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A big smooch and I hope the little ones kick like hell.

I guess you've already tried a cold drink, ice cream, putting your belly next to the stereo, and the like...? ;-)

and lying on your left side and eating chocolate whilst watching soapies? Personally loved that one.
Thinking of you.

I used to lie on my tummy for a few seconds, I would feel movement very soon after that. Babies usually hate that pressure, Im sure Adam & Kate will too.

Thinking of you and hoping that your DBT's will go away shortly.

ROFL at Sheena's suggestion. I can just picture you trying that one, T. You'd look like a seesaw (aka teeter-totter), balancing on your belly, with your legs pointed to the ceiling and head buried in the pillow. LOL And probably would need help getting OUT of that position. Yah... I'm sure THAT would make A&K move. LOL

I think yanking on your giant penis might be a good way to get some reaction out of the kids. Maybe that's why it's there - perhaps it rings a bell inside? LOL

Seriously, I've heard that drinking 8 oz of orange juice and then laying on your left side for at least 30 minutes is one good way to induce movement.

I hope you get some reassurance today, T. As unsettling as it must be for you, it's not uncommon for babies' movements to slow down as they run out of real estate. Since you have TWO in there, I'm actually surprised that they are still able to move at all. ;)

Maybe they are practicing for when they get outside so are just kicking each other instead of you and driving their mum mad? (Is mum with a 'u' or an 'o' in SA?)

Well anyway - hope they start tapdancing soon so you can breathe easy!

Donuts always worked for me. Lots of them. Wishing you no DBTs and plenty of peace today.

Let the tap dancing commence!

Hope you get some reassurance from the kiddos real soon...they might just be resting and choreographing their next routine.

Patrick never moved ever, practically. It made for a long five months from first languid kick until delivery.

However I found that a hot bath would work in an emergency. I don't think I was parboiling him....

Take very good care of yourselves.

Orange juice? Oreos?

I wish you could just fall asleep like Snow White until say, oh, January 11; and then Marko bestows the Magickal Kiss, you awaken; your water breaks. You sail through L&D, pushing A & K both out within 1 hour, both wailing earsplitting cries of protest and VOILA'...both to your breast followed by suckles of satisfaction...

...and when collectively we breathe the Sigh Of Relief, I fully expect it will cause a global upper air disturbance that could well repair the hole in the ozone.
Well, this visualization helps ME anyway!

KICK dammit!


Tertia - so sorry to hear you're feeling this way with nothing much else to distract you for the next long while.
My little guy started kicking at about 17.5 weeks, and then would proceed to scare me about twice a day when I would realize I'd felt nothing for ahwile. He's now the most laid-back, happy kid I know. Even when he's sick. Here's to hoping they're just really really easy going kids and that when they cause trouble they'll mind their mum more when they can see the promise of retribution on your face!

Can you rent a Doppler? I think it would be worth whatever it costs at this point, though I don't know much about their "false alarm" rate.

I think when you've got two babes crammed together in such a confined space it's hard to know exactly what you're feeling (and in your case, from whom). When I was knocked up with my daughter, I used to get these extremely painful "kicks" right on my cervix that would literally bring me to my knees. However, I knew she couldn't actually be be kicking me down there because her feet were up at my rib cage at that point. To this day, I don't know what she was doing down there.

Ok, she moved, the stubborn thing, feeling better now.

I don't like it when you get DBT's And I don't like it when babies move without their mothers permission. Hmph.

Stubborn? STUBBORN? You, Tertia, having a STUBBORN child? Imagine that! :-P

Glad you are feeling more reassured. Though how funny that you are replying to your own blog comments. LOL

A Doppler wouldn't be necessary at this point. An ordinary fetascope, or even a $20 drugstore stethoscope, would be fine.

LBT's to ya.

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