spent the morning babysitting a darling 7-month baby boy and I wouldn't have known he was a boy before the parents told me. But your two very much look like their sexes. Not to mention incredibly CUTE!!!! Those smiles are to die for! But of course you already know that. They're YOUR kids after all. ;o)

tertia, i absolutely believe that first thing in the morning is the best time to spend with baby/babies... they're fresh and happy to see you and it's before anyone else in the house comes and gets them... for those precious few minutes, it feels like it's just you and them in the whole wide world... i now no longer need an alarm clock cos i'm practically jumping out of bed (even on a working day!) to spend time with my aruna...

How Effing Cute can two children be?

Oh my lord, those are too beautiful happy babies!! I would scarifice all the money in the world to have my daughter act in the mornings forever the way she does now, all smiles and happy to see me. It makes me feel like the most important person in the whole world. I try and enjoy them, no matter how early they are because I know tat soon enough, she'll be screaming at me to leave her alone and NO! she doesn't want breakfast! let her sleep!!

Enjoy those cute bebes!


PS: at roughly one million ww points today....

Enjoy every minute: Yoiu have found out the male secret: in traditional roles the man only has to parent for seven minutes every day and sixteen minutes on weekends. The thing is, do fathers just accept that they are not around and become passive, or do they make every effort to be involved?
I know you are very involved with a&k; I'm just saying that men often use the working thing as an excuse for being passive. Stupid men.

Hello darling Tertia! I just wanted to thank you for everything you bring to light on this site, particulary your recent post regarding AD's; it really opened my eyes (And now I'm telling everyone). So thank you thank you thank you!

Can't decide which is my fave...

Picture, not baby.


I looove the pics of your babes! They are so adorable and cute and I love the bath pics with the little starfish strategically placed!! Love them! They make me smile!

They look so much alike in these pix! Good thing both are cute!

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