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o.m.g - I am stunningly brilliant - outrageously divine. Wooo hooo, I did the revolving poll thingy. Is there no end to my brilliance?

Tertia + Tertia = True Love For Ever and Ever!

Here in Portugal plenty of women tan topless. I don't, but you see it all the time and no one is bothered by it. Also, small children go naked on the beach all the time.
I walk naked around the house too, and I'm sure the neighbours aren't that interested.

As for the babies, it wouldn't have crossed my mind that it might not be a good idea to post the pictures. But hey, I'm European!

The picture of your baby's bums is G&D, as are you ;-)
I have no problem with nudity either, a lot of kids walk naked on the beach when it is hot and women sunbathe topless here as well
But then again, I'm European so that can explain it

Do people find baby bottoms offensive??? More specific those of K&A?
What is wrong with them, I think they're eatable!!!

I think the picture is very cute.

There are plenty of commercials in the US with naked baby butts running around. I don't think it's so unusual. Other forms of nudity is definetely less common/acceptable. But I've never felt like people have a problem with baby nudity. But who knows, there are lots of people out there.

Naked babies are OK. It is their mommies that freaks Americans out. And not all Americans either. We're a bit odd when it comes to the breast.

You see, we have sexualized it to such a great extent--combined with the fact that America is a largely puritaical place--that seeing breasts causes Americans to get all aflutter. I mean breasts in any context--from nude sun-bathing to breast-feeding. People have a problem with it.

Men here can run around without their shirts on and if women could do the same--I would be first in line. But seriously, we make such a big deal about it that it is not legal in all places to even breast-feed in public because this practice is seen as creepy, as public exposure, as indecent. We also freak out if children are nursed past the point in time when they can walk. Women have been brought up on charges of child abuse for breastfeeding a three or four year old child.

Here in America we really freak out about the breast--nipples on a woman might drive a man to maddness. Anything below the waist is completely beyond our collective comprehention.

However, they might be more relaxed about it in California.

As an Aussie I have to agree with you about the cricket. It's like the boys have forgotten how to play.

I think the picture of your babies bums is adorable. Nothing wrong with it at all.

I am not bothered by the babes butts at all....

That being said...I am not too thrilled about seeing other people's ugly naked butts though. So, I stay off the nude beaches!

Hi Tertia,

I love your blog, but usually just lurk. Adult nudity is ok with me at the right time and right place.(nude beaches)

with respect to K&A, although the babies bum photos are divine, I must admit that they worry me a little bit. I keep thinking that some perverts may have found your blog and are looking at the photos. I know its a sad comment on the state of the world, but there have been a spate of internet child pornography issues in the news lately and I worry about this.

I live in California and I love the bare bum pics of the babies. As for topless sunbathing, I would do it if it weren't illegal and (and have in other parts of the world), if the guys here didn't make such a HUGE deal about breasts. Tons of women in California have boob jobs (I believe I just reinforced the stereotype) which I think adds to men going ga-ga over them. I haven't ever thought of Americans as puritans. Traveling with my women friends, we are not uncomfortable when we are naked around each other (changing clothes, etc). Rather, I think men in this country make a big deal about nudity. The reaction from men is what makes it uncomfortable for me.

I love the babes. Sunbathe completely nude whenever possible and now at 36 weeks prego love nothing more than walking around the house naked.


There are some truly sick people out there. Personally, I would not have put up the photo of the babes lest the wrong person see it, copy it and distribute it. I don't know what the chances are of that - probably remote - I just couldnt' bear the thought.

I'm with Ana on this one. (Never understood the fuss about Janet Jackson either, b.t.w.)

Oh dear sweet mother of Elvis. Who could POSSIBLY have a problem with bare baby cheeks?! They are the sweetest things in the world!

I'm a Yank living in Britain because I had to escape. It bugs the hell out of me that Americans won't add a dilling code, think that they don't need to add USA to their addresses, and have supposedly global e-commerce sites that won't let you buy unless you enter a State and a 5 digit Zip Code.

I work for a gloal organization, and one of the sub-companies is US in origin. They STILL talk about sales in terms of US and 'foriegn' I'm constantly telling them that as far as I'm concerned they're foreign, but it never changes.

Sorry...rant over.

keep the baby bums, please!!

I'm with Ana, which makes sense since we are from the same country. I used to tan topless when I was younger but then got a breast cancer scare at 17 and decided to protect my boobs. We're pretty impervious to boobs. They're shown on the telly in commercials at 4 pm, for instance. It's just... boobs. Men like them, we have them, no biggie. Oh ok, some women like them too. Still no biggie. We also see naked women and men on the telly - no penises or bushy cooters but bums and legs and the boobs, as I said.

I love pics of naked kids bcs they look so adorable, especially the bums, especially when they're all dimpled. But in Europe we're privileged, my friend could ask me to bathe her toddler and I could actually have a bath w the child at the same time and I wouldn't have a problem. Neither would she! We send naked kiddie pics to develop all the time and the police are never called. You kid's pic are gorgeous and lovely.

Also, I'm a bit suprised by what you said. I wrote a post while watching the "crowning" of Bush, THAT was bashing. I haven't read all the comments to the post you refer to but those I saw by Americans hardly constitute bashing. Bashing - at least to me and I'm not a native speaker so maybe I have it all wrong, let me know - is much more elaborate, I think. I find it healthy that people can see the good and the bad abt their country. I criticise mine all the time, it well deserves it now and it affords me some relief. And I often cringe when foreigners criticise it bcs they've got it absolutely right, we can only nod. Doesn't stop me from loving it, simply means I'm not fully blind.

The All Blacks kick ass, BTW! The rest is simply... noise. ;)

I'm with Ana on this one. (Never understood the fuss about Janet Jackson either, b.t.w.)

I hope that Americans aren't going to take it personally because it isn't meant that way and I really don't know that many Americans

What I notice is that Americans tend to let their decisions be made based on fear more often than non-Americans do
When you come to think of it, what Kim says could happen (although you would never know it)but that thought never even crossed my mind.

I thought it was just people who couldn't stand the sight of bare bottoms.

But then again, there are people who kick on all sorts of things, so never post pictures again?

I guess it's a personal thing

<< De-lurking >>

Babies bum shot = v v adorable. If there are freaks out there wanting to copy it for pleasure, then they need to get some serious help. Baby heineys are the best. My son's is by far the cutest in the world, but I may be biased.

Naked sunbathing = acceptable anywhere except in US. Been to many "European" beaches in Caribbean and have never been offended by naked boobies. Having a more, shall we say, Rubenesque figure, I do not take part in the nude/semi-nude sunbathing. The US obsession with nudity is utterly (pun!) ridiculous. Men see boobies as a sexual thing, not a natural part of our bodies. Hence the over the top reaction to Janet Jackson and even breastfeeding in public. This article
shows how closed minded people here can be. And I live in the Northeast, which is known for being prissy and tight assed.

Our best friends nearly had a heart attack when I bf my son at their home after dinner one night. Now, I did not whip out my boob, but carefully nursed him discreetly. No flesh was seen except by the baby. Still, the comments haven't stopped since. And this was over a year ago. And she bf their daughter, but always went in the other room to do so. I hate missing stuff (as does my son), so no "banishing" for us!

All that said, I do enjoy cleaning while semi nude. Vacuuming in the buff, scrubbing the tub in the buff...so much easier than with clothes. And it's so much easier to not worry about whether that bleach spray is splashing on my fav jeans...

Back to lurking now...


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[I get the same poll over and over again. RevolTing was spot on indeed.]

I suppose Americans on the whole are a little more conservative when it comes to exposing their bodies...you wouldn't see women sunbathing topless on our beaches (generally).

I don't think being more conservative that way makes us better or worse..just different. Personally, I don't care to see random strangers naked bodies. I am not repulsed or embarassed by the human form, quite the opposite. But, I don't need it in my face all the time. I suppose that's due to the culture I was raised in. Nothing wrong with that.

Babies bottoms are adorable. There's a huge difference between your picture of A&K's hineys and child pornography. I wouldn't give it a second thought.

As for the Janet Jackson thing...her boob was flashed for a second. I think it was blown waaaaay out of proportion. There are much bigger problems to address, it was completely ridiculous.

Just wanted to add to my poll answer that I think cute bottoms are ok but I don't take photo's from the front and I certainly wouldn't post them on your blog too many sicko's out there.

Oh by the way I am an Aussie and our wine is better than your wine :-))))))

I suppose Americans on the whole are a little more conservative when it comes to exposing their bodies...you wouldn't see women sunbathing topless on our beaches (generally).

I think its illegal actually!

The idea that some pervert would become entranced by a tiny tiny pic of two very small and far away bums when there is so much...other child stuff (shudder)... on the internet is just so ludicrous.

I don't think babies bits should be 'sexualised' - I'm sure everyone here agrees. By wanting Tertia to take them down you are sexualising them.

I voted "hhmm, not sure..." but only because I do worry about the sickos out there. Personally, I think the pic is adorable! It is sad, but I think that is the way it is these days.

As for the cricket, yes Bangladesh was bad but the POMS???? Enough to make any Aussie weep.

Its legal in Canada to go bare breasted...also so is gay marriage, a small amount of Marijuana in some provinces if legalized so we Canadians are pretty laid back and easy going.

I bf ds until he was four, I go around naked alot, I bathe (naked) with the kids, don't really think anything at all is wrong with nudity I mean... and especially breasts and butts I mean people...no big deal.

I also don't know about the pervert thing, I think sure there are perverts but heck I say don't cater to them and do what you feel is right.

Hows that for being Canadian!!!


I'm in the US, in the South, in the heart of the Bible Belt (not from here, but influenced by it). I think there's a certain innocence in naked baby bums, and I have put pictures up of my son with his little naked butt showing because it's so dang cute. Case in point (hope the links work):

My mom got freaked out because she thought some sweaty man might be getting his jollies from Zach's naked butt. To which I said, as long as that man isn't anywhere near my son, he can do whatever he wants.

I will admit that when my husband and I went to Bora Bora on our honeymoon, out bungalow was next to an older European couple, and the woman had no hesitation in laying around topless. I admit we tittered like school children for the first day, and then got over it.

On the whole, I think we are a bit more prudish over here in the US than in Europe or SA. To each his own.

I wouldn't go topless on a beach, but that's because I sunburn far too easily, not because of a nudity taboo. It's annoying enough to sunblock the rest of my body; I'd rather not worry about those bits, too!

I think part of it is that everyone here in the States is just so darn lawsuit happy, which leads to that culture of fear one of the previous posters talked about.

I'm an American and I've got to say that in my opinion, Americans have the stupidest hang up about nudity. Every summer I go to a week long festival where clothing is optional, and it's divine to be amongst folks who could care less if I've got on a top or am natural as the day I was born. I've NEVER understood why Captain Beerbelly who lives next door to me can be out mowing his yard in a speedo but if I want to bare the (let's face it folks) globs of fat hanging form my top half, I could get arrested! (I'm sorry, but if a fat MAN walks around baring tits the same size as mine, it's OK? Stupid freakin country.)

I also am currently breastfeeding my baby, and have heard more than once that that should take place in private. Don't understand that one either.

In other words, I think the 'average' American mindset on the issue is beyond stupid.

The only reason I would worry about bare baby butts is what the others have said - the child porn sickos out there. That being said, I think baby butts are cute in a very "aww, look at the little baby butt" way and I love that you posted them.

I am from Toronto, and we are somewhere between Europe and America on the whole nudity issue. In Ontario, it is legal to walk around topless. That being said, most women don't. I would assume that women don't because men make such an issue over breasts. Comments, stares, etc. would be too much for the vast majority of women. Maybe this will change with time, who knows?

About the picture of the babes... I say keep it up. It's cute. Babies are naked all the time. Many parents just let their babes run around naked at the beach.

i don't tan topless because i don't tan anymore, what with the hole in the ozone and all. but boobs don't bother me. naked babies don't bother me. hello! cute!


the guy in a banana sling by the pool with a pina colada at 9am and one nut hanging out by accident? sort of bothered me. i guess everything was so squished down there he couldn't tell a ball was blowing in the breeze? but omg imagine the sunburn.

p.s. dana, really? strangers have told you to stop breastfeeding in public? why i oughta. my daughter is four and a half months old. i haven't kept a shirt on anywhere since she was born. please. squirt 'em in the eye!

To show my ignorance about America. Is it really illegal to sunbath topless??????

I almost can't believe. I usely don't go toplees because my big breasts need support but I never ever thought about it as might be illegal. How about sauna's or don't you go there? I mean I can't imagine wearing clothes in a sauna...


i had a dream last night (inspired by reading your post) that i had to give various countries calling codes. i was some sort of private agent, i think. bizarre.

People who tell other people not to breastfeed in public should just go and get a life, imo. They clearly do not have enough to worry about.
I don't see why people are hung up about nudity. I'm quite prudish by upbringing, but I've no objection to other people sunbathing topless.
Baby's bums- cute.
But until digital photography made trips to the photo shop redundant, people in the UK got into fairly regular and serious trouble for having pics of their kids naked developped. Most people think it's ridiculous, and so do I.

mijk, we're not that big on saunas here, but if you manage to find one, naked is acceptable. (right?) i think the beach thing is more "omg won't someone think of the children?"

you can get a ticket for being naked on deserted beaches on cape cod. but it's pretty easy to give a fake name. hello! no pockets! no license!

The US is very different when it comes to sexuality and nudity in public and on TV. We would never get away with some of the commercials that are shown overseas, and there are very few places where topless sunbathing is allowed. Here in Austin, we do have a place called Hippie Hollow...I don't think that technically it is legal, but it's just accepted that nude sunbathing goes on there, and if you don't like it, don't go.

As for the pictures of the babies: I'm a paranoid mommy. I took down all sorts of pictures of my son from my site from fear that some sicko would use them for their own purposes. The news reports so many cases of child abuse that you start to believe that everyone is out to harm your baby, and you do everything you can to protect them. The picture is adorable and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it; I guess the squirmy-ness comes from a fear that it would be misused, and no one wants to think of that happening.

It's a great picture, and a wonderful blackmail photo for later in life!

I have an American who has lived in both the U.S. and in Sweden. In Sweden, no one gives a moment of thought to quickly changing their clothes in public after a sporting event (like running a race or orienteering) or going naked into a sauna. Boobs, no big deal. In the US, forget it. I have gone naked into a hot tub with friends in the U.S. and other people think this is obscene. What?!?! In fact, the Swedes I knew loved to tease American visitors by asking them to take a sauna just so that they could see them freak out when they realized everyone was naked! And the Swedes look at American movies v. differently, too; they don't worry about their kids seeing nudity or sexuality in a "normal" context, but they do get mighty concerned about the amount of violence that we Americans put into everything.
And with the rising religious fundamentalism here in the U.S., I don't see this changing anytime soon.

Americans attitudes are puritanical about nudity- too much so. In my old apartment, I spent most of the time there nekkid- no one could see, so don't know if that counts. Now I live in the burbs, with close neighbors- keep on clothes most of the time, but some neighbors have undoubtedly been flashed ;-). Public nudity would probably make me uncomfortable mostly cause it would make me the center of attention. I don't think I'd have a problem with it if it were somewhere where it was more common (tho maybe not, I wouldn't want to sunburn that virgin skin!)

Oh and the bare bums thing...I thought the same thing about some people may not see them as cute & innocent, but then I thought- there are bad things, bad people, out there. If you take down a cute pic cause they may interpret it wrong, you let them win. Americans try to control so much that's uncontrollable- it's silly, really. There are bad people out there, you can't let them stop you from living your life.

I think that there is a huge and very sad trend of "sexualizing" children -- putting little girls in miniature versions of adult clothing that is already a bit slutty for anything outside a nightclub, IMO. Dance recitals, for instance, often make me want to vomit because they have 4-,5-,6-, 8-year-old girls in flashy, low-cut leotards doing stripper-moves. It's revolting, and all the mom's are crying and thinking, "Oh my baby looks so ADORABLE!" I shudder.

So I think people looking at the pictures of your babes with their cute bottoms up see that and think, "Uh! Nudity! Child porn! Those poor children, being exposed in that way!!!!"

When really a naked baby (or even a naked 4 year old running around in the yard playing in the sprinklers, as I used to do endlessly on hot summer days) is so vastly UNSEXUAL. What's wrong with people? There is NOTHING sexual about a naked baby. It's about as sexy as looking at someone's left kidney or freshly washed hair. It's just a BABY, for crying out loud!!!

But people have internalized the sexualization of young children to the extent that there IS NO INNOCENCE left for them. There is NOTHING untainted by smut, even the darling little fannies of our own infants.

I find the prudish impulse to "cover!" everything -- whether it be our U.S. (yes totally true) laws against topless sunbathing or keeping your 6 month old's bum under wraps -- to be insidious, and it probably tells us something about the underlying darkness of those attitudes. If they're not trying to smother your own corruption, why are they getting so worked up about it?

Display your darling babes' as they were made, in good fun and love and sweet mommy pride. If you get hauled up on Kiddie Porn charges, we'll all chip in for the lawyer...

Topless bathing? Bring it on! I have pretty good boobies, so maybe they would distract from looking at my not so good stomach...

People in the US are weird. I think it's because we don't really punish those who take sexuality too far - like rapists and pedophiles. We just slap them on the wrists.

I mean, cut off some weiners and maybe people would stop!

Leave the baby pics. This is an open site - if people have problems with it - THEN STOP LOOKING!!! :)


The only reason I would even think twice about the babes naked bums on here is because there are some weirdos out there. I would hate for some nasty pervert to stumble upon those beautiful babes.

As far as nudity in general, I thoroughly enjoy being naked. I'm sure my neighbors have seen more than they cared to. I just like being naked, although I have tamed down a bit in my old age. I now sleep in pajamas. Although I'm not comfortable with public nudity. I nursed my son for 16 months, and very rarely nursed in public. I just wasn't comfortable doing that, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with public nursing IMO.

I have a thing for baby butts which is why I still try to lightly pinch my six-year-old son's tush whenever he walks by!! Of course his is cute in a different way now...not as chucky as it once was!

That said... how could you NOT want to show off those adorable little bottoms?!

Enjoy those chunky heinies whilst you can!! I think they're adorable.

I think that there is a huge and very sad trend of "sexualizing" children -- putting little girls in miniature versions of adult clothing that is already a bit slutty for anything outside a nightclub, IMO. Dance recitals, for instance, often make me want to vomit because they have 4-,5-,6-, 8-year-old girls in flashy, low-cut leotards doing stripper-moves. It's revolting, and all the mom's are crying and thinking, "Oh my baby looks so ADORABLE!" I shudder.

So I think people looking at the pictures of your babes with their cute bottoms up see that and think, "Uh! Nudity! Child porn! Those poor children, being exposed in that way!!!!"

When really a naked baby (or even a naked 4 year old running around in the yard playing in the sprinklers, as I used to do endlessly on hot summer days) is so vastly UNSEXUAL. What's wrong with people? There is NOTHING sexual about a naked baby. It's about as sexy as looking at someone's left kidney or freshly washed hair. It's just a BABY, for crying out loud!!!

But people have internalized the sexualization of young children to the extent that there IS NO INNOCENCE left for them. There is NOTHING untainted by smut, even the darling little fannies of our own infants.

I find the prudish impulse to "cover!" everything -- whether it be our U.S. (yes totally true) laws against topless sunbathing or keeping your 6 month old's bum under wraps -- to be insidious, and it probably tells us something about the underlying darkness of those attitudes. If they're not trying to smother their own corruption, why are they getting so worked up about it?

Display your darling babes' as they were made, in good fun and love and sweet mommy pride. If you get hauled up on Kiddie Porn charges, we'll all chip in for the lawyer...

Babies bottoms are cute, and unobjectionable since kids are not sexual.

I must disagree with your stereotyping about what Americans and South Africans are like. In the past, I frequently sunbathed topless on New York beaches with my girlfriends, but my South African husband would kill me if I did so now.

Naked baby bums...so kissable and cute!
My opinion on nudity...doesn't bother me, we all have the same parts just some look better than others. I don't "parade" around but I don't bother covering up in the gym locker room when I get dressed.
And after having so many people root around my vagina during IF treatment I am surprised I have any modesty at all! LOL!

I kind thought it was a bit off to post bare bum pictures myself. But hey, they are YOUR kids. In America, I'd be scared to post something like that thinking I'd be arrested for child pornography. I knew a woman who took a picture of her 5 year old child after getting out of the shower. The little girl put on her cowboy boots and wrapped her hair in a towel. The lady innocently snapped a picture. And got her child taken away from her by child services. Things must be very different here.

Whoever brought up the "fear" thing (I apologize, I can't remember who and I'm too lazy) is dead on in my book. I think it is one of the only things wrong with a free press. We have soooo many different news sources and every one is a business competeing for our attention. The more sensationalized and scary the news, the more people watch it. They are profitting from playing on our fears as mothers.

We are given the impression, by the media, that there is a child molester behind every tree, in every park, in America. And those preverts collect pictures of naked baby buns. ;) It is a sad, horrible way to live your life. The fear in America has almost hit critical mass IMHO.

As for boobies...I love boobies. Don't want to see men walking around with their schlong brushing up against things. Ick. I've never sunbathed naked, b/c I have very sensitive skin and fear sunburned nipples. Owie! Oh, and post breastfeeding they are just gross, right now.

That pic you showed me of K&A frontal nudity...now that was toooo much! An abomination! Have you no shame?!?! (and my boys weiners are bigger)

Re: making comparisons between SA and US and is that US-bashing. I am a dual US/SA citizen, have lived in both places and think they're both wonderful countries in their own right. I spent my childhood going back and forth between one and the other and, yes, there are substantial differences but that doesn't make one better than the other.

Unfortunately in the US, it's hard to get a sense of what life is like on the outside. Very little foreign media comes in (PBS shows a couple of old BBC comedies and the BBC news at 10 p.m.) and foreign movies are only available in large cities. The US doesn't have a tradition of going overseas when you finish high school because it isn't part of the Commonwealth and so its citizens aren't eligible for the working holiday visa like SA, Aussies and NZers.

The Apartheid government used to heavily censor the media in SA and it was very hard to get information about the outside world. For example, SA only got TV in 1977 and that was heavily censored. This narrowed the world-view of many SAs and made them scared of any system other than the Apartheid system. Remember how in the 1970s/ 1980s the thought of multi-racial democracy was so scary to people because it was so outside of their experience? And the Cosby Show (not sure how that got past the censors) was a complete revelation to people because it showed blacks living middle class lives with professional jobs? And how the people who were most scared of the 1994 elections that ended Apartheid were the ones who had never left SA and had had the least contact with the outside world? May I remind you that some people in SA were sitting around in bulletproof vests with heavy armory expecting civil war to break out immediately after the 1994 election. It's laughable now, but some people were terrified at the time.

Because the US media is so closed off to the rest world and there aren't many different opinions/ voices from the outside coming in, people are similarly scared of foreign ideas and foreign systems. Oh my God-- they oppose the Iraq war! They must be against us and support the terrorists in destroying our entire way of life! They allow nudity in that country! Mustn't have those ideas coming in because it will destroy the moral value system we're trying to pass on to our children! The Apartheid government stayed in power by exploiting the fears of its citizens and maintaining the "with us or against us" mentality. Unfortunately GWB administration is using the same tactic.

I'm critiquing the GWB administration, not the US as a whole. For the most part the 23% of Americans who have passports and have been fortunate enough to have a lot of contact with foreigners and learn about life in other countries, the wool is not pulled over their eyes. However, the rest of the population is reacting because of fear-mongering by our administration. Even though the main dispute is over the Iraq war, the "with us or against us"/ "we're right and you're wrong" mentality gets stretched to extreme lengths like freedom fries and attitudes towards alcohol.

"I will admit that when my husband and I went to Bora Bora on our honeymoon, out bungalow was next to an older European couple, and the woman had no hesitation in laying around topless. I admit we tittered like school children for the first day, and then got over it."

I had the same experience in Puerto Rico a few years ago. My grown-up, intellectual mind was saying "there's nothing wrong with the human form, and if they are comfortable with it then good for them" while the part of me that grew up in a society where that's JUST NOT DONE was giggling and embarassed.

I agree that the idea that nude sunbathing is illegal in some parts of the US is ludicrous, but I doubt there's ever going to be a big movement to get that changed. Even among those Americans who would agree that it shouldn't be ILLEGAL, I imagine there's some discomfort with actual nudity -- after all, if you grow up here you aren't exposed to anything but Puritanical attitudes about nakedness!

The fear angle, mentioned by many of the commenters, may be a rather valid one. I recently learnt in 60 Minutes that the crime rates in many American cities have dropped down - dramatically at times - and still insecurity and criminality are spoken of as though they are on the rise, lock yourself behind a barred door, stock up, FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE. I can't imagine it. Sadly, I should think pervs can find photos that better fit their needs than those of your babies. But the same pretty much goes for dressing children in cute outfits, who knows what sick mind might be finding them tasty? I for one like being careful but refuse to allow that much fear to rule my life.

[Poll still throwing a fit BTW]

I live in California. I have no idea why nudity is treated differently here in the US of A but I definitely agree with you - it is!
I have never once been offended by your babes bare bums. It's cute! (Of course, by the time they're 14, if you still have that baby bum picture up there, they might complain. =) )

Didn't read all the comments, so forgive if this is repeating.

Love, love, love the bare baby butts. It's sad that there are some pervs in the world who would look at that picture and think sexual thoughts. But there are, and therefore, I would only share baby butt pics with my close friends.

Nudity - am a nudist at home - even though I am fat (and currently 21 wks preggo). My 2 1/2 year old still bathes with me. I don't have a problem with it.

Americans on nudity: Internet porn. Guys get off to pictures of boobs every day. Sex sells. Even fast food hamburger joints are using Paris Hilton's sexiness to sell burgers. It's too much. Sex and nudity have their place. It's not on daytime or primetime TV where children are watching. And it's not that I don't want kids to see naked bodies. It's because everything is so SEXUAL....kids need to be kids, not involved with sex from the age of 6.

Janet Jackson - ugly boob. I could care less about her boob. LaToya's are better. However, it was the SEX-leaning halftime show that was offensive. As well as the fact that it was a male ripping the clothes off of a woman. Like she was an object of sex. What happened to marching bands and cheerleaders? It's FOOTBALL for pete's sake - not a party at the Playboy Mansion.

So, in summary - national geographic boobs, breastfeeding in public, tanning topless - okay by me. Sex-sensationalized boobs by the media for public consumption in the presence of minors - not okay by me.

I know that what you say is true in the global sense of things. I wish it weren't so but we don't know any different. What's funny is that we have loosened up as a country considerably since, say, the 1950's. But still, we have this prudish loathing of baring our natural selves and I have to say that I guess I'm among those as well, but I can't help it, it's how I was raised. Now, I lived on Maui for 3 years and made a lot of friends from all over the globe and I only wish I felt as free as they do. So, cheers for you top baring souls from an inhibited Texan... maybe I'll move to SA and change my ways.

I won't be saying anything that hasn't been said here already, but the US in general seems to be more puritanical than even Canada (something which is odd on one hand, yet makes perfect sense on the other). Several people have brought up that women can go topless in Ontario, and I am sure it would be accepted all over the country as a matter of equality. We have nude beaches or topless sections of beaches most everywhere, and I've never seen anyone asked to put their top back on when they've been topless in a technically non-topless area. Our television channels show far more nudity and erotica (and have for years), and we have different movie ratings here. I always laugh a little when I see that a movie rated is rated R for nudity in the US, while it receives a PG or 14 rating here.

And FWIW, I agree with whomever it was who said taking down the picture of the children would essentially sexualize it, when before it was innocent.

When I was younger, I wouldn't have batted an eyelash at the bare bottoms of children. I felt they were perfectly innocent and beautiful, in a pure, child-like way. Alas, we have had so many child abuse scandals in this country, that I am all too painfully aware of the outrageous numbers of pedophiles- known and unknown- that we have in this country. There's a lawyer on the lam because he video taped himself raping a 4 month old. Thanks to modern times, I don't feel completely comfortable with baby nudity anymore, although I think it's cute. How sad, right? My daughter has the cutest bum, and we don't even have a picture of it. I feel like I'm depriving her of the right to have seen herself at one of the most beautiful times in her life.

What I hate it even more is when child models are dressed like teeny boppers and posed pouting in sexy or seductive ways. Who allows these ad campaigns into print?

Tertia....I wish we could all just turn back the hands of time. But considering I'm black, only for the good stuff. I'd hate to turn back the hands of time in S.A. or the U.S. too far, in my own case! LOL!


People often forget that one of the founding groups of the Americas were those trying to escape religious prosecution and most of them weren't exactly on the softer side of the religious divide. That will form some foundations for a society.

Did you notice that? That we are completely freaked out by a little innocent nudity? Here's the deal as I see it. We get all worked up by innocent nudity. Women have to fight and bear incredible prejudice to breastfeed in public. See www.nureseatstarbucks.org When I lived at the beach, a Speedo-type bathing suit on a man was made fun of, and thongs were (gasp) trashy beyond belief. I used to sunbathe topless on my semi-secluded deck until I found out that an acqaintance was watching me (I could really have cared less) except that in stead of using binoculars, he was using the scope from his rifle. (So American! Boobies AND guns!) We are discouraged from utilizing famous nudes to teach art and art appreciation. A friend of mine was questioned by the police after a photo employee turned her in for having taking pictures of her baby while taking a bath.

Now here's the kicker. We have 3 different Law and Order shows (police/murder/drama) one of which is devoted to the 'special' crimes of rape, child molestation, and other sexual crimes. We also have three different Crime Scene Investigation shows that show all of the gory details of the above crime scenes plus more. Everyone loves them and talks about hem everyday at work. Paris Hilton and others have released tapes of them giving blow jobs and having sex, but it only helps their careers.

So it comes to this. We are a nation of hypocrites all the way around. We like to judge others and live in glass houses.

I guess it comes from our Puritan roots. Who knows? But I believe if we had more acceptance of nudity without the sexual connotations, we might all be a little less uptight and able to know the difference between depravity and innocence.

Must agree with the commenter who said that Europeans are way more scared of the violence in tvseries and movies than we are about sexual stuff! And had to laugh about YOur comment Nicole that I would't probably find a sauna. Ik like to go there and You can do so almost everywhere so I automatically think they are everywhere.

Giving a fake name while doing something illegal however would be different thing here (the netherlands). Since 1th of january all adults have to be able to identify themselves at all times. So not be able to do it would get you a trip to the nearest policestation and some nice fines..


I've lived in the Northeast of the US for just about 8 years and my family and I are happy here, - great medical and neonatal care which has proved a godsend for us! I am from Ireland and spent a good deal of time in France as a teenager and in my early 20s, so the idea of bare breasts being a problem was completely foreign to me, until I had my first child and realised it was unacceptable for me to feed him in public, I have to say the very idea that there is something wrong with me feeding my hungry child when and where he is hungry disgusts me! Land of the free and all!! (joking joking!!) My husband and I joke that we are free to do what we are told!!

I agree with the previous posters that the problem here is that boobs have been totally sexualized so the idea that they might be used for anything else is a problem. The maddening thing I find is that you are frowned upon if you DON’T breast feed. The attitude seems to be (in my experience of nursing two children) you have to nurse but you have to do it behind closed doors!

A collegue of mine was reported for sexual harassment because she had a picture of her baby in the bath on her desk!!

Sorry for the rant, I’m not having the best morning!! What I am trying to say is yes, attitudes are different here and yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion and that’s fine by me, except when I have a screaming baby who wants his lunch!!

Keep the baby pics!! Nothing is more innocent and beautiful than a baby's bum!!

Hmmm, while there's no doubt that you are, indeed G & D, I'm not seeing the revolving poll. Did you turn it back off?

This country is so hung up, sometimes I think we suffer from a national epidemic of cerebral constipation.

Could go on and on, but must stop procrastinating! Besides, Jill, Faith and others have already made all my points quiet well.

you're right about the different attitudes toward nudity. when i've been to europe, i've been shocked at times by topless women in ads, even on billboards...i think there is a very different attitude in the US. and i think there's even more sensitivity when it comes to children. i'm not sure what it is, but when it comes to things like nudity, sex, drinking, drugs, America can be very puritanical and harsh (even as, of course, we have the highest rates of you name it).

i remember when i went to austria once and someone explained to me that you could either be allowed to drink or get your drivers' license at 16. i thought that was a great idea. but in america, that kind of thing would be reacted to as "condoning teen drinking." just like handing out condoms at colleges and high schools is "condoning promiscuity among young people." it seems like sometimes ppl here can't accept the fact that ppl are going to do certain things anyway, so steps should be taken to make them safer. or that sometimes, the repression makes problems worse.

getting back to the nudity, for example. if it's seen as this big, bad thing, it will be. if it's accepted and taken casually, it isn't a problem. it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. just like here in america, teenagers binge drink and then drive and die in seeming droves. europe, which quote-unquote condones teen drinking, has much lower rates of fatality due to alcohol. i see the pattern, but many other people can't. and that's why in this country you can legally go to war and die for the government a full three years before you can legally drink a beer. makes no sense to me, personally.

oddly enough, though, the attitude is even ingrained in my own head. my first reaction seeing the naked bums was not necessarily that it was a bad thing in and of itself, but a v. american thought of "pedophiles! what if pedophiles see it and get their jollies!" of course, i quickly overcame the thought, but a lot of ppl don't.

P.S. I admit I over-reacted to the country code post. My apologies for that.

Delurking to comment:

I agree with everyone about Americans being oddly prudish (I am American, for the record). A few of comments, two slightly off-topic and one squarely on-topic:

1) It is legal to breastfeed in public in every American state, and over half the states have laws specifically protecting this right. The problem is that individual business owners violate this law all of the time, and women understandably don't want to make an issue of it while they have a hungry, crying baby with them, especially since they may not be sure that they are completely in the right.

2) Americans are squeamish about male parts, too--Speedos are even banned in many beach communities. I think this is bizarre and unhealthy.

3) My only concern about the adorable baby bum pictures would be embarrassing them later, since they are the ones exposed. I am sure Tertia thought about this before she posted the pictures, so I don't see an issue--people are perverted about lots of things, and one can't live one's life based around those sorts of people.

I am glad you raised this. I also think you are G and D and love the blog but the babes butts have always worried me because of all of the psychos out there. Many of my friends send these types of pics with the request not to forward should they fall into the wrong hands. Its so unfortunate.

Growing up in sunny S. Florida where the beaches are littered with half-naked Europeans, I have no problem with nudity whatsoever. In fact, when I lived down there, going to the beach as much as I did, I joined in wearing nothing but a thong, a killer tan (like really, how irresponsible was I?) and a smile. It was great! Nothing like being half-naked on the beach. Whoo hoo.

The Janet Jackson thing bothered me for one reason and one reason only. OK two: It was cheap and stupid. If you're going to bare all, don't let some punk half your age tear your shirt off you. I mean: EWWW. And two, don't fucking go apologizing and acting as though you're the victim when it is ill received. If you're going to pull a stunt like that, OWN IT.

Wardrobe Malfunction, MY ASS. Which BTW is no longer cute and tanned. In fact, baring it on a beach with the National Geographic boobs I'm sporting these days would be criminal and scare away small children.

I'm sure of it.

Think the babies and their butts are lovely.

I live near Virginia Beach, VA (in the US) and it is not only illegal to go topless, but it is also illegal to wear a thong! (This is because it is a "family" beach.)

I think the whole Janet Jackson thing was blown out of proportion and used by the government as a way to censor things. (My own conspiracy theory perhaps?)

Yes, many of my fellow Americans are very uptight. I don't mind nudity and I think the baby butts are adorable. My oldest child is 3 and he still sees me naked. No big deal in my opinion.

TracyB - HAHA, my husband calls me "Rubenesque". You made me smile.
Babies bums = v cute
other naked bums = okay, I guess as long as it's appropriate to the circumstances.
my naked bum = v NOT okay. But if I was a size 4 I might feel differently.

I'm American, and love the baby butts. But toddler butts might give me pause. I have a photo of the back of my daughter when she was about 3, naked but for a large straw hat, standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling window in the front of our house.....not until I had the picture developed did I realize that hey, someone might object to the fact that I let my naked daughter stand in front of a window! But it was so cute!!!

I hate that this country tries to sexualize everything that shouldn't be sexualized. I make a point of breastfeeding my 6-month-old in front of people I know it makes uncomfortable because I want them to GET OVER IT. (How considerate am I?!!) Like many others, I am not keen on nude sunbathing, but more because it's too sweaty without a swimsuit--all that boob rubbing against my chest!--plus sunscreen issues. It's just a pain!

think the babes butts are quite beautiful.
i live in the nations capital and all that. would love to walk around naked although then they'd probably arrest me. i do it in the house tho. probably the neighbors have seen me naked more then they'll admit. me, i skinny dip as much as possible and i dont like all that much, too constricting, i think american society can be absurd about breasts. we over sexualize breasts for one thing. i havent travelled much because i hate planes but my understanding is that we do view nudity in a much different way and i really wish taht wasnt true. i live in a really liberal stronghold (ok well except for the damn white house all of dc is liberal) but its liberal in all ways and kids are always racing around naked, its a nice feeling that they and their parents are at least comfortable with that.
anyway, the pic of the kids is great. they are freakin CUTE, tertia. very very G&D, of course;) makes me wish i lived in SA (or ya'll lived in DC) so i could babysit;)

By the way, I have to add that despite my personal concerns about pedophiles in the U.S., I voted FOR your right to post your children's bums. And I am 100% in favor of a women's right to breast feed in public. When I could still feed by the breast, I did feed in public a few times. I feel defiantly in favor of "normalizing" public breast feeding.

The person who wrote about our lives and decisions in the U.S. being ruled by fear and fear-mongering really made an astute point. I am personally alarmed by how much caution I take when carrying my infant daughter around in public. Considering all the freedom I had as a child, and how trusting my family could be with me among others -- the way I live my life today, on the edge of paranoia, today seems almost bizzare. I barely trust anyone to babysit my daughter these days. But having spent my childhood summers in New York, I do know for a fact that grown men hit on underaged girls. And most of these men don't look like the boogeyman.

I don't think people should have to stop doing innocent and beautiful things because there are some sickos out there. What I wish we would do is, rather than curtail the behavior and freedom of good people, I wish we would do more to irradicate whatever is creating so much emotional and mental illness, deviancy and criminality in our society. And while everyone won't agree with me, I wish we would start teaching some basics about right and wrong in our public schools. 1 in 4 girls is molested by the time she is 18 in this country. We need to make it clear in every corner of this country, that the violation of children is not right, and will not be tolerated.


OMG if you don't post pics because you are afraid of offending someone with the kiddos' nakedity.....ack! PLEASE keep the pics coming - I love chunky baby butts! Soooooo cute! You should see the naked pics we have here!

As for adult nudity, I will admit I am quite the prude...always have been. But, that doesn't mean that I don't respect other people's opinions and rights, too. Here in the US, though, many of those options are not even available due to laws and such. I am just not comfortable in my body (not the same body I had 20 years ago) to want anyone else to see it.

That being said, I am a HUGE proponent of public breastfeeding. If my baby is hungry, he's going to eat and there is no way I'm looking for the ladies' room or a quiet corner - he wants it NOW. It makes my BIL and SIL v v uncomfy because when they come to my house, I'll just whip it out right there in the living room...I do it at their house, too...too funny to watch them darting their eyes and trying to run away in their own home (we don't get along real well, so VICTORY for me!).

Keep sending those pics - they really brighten my day!

I really don't have a problem with nudity (American). If you come to my house, you will probably see me that way. I might not want to take my kids to a beach where everyone was topless, but if I did not have my kids, I would not mind at all. Don't even listen to the people who say anything about showing your babies bottoms. If you want to then do it. I think they are so cute. I have never been hurt by anything you have said about Americans. If you ask me, it is crazy over here. LOL!

Well I think there is a difference between nudity of a baby and nudity of a child. We had a neighbor who allowed their almost 3 year old to wander their yard completely naked. In my opinion, not only inappropriate but dangerous. Perhaps as Americans we do favor on the side of fear (what better way for us to strangle our own rights and try to impose our ideas on the rest of the world...)but in certain areas I'd rathe side on fear that carelessness.

Nudity in your home is another issue. In the safety of your home I believe it is fine and can only help to develop strong self image and squash body hang-ups. But how do you balance the idea of being naked with Mom/Dad and teaching that privates are privates and not to be shared/touched with others? Does that send a mixed message to kids who don't understand the sexualization of our body parts????

Damn....this parenting thing gets harder and harder every day.

Here where I live in Canada a woman made headlines for going topless at a public pool. The town was mostly outraged. Whatever, personally I am glad to keep my saggy boobs in my top but whatever turns you on ;)

Interesting that US movies glorify sex and sexiness but are so prudish! Canada the same I suppose on a smaller level.

The pics of your babies bottoms is lovely :)

Your babies are lovely, and their naked tushies make me smile every time I open your page. I hope you don't take them down.

Seems to me the hysteria over posting naked babies is not an objection to the babies' nudity, it's what could possibly be done with those images. I have nude photos posted of my son from an early age (they're still there,) but now as he's older I'm choosing to keep the nekkid ones off line, or cover him with a strategic fig leaf. NOT because I'm ashamed of his wee winkie, but because I don't want some fucked-up pervert jacking off to it. I have let those fears censor me.

Adult nudity is a different issue entirely- especially here in America.

nothing on these ladies here, but I think that if we have to be worried about pictures of bare baby butts falling into the wrong hands it is a sad world indeed. Baby butts are fine in America; they are the staple of the diaper (nappy) advertisement. Also for diaper rash cream and wet wipe ads as well.

As for nudity - yeah. We are uptight about it. It's funny how so many in this country revile the Islamic world for making their women cover their faces to varying degrees because the sight of a woman will inflame men's minds. Compared to Europe and elsewhere, that is pretty much what we do here and why we do it, just to a lesser extent.

About Janet Jackson...I don't think that was all about the nudity. I mean, it WAS, but I think it has a lot to do with the FCC (the Federal Communications Commission, the people who ultimately fined the network for the incident) cracking down and trying to exert more power over American television. There have been a couple more pretty outrageous incidents going on with fines for indecency since then. You might want to try to search internet news for the fine levied for a show called Married By America. Apparently there was a pretty risque scene in one episode and the station was fined $11million US, or thereabouts, which is just crazy. Especially because it boils down to about $1 million for every person in America who was actually watching the show.

Want to know why I was so shocked when Janet flashed the US? Because she was so FLOPPY I couldn't believe she'd let us see her like that! If my boobs looked like that unleashed, you can be damn sure the bra would stay on!

Finally delurking - ;)

No problem with the naked bum pics of your kids. I have naked pics of our daughter all over our house - I have had rude comments but they are tasteful pics and she is MY daughter.

I have no problem with nudity -- I'd walk around naked if I felt better about my body. My girlfriend would walk around naked all the time if it were warm enough and not illegal. I don't understand the strange mixture of prudishness and sex-obsession that many of my fellow Americans seem to have. I guess the more you make something off-limits the more people become obsessed with it.

I work at a theatre in Baltimore which is putting on a show right now which features full male and female nudity for about ten minutes. We've gotten a few complaints from older, more conservative audience members -- using words like "filth" and "tasteless." But there have actually been fewer complaints than I expected.

As far as nudity, I don't really have any major problems with it. I come from a very open family, and open extended family. When we were young, our family (immediate and extended) would swim in the hot springs naked or with just bottoms on. I have never been to a nude beach or the like, but I would love to try one out someday.

The babies' bums are adorable--don't take them away :)

I am American (my parents are not, my father is Hungarian and my mother is Cuban...quite a mix I assure you ;) )and I have NO issue with nudity. We had a pool growing up and my mother often went topless. I go topless (scary after bf'ding two kids) whenver I get a chance and I have scars from a breast op too. I love being naked. I love the pic of the babes bums. Some Americans are just uptight...their loss.

American culture is very two-faced when it comes to sex/nudity. On the one hand, we're all aflutter and offended if we *gasp!* glimpse a flash of nipple. Sex and nudity of any kind are OFFENSIVE! Won't somebody think of the children! Oh my virgin eyes!
At the same time, we're obsessed with sex. On any average day of daytime television you can watch two people get hot and sweaty with only sheets covering the strategic areas (because graphic depictions of bumping and grinding are fine as long as no nipples or naughty bits are seen). Scores of advertisements, often billboards, use nearly naked women to hawk everything from cars to toothpaste.

The uptightness is an act, meant to make us look like upstanding citizens. Really we're just as human as the rest of the planet, and humans have sex.

It took a european coworker to point this out to me (even prior to the Janet nipple fuss), and I've never looked at our culture the same since.

Jeanne and Carrie hit the nail on the head. I was raised with nudity not being too much of an issue. I never saw my dad naked on purpose (once! It was an accident)but to this day, I still once in a while see my mom. She'll undress with you in the room, whatever. I myself am not shy about it. My husband isn't either - but I think that's because he's blind, and being worried what other people will "see" is a sighted thing.

Anyway, for most people I know, nudity isn't the issue, it's what others, especially men, do when faced with that nudity. It's shocking in this day in age, with all that you see everywhere, to still have people embarassed by breastfeeding, someone changing clothes, etc. Sometimes nudity isn't remotely sexual, it's just being naked, and the majority of people need to r-e-l-a-x.

I have been sitting here with my mouth hanging open over these stories of people getting in trouble for naked pics of their kids. I am from the US, but Argentine parents, so maybe my opinion of nudity is different. It is fine with me, adult or otherwise. I suspect my future kids may be begging me to close the blinds before I parade around naked.

I think the people in the U.S. who are so conservative about nudity (like those outraged by Janet's boob) are in the minority. The thing is, they just make a huge fuss when they are offended, so they get noticed and the rest of the world gets that impression of all of us. Most people are not so shocked by nudity. I would be surprised to see people tanning topless, though. But adorable baby pictures are nothing to worry about. I love the pic of your kids' bottoms!

First of all, as a Candian, pointing out American quirks is a national pasttime here.

As a rugby fan, I love making fun of the Aussies (go Ireland go).

As for the naked bums, I wouldn't worry about it. And yes, we North Americans are a bit weird about nudity. Canadians because of our very British background (not such much British anymore, but until about the 70's very much so).

I know I walk around my house (when my son is not present) without any clothes on and I don't close the blinds. I live in a highrise apartment and if the workers on the roof of the building across the street get a good laugh then I've done my good deed for the day.

You may want to post your pictures so people can't download them. Just an idea.

I guess I am going to be the voice of dissent here and I hate being on the outside of the in crowd :). Having said that, I do agree with most of the above comments. As Americans we do tend to let fear rule many of our decisions (but if our media is to believed there is much to fear) and perhaps our attitudes towards nudity and other areas of life are 'puritanical', then again perhaps not. I guess it depends on your perspective of puritanical as having negative or positive connotations. I write from my own, albeit religious, perspective in that I consider bodies to be sacred and not for display. Modesty is an attribute I will teach my children - not that their bodies are to be ashamed of, just care to be taken. Anyway, I guess in thinking about it that I have oppositional views in my own thinking. I have never had problems with nudity seen in National Geographic for instance, yet nudity in TV or movies I see as very different - more for sensational purposes. Also, I do not see anything wrong with the babes' bare bums - naked babies are the most beautiful!

Hi Tertia. The thing about the US (I was born and raised here) is that it's so large that you end up with smaller "country" divisions among the larger nation. It takes almost 24 hours to drive across the state of Texas. For instance, I grew up in the South, a place that is very influenced by religion (happy clappers as you call them). The happy clappers I'm talking about don't allow girls and boys to mix swim, no drinking, no dancing (because that promotes lust, which is bad), etc. etc. I've traveled extensively around the country, and most comparable to the South is the Midwest in religious prevalence. People in those regions tend to be most conservative, vote for Bush, own guns, go fishing, and go to church several times a week (I'm speaking in generalities here, of course there are exceptions). The West coast and the Northeast are similar in their prevalence of strict religion too, that is, hardly any. People in these areas tend to vote for John Kerry, probably would have a little weed if offered, have higher stress jobs, and recycle diligently. The point is: you could talk to someone from the rural South and because of their background would think that naked pictures of anybody is offensive. Talk to someone who lives in the middle of San Francisco and they probably wouldn't give a damn if you had live porn playing on your site.

1, anyone who has a problem with naked babies has serious, serious mental issues and 2, I watched the superbowl halftime and Janet's boob didn't even penetrate my concious level- I never thought about it until the next day when everyone was freaking out. And I think they're all idiots. I love boobies, bum bums, et al.

I must admit I am a bit of a prude when it comes to my own nudity. Other people's nakedness does not bother me at all though. For the most part we are a very religious country and i think that has a lot to do with it. I thought the JJ thing was laughable. I don't personally know a single person who was offended by it. It is just that the people that were offended made the most noise. It was a boob for heaven's sake. It is not like she took her vagina out and shook it around on stage. That I might have objected to during prime time.

Anyone who sees somehting wrong with pictures of naked babies has something wrong with them. They are babies!!! Its there anything cuter than a little naked baby tushie? I think not.

The Janet Jackson incident nicely illustrated how screwed up Americans attitudes towards sexuality as a whole are.

As other readers have pointed out, it varies widely by region and even person to person. In the US, I've seen people scowl disapprovingly at a baby being breastfed and I've been to nude beaches.

I'm glad I was raised in a family that accepted nudity as natural.

87 other comments, I didn't read them all first so forgive me if I repeat (then again, I may be the only one with my opinions).

Naked baby bums, totally fine, superlatively cute. My "concern" with it (and I don't mean to imply that it should be yours) - I have, and it may be cultural, media induced, etc., a fear of lurking internet pedophiles. I would hate to think of some creep getting any kind of sick thrill from seeing my kids' tushies. Obviously, they are in no position to hurt my kids or yours, the thought just sickens me. The bums, though, cute as cute can be.

Adult nudity. I'm offended that people get offended. I was offended having to nurse my babies in bathroom stalls. I'm offended that either men can't control themselves over a glimpse of a nipple or our society has sexualized functional body parts so that they can't be exposed without uproar. I think naked men are a little gross anyway so if they want to stay covered, all the better.

The problem is, its in the air now, its ingrained in us and as long as certain body parts are taboo, you appear to be an exhibitionist by exposing them, even if you are trying to feed you kid. Its ridiculous. Yet there I was, hiding in bathroom stalls. For what? Really stupid.

"And I will quite happily walk around the house half naked while my husband runs after me closing the curtains."

This is pretty much the way things are at our house too.

About the babies bums: My opinion on why you got somments is that Americans are 1) hyper-sensitive about nudity in general and 2) because of the Church sex abuse scandal (which was unfortunately legitimate) and the child sex abuse scandals of the '80's (which were genenrally not legitimate) Americans equate any nudity with sexuality and that includes children.

My personal opinion about the picture is that it's cute.

You cannot undersestimate the fact that some of the first "European" people on American soil who stayed here were Puritans.

And those Puritans left an indelible mark on our society today. Women have breasts here too, but the only place acceptable to see them in public is in a magazine with a plastic wrapper, not on your neighborhood beach. And G-d forbid you show them while nursing a child in a public place if that public place is still quite conservative. People blame it on "Bible thumpers." but it goes back much farther in our country's history than the more recent wave of conservative religious fundamentalism. People now like to think they INVENTED this thought process. They borrowed it from a group of our founding fathers/mothers.

Me? Nude is fine. Not that anyone would want to see me nude, but walking from place to place in the house & the ocassional topless sunning at my own pool - where neighborhood cannot see & label me the tramp that CLEARLY I am - all of that is fine. And my husband can have/read the mags if he likes. And I've been known to walk into a room where something is playing on TV & thought "gee, thanks for sharing, dh." But that is all in good fun & not a habitual occurance. And even if it was, I'd still be ok with it - because they simply make me laugh.out.loud.

I think the babes bums is about the nasty culture out there of grown-ups who "get-off" on seeing naked children. And I just did a google with your name & it pops up a place with all kinds of porno gleened from various sites on a given point in time and then with your quite innocent babes bums in the midst of it. That is the type of thing that people are raising a fuss about.


tertia- i must say, i speak as somewhat of a hippy-ish personality, and to reiterate, the pictures of a & k are fine. i personally believe that the body is beautiful and natural and i know that i will come upon some of the same issues once my daughter is older (i live in new jersey, usa) because i plan to teach her that she is free. there is nothing like the feeling of being outside in the sun, with your entire body being gently bathed in the warmth. or running naked in the rain. she will know this as i know this. call me an idealist, but the hypocritical insanity here in the states will not crush me or my family. i do not support the puritan, prudish, supposedly christian ideas here. (the same people who spout christian morals are the ones who are the harshest judges and hypocrites, i find) no thank you.

please do not censor your family or your personal beliefs.

the only reason, that i can see, that some people might be uncomfortable with the pic is that you can see Adam's scrotum. I personally don't care, i love baby butts:) but he might be a tad embarassed about it when he's much older; and i doubt you will still have the same picture up by then.

2nd comment, forgive me.

I really liked Kay's comment. She said it better than I could. "It's because everything is so SEXUAL....kids need to be kids, not involved with sex from the age of 6."

With everything being so sexually charged, its very difficult to guide children. I want my kids to understand that a body is a body. I don't want them having body image issues. Eventually, I would like them to understand their own sexuality in a healthy way. But it seems like here (in the US) if you are naked you should either be ashamed or ready to get it on. There are so many unhealthy sexual images here, you do feel the need to pull back in the other direction, toward a more prudish attitude, in order to protect them from the other extreme.

So yes, I guess I agree with both sides, we are perverts AND prudes.

*delurking southern American*

First off - I just love your babes pic. They are totally G&D. :)

Second - I know most of the above comments were speaking in generalizations about our country, but I had to laugh at some of them. I'm from a VERY conservative "Bible-belt" state and have never witnessed some of the horrible things others here have mentioned. I bf'd my son for 19 months all over this state in malls, restaurants, offices, parks, grocery stores and our church sanctuary and never once had a single person even look cross eyed at me, let alone ask me to cover up or leave. Most people simply looked away. The people that did meet and hold eye contact always gave a smile. It seems that so very many of these stories seem to come from the more "liberal" northeastern states. This makes me laugh even more because it was the liberal crowd calling the conservatives prudes over Janet Jackson’s boob. lol

OK, we Americans can be pretty whacked out about the most innocuous things. *shrug*

As far as the halftime thing goes... I am still sort of amazed at the reaction it caused. (I am american by the way)... Since we've elected that idiot into presidency, there's been a rather large turn to being conservative and a focus on 'morals and values'... which really means that all of the right wing tight ass conservatives feel justified jamming their idea of whats moral and immoral down our throats.

Instead of trying to fix the mess they've created in Iraq (or even acknowledging the many fuckups that they are responsible for), they waste time fining radio stations and disc jockeys for indecency... when they won't even define 100% what the guidelines are.

It was a boob that started this latest turn towards 'decency'... a boob that was seen for a second or two; and who really gives a rip. *sigh* It's like dealing with a bunch of 5 year olds tattling on each other for saying the 's-word'.

As for the baby bums, could they be any cuter? Not offensive in the least. :-D

Well, I'm pretty laid back about boobs and butts (nursing multiple babies for multiple years will pretty much kill whatever modesty a gal has left over after IF treatment) but I've always been a little skeptical about the whole "we're European and we're so healthy about our sexuality" thing. Page 3 girls in England -- evidence of joyful embrace of the human body, or just a sign that the sexual commodification of the female body is alive and well, and living large via the newstands of London? I've heard heated arguments for both sides.

And okay, England, not quite so cosmopolitan European (especially not after last week's lovely EU summit) but all those topless bathers on the Mediterranean--eh. Are we really arguing that women's breasts aren't objects of sexual desire in Europe? And if they are objects of sexual desire, is it a _good_ thing that they're so free and easy? Is there any male equivalent to toplessness? Do we women need to get to work fetishizing men's abs and pecs, to level the playing field?

And if breasts are still an object of sexual desire (which, yeah, I think they are in Germany and Italy and Belgium), what does it mean that they're out there leading the way in European advertising and on European beaches?

Don't get me wrong--there's something perverse about Hollywood's ratings codes, where vaginas and penises are rated-X material but blowing off heads in slow-mo close up gets you a box-office bonanza R. Sex = bad, violence = good (because the violence is all "stylized" and "amusing" but the sex, apparently, is really authentic and serious--as if).

And the solution to the use of the female body to sell stuff is hardly burkas or the mandated use of one-piece suits. I'm just not immediately convinced that the European approach to sexuality is any more enlightened than the US one. It's different, for sure, but "better"? Eh.

I kept thinking, on the beaches of France and Spain: do European men really find the breast less sexually exciting than US men? Do those teenager boys hanging out near their mother with her amazingly perfect naked breasts front and center over the picnic basket not feel even a twinge of discomfort?

It just seemed...strange.

Oh, Janet Jackson: what a dumb tempest in a teapot. It's okay for your preteens to watch men beat the crap out of each other, but a nipple shield is offensive? Let's talk about why the Super Bowl is family-friendly entertainment and then revisit the half-time show later. (Although, in fairness, the song Timberlake and Jackson was singing was, I think, something about a man exposing a woman against her will, and stylized violence against women's sexuality _is_ a little icky, isn't it?) And breastfeeding in public shouldn't even be an issue. Babies gotta eat. No woman should ever have to feed her baby while sitting on a toilet, and anyone who suggests otherwise is really foolish.

I'm fine with baby bums - wouldn't put fannies up (the English version that is ;) ).

Other nudity - not bothered in the slightest - I'll get my tits out at any opportunity, my 4yo dd runs around naked as do most of her friends [I'm the child of hippies with laissez fair attitudes to nudity as is my dh].

I have noticed though that the UK is becoming much more fear driven - gasp a paedophile round every corner etc - very depressing.

When you posted that picture, I made my husband come look at it. I fully intend to copy you and take one of my own boy/girl twins as soon as baby boy gets home from the NICU. Love it!

As for Americans' attitudes toward nudity, much more prudish (on the whole) than Europe, SA, etc...

Another American (Californian even) wanting to chime in and agree that, in general, people here are WAY too uptight about nudity. I don't know if it stems from our Puritan past or what, but I really think it's absurd. Cartoons (for kids) containing lots of fighting and killing are par for the course, but show one ordinary boob and people freak the fuck out. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I think it's based in part on a general uncomfortableness/shame about our bodies. Boobs are natural. Half the world population has them. So why are they such a big deal here? Because they are "forbidden." If everyone went around nude (or at least topless) more, and people were exposed to the naked bodies of ordinary people (as opposed to movie stars), I think that as a population we'd have a much healthier self-image.

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