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Hey, I'll start a blog if it means you'll keep doing admin updates to let us know you are still out there.....

How's the weather in the cave & have you been a good one and taken care of your red spot?


Look, it makes jokes!

I have always secretly loathed you anyway.


!YES! *Jumping up and down before embracing person the seated next to me*

Ahem. (Adjusting microphone)

Wow! I am just thrilled to accept this tremendous honor and I have to add that I have no one to thank but myself. Without my persistence and ability to kick Julie when she is gestating this NBFship would never have become a reality.

So, if Julie could just send along your things and maybe a note outlining basic care requirements (how often you need to be rotated, what she has been feeding you so that I can triple the quantities and get those legs to fatten up...) we can all move past this dark, dark period of Julie-osity towards the bright and beckoning future of Juliatasticism.

Love you Tertia, my new best friend FOREVER

Nice! I love you guys. Thanks for providing my one solid laugh of the day today.
OK, back to my pity party.

Thanks for the laugh y'all...I just had to go baby shopping for a close friend...it was hard.

O woman thy name is fickle!

* is nerdy girl with bad skin and buck teeth (ha! not really) who eyes the cool popular girls at the cool popular lunch table*

A bit confusing, but thanks for the update.

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