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HARHARHAR. Larfing and larfing at "windmills and ibexes" line. And image of you in brown, licking documents.

I want Tertia to lick my every document. Also my ibex.

ha ha.... U keep me sane, you really do. I always feel so normal when i read your blog!

Mental note to self: Do NOT pop out in aforementioned attire as you WILL bump into ex boyfriend. (I did however take the slippers off, but the low hanging pants remained).

Hubba Hubba you sexy thang!


I'm sitting here in a pair of white with green polka dots jammie bottoms. T-shirt is a fab multi color tie dye. Hair up in a clippie.

We ought to start a fashion magazine.


I have to object: I wholeheartedly agree with Julie's definition of working from home. Though I have actually showered today... before lunch even!

Are you going to be doing this more often?

I love working from home. Far less stressful.

No-one laughs if my top is inside out (and yes, I did go to work with an inside out top).

There aren't any photcopiers at home to set fire to (same client. I spilled tea on my documents and so went to recopy them. And set fire to their photocopier).

Although Julie is on to something with her definition too. It isn't like I work ALL day when at home........

I also love working at home. Although, unlike my fellow home-working comrades, my output is directly related to my bodily cleanliness factor. I must shower early, or I won't get a thing done. That doesn't mean that I don't prance around in overalls, t-shirt and sans makeup.

Ooh, I love cheese and tomato sandwiches! Mmmm, now I am hungry. Gosh, I'd work at home in a minute for a cheese and tomato sandwich. What's that, you say? I can take one to work? Bah! Then I could not lick my paperwork when they fall apart (as they always do).

I have a hard time working from home. I'm too easily distracted. Come to think of it, I have that problem at work too......

I'm no good at working at home or at work, but I'm glad I have dsl in both places, can't imagine internet powered by windmills

I have to work from home the next few days and so far all I have done is schedule my naps. Then plan the food.
Whatever time is left over will be divided into blogs (70%) and work (30%).
I may lose my job very soon.

You don't even lounge around in holey pants *a little*?

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