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30 June 2004


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Happy news about the new neice - but definitely bittersweet.

So sorry about your continued nausea. I'm stepping mine up considerably as a sign of solidarity.

Only one cooter watcher at the moment, but three more on the way after the first trimester. If.. when.. well, whatever.

I'll be checking obsessivley on Friday to see your scan results, so don't be delinquent in posting, tart.

1. Bittersweet, indeed.
2. So don't think about it...oh, right. Stupid suggestion. Scratch that.
3. Nausea sucks in a big way. But I am happy for you.
4. Didn't you know that approximately 43 minutes are added to every hour while a woman waits for her next ultrasound? It's to give the nurses more time to cover the wands in condoms.
5. Yeah, that Julia...you know some women just can't show off their cooters enough.
6. Fingers crossed for Cecily!
7. Julie may be an asshole, but she is such a funny one!
8. Inspiration is a lot to ask for right now...we'll settle for rote updates. Unless, of course, you can muster up a few insults for friends.

6. Cecily just updated, yup, twins!!!

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